We are currently working on our item list for Spring of 2009, and we need your help. To better serve you, we need to know what you need. Help us pick out the items and sizes that you need most, and in addition to that tell us what new items have caught your eye or have been requested by your customers. Please, take a few minutes to click on the comments link below and answer the following questions. Be sure to give us your name and your company’s name as well. All names and comments will be kept strictly confidential. Thanks for your time and feedback!

  1. Which pack/flat size do you prefer to sell your begonias, petunias and other annuals in?
  2. Which pot size do you prefer to sell your upgrade plants like geraniums, mexican heather, calibrachoas and etc. in?
  3. Are there any items that you have a hard time finding or keeping in stock? If so, please list them.
  4. Are there any new items or existing items that we do not currently grow that you would like to see us add to our product line? If so, please list them.
  5. What can we do better (i.e better delivery, availability, customer service, etc.)?
  6. Please feel free to leave any additional comments or suggestions. We want to hear from you!

Thanks again for taking the time to give us your feedback. We sincerely appreciate working with all of you. I hope that by utilizing new technology like this blog we can develop closer relationships with all our customers to better provide you the products, service and quality that you have come to depend on from us.

11 Responses to “We Need Your Help!”

  • Melanie:

    1. 6pks
    2. 4in and 6″
    Last year you guys had polemonium 1 gal. We sold them well and this year you didn’t have them..

  • jason:

    Thanks for taking the time to help us out. As for the polemonium we have already added it back in for next spring. You weren’t the only one who missed it.

  • We love the 4″ flats and the 6″ pots for the special plants. Our favorite annuals and perennials are from Proven Winners. They always have cool new stuff that we put in planters. I will do a little research and see what other fun plants I can find to add to your list for next spring. Thank you so much for asking our input.

  • jason:

    Proven Winners does have some really neat plants. How do they hold up in your area?

  • jason:

    For anyone who leaves a comment after 4:30 pm central time, I will be gone to a local Chamber of Commerce business function, but will swing back through to check for any comments waiting moderation. So don’t get discouraged if your comment does not pop up immediately. If I doesn’t go through tonight, it will go through tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Terry Britt:

    We use the 4 packs for most all bedding and veggies. I do like the special plants in your 4″ rounds. I try to grow our own stuff in the same size pots so we are all uniform when we sell.

    WE always love new plants on your list as well. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • glen reeder:

    I had real success with the 4.5 and 6″ pots. 6pk sales lagged behind. I found shoppers wanted the instant full pot look. The mixed color calibrachoas hanging baskets were a huge success. (More please.) I know everyone wants to get their flowers earlier and earlier. But I believe the Vinca and several other heat loving plants fail in great numbers if planted out too early. Maybe a second crop for the patient gardener would help.?? The same goes for the fall mums, there color time is shortened by the late summer/early fall heat in this area. Otherwise you are doing a great job. Have a great 2009.

  • Matthew & Lora Weatherbee:

    1. We sell all basic annuals in 4″ 1801s. Now no one evens asks for 6-packs or 4-packs anymore. Just seems easier to manage them and keep them looking good on the shelf. My request would be a larger selection of 4″ basics.

    4. How about sunpatiens? Customers are asking for them. Just got back from Dallas Arboretum trial gardens. Ecke sunpatiens seem far superior. Full sun in Dallas heat. I will email photos to you.

  • Lisa:

    I don’t sell a lot of 4 pks, and 6 pks – the ones that I get in 4 and 6 pks, I break and put in 4″ rounds for later in the year, when a customer loses the ones they bought too early in the season, and by that time mine are bigger and healthier. I would love more new stuff, and some orange and black pansies! I can’t find them anywhere. I have people ask about them alot. New and kind of funky works for me! Thanks for asking what we think, it’s a novel idea.

  • Teresa:

    1. We like 6-packs better but, we’ve sold the 4’s “o.k.” 4″ Basic and 4.5″ premium sell very well here. Especially the unusual stuff. I had to get the Diamond Frost Euphorbia elsewhere. You didn’t grow it this year. Also the Fiber Optic grass. Can you grow them next year? Purple Fountain Grass and Little Bunny in 4″ too please…..Sold out almost immediately of the “Firecracker” plant. I’d love to have more Cuphea varieties…”Bat-Face” is one.
    2. Geraniums..4.5″ and 10″…Calibrachoa is such a big seller in just about any size..mostly 4.5″ for all the above.
    3. See #1.
    4. Ditto.
    5. Get more customers up our way so I can get re-orders easier….
    6. I also sold out right away of the mixed color Calibrachoa. 12″ baskets and 12″ Deco. How about some nice 4th of July Deco Pots?..I made some up of Red Pentas, Diamond Frost Euphorbia, and Blue Evolvulous…add a little Osmocote and WOW…Red Geranium, white Nemesia and Evolvulous was nice too. Everyone loves the Mediteranean (did I spell that right 🙂 Vinca. Can we please get that in 4″ basic ????? hhmmm, please. I will let you know if I think of anything else. Overall…VERY nice, my customers constantly commented on our quality and variety. Thanks Guys!

  • Teresa:

    I forgot about the Heirloom vegetables…..Keep ’em coming!!!!

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