This post is dedicated to Bill Calkins who is loafing this week. Here are some more updates for you from the Spring Trials.

GPNmagMar 26, 6:53pm via Echofon

Great visit @BallHort during #springtrialstoday. Thanx Katie and Tim.#wemissBillCalkins

KevinY_GG4:35am via HootSuite

Ball continues to amaze. Last year we saw Trixi 2.0. Now we see seed+veg combos with Trixi 2.0 #springtrials

KevinY_GG12:48am via HootSuite

The new Cool Wave pansy is not your ordinary pansy #springtrials

KevinY_GGMar 26, 8:33pm via Camera on iOS

Check out Skagit Gardens addition to the coreopsis Big Bang collection. This is Mercury Rising.

GPBuzzMar 26, 7:53pm via HootSuite

Another Floranova wall of inspiration#springtrials

GPBuzzMar 26, 7:51pm via HootSuite

Floranova’s aubergine inspiration at#springtrials -easy idea for garden centers.

mytexasgardenMar 26, 6:31pm via Tweet Button

Day 2: Over the hills and through the woods…. | Calloways Nursery: #springtrials

SabrinaChildsMar 26, 5:32pm via Twitter for iPhone

GPNmagMar 26, 5:25pm via Echofon

RT @GPNmag: Starsister Double Crimson Picotee dahlia @Fides

GPNmagMar 26, 5:20pm via Tweetpic for iPhone

Starsister Double Crimson Picotee dahlia @Fides #springtrials

GPNjasminaMar 26, 5:19pm via Twitter for iPhone

Gorgeous new Dahlinova Hypnotica Tropical Breeze at Fides Oro

Richard_GG_TGCMar 26, 4:58pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

The Skagit Gardens Trial

Now for some videos:


That’s all I have time for this morning. Good thing I didn’t go this year. We are extremely busy here this week, and I am indespensible, of course. The place would descend into chaos with out me. With me, it is more like a controlled crash landing each day.

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