Broccoli was derived from a species of wild Cabbage, B. oleracea. Broccoli is a fairly easy crop to manage. It shouldn’t be grown in soil that has recently been fertilized because too rampant growth will ensue. Ground that has been given good fertilizer the prior year will be great for spring plantings of Broccoli. If possible, the ground should be plowed in the fall or winter, so that it becomes thoroughly settled by planting time. Seedlings, which have been gradually hardened off, may be transplanted to open ground.

Size: Available in 1204 in the spring and J6 in the fall.

Spacing: Plant 12″ part in 24″ rows.

Height: Grows 12″ to 18″ tall.

How To Grow: Plant in full sun.

Outstanding Features: Broccoli has a lot of vitamin A, C and B, along with iron and protein.

Tips: Weeds should always be kept down and plenty of water should be given during dry spells.

Uses: Garden Vegetable/Fruit


4 Responses to “BROCCOLI”

  • Marilyn Cruz-Alvarez:

    I am interested in purchasing some Green Comet broccoli for research. Could you please let me know if that is possible. Thanks,

  • Jason:

    Thanks for visiting our website. We are currently sold out of broccoli and will not have any more available until January of 2011. Depending on where you are located, you may still be able to find some from a garden center or another grower. Sorry we couldn’t help you.

  • Marsha Paulekas:

    I keep trying to get Green Comet Broccoli seeds.
    It is the only broccoli I ever grew that I liked fresh and frozen. It was perfect and always gave me a good crop in SW Virginia. Then all of a sudden some years back I could no longer find it ANYPLACE. What happened to the wonderful Green Comet. If you have it I would like to purchase seeds or plants and am hoping you can make this happen for me.

    Marsha Paulekas

  • i to am looking for green comet broccoli i am wanting seeds if this is an item you have please let me know.
    jacob simpkins

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