Succulent BowlSucculents are ideal for novice gardeners, urban areas, green roofs, and water restricted areas. Succulents offer gardeners a wide variety of colors and textures that can be utilized and an even wider range of uses.

Each type of succulent is different and in it’s own way has outstanding features. Crassula Campfire has thick, pointed leaves that turn reddish-bronze in the fall. Sudum nassbaumerianum is variegated and spreads quickly to make a great ground cover. Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg offers purple rosettes with a tinge of red. Sedum Ogon covers the ground with a carpet of small chartreuse leaves while Sencio Madralis is a lot taller with blue leaf spikes.

The main attraction of succulents is that the plants store water for use later when water is not available. Succulents can last months with very little water. Thelarger the leaves and plants the more water the plants can hold. This is why you will see succulents used in green roofs and in landscapes where the water hose or irrigation doesn’t reach.

A quick look on Pinterest and you can see the hundreds or even thousands of ways that succulents can be grown. Popular trends on social media will also show you that succulents can be grown in almost any contain in almost any location so go ahead and try something different. You might go viral if you post it.

Our succulents are available with our #4.5 Premium Annuals and in #12 Bowls and Ovals in the Spring.

Here are links to the succulents that we will be carrying this spring.

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