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Blue Star Creeper Stepable

Blue Star Creeper (Isotoma fluviatilis) is the #1 selling STEPABLE® plant.  Perfect as a lawn substitute, excellent between stepping stones, under roses, around ponds, patios and decks.  This is a show stopper in a container or planted in a topiary and is amazing over flower bulbs.  Super easy to grow and can bloom spring through summer if conditions are right. Blue Star Creeper can also survive up to -20 with snow cover.

Size: #4 True

Spacing: Plant 12″ apart.

Height: Tight to the ground

How To Grow: Plant in part shade (morning sun) to full sun.

Foot Traffic: Heavy

Hardy Zones: 6,7,8,9

Tips: Blue Star Creeper can handle heavy foot traffic and can be evergreen in temperate climates or protected areas.  It is also tolerant of humidity.

Uses: A ground cover in and around Patios, Pathways,  Ponds, Pools, Borders, Lawn Substitute

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(information provided by http://www.stepables.com/5/Isotoma_fluviatilis_Blue_Star_Creeper.html and picture © 2011 Under A Foot Plant Co.)

3 Responses to “Blue Star Creeper”

  • Tamara Brown:

    Hello, I am Tamara Brown with Liberty Cabins & Homes. We are out of Prague, Oklahoma. I just purchased all of the blue star creepers that our local nursery had to offer. I am interesed in purchasing quite a few more direct from your nursery. Could you please quote me a price & order minimum please?

    Thank you,
    Liberty Cabins & Homes, LLC

  • jason:

    Thanks for contacting us. One of our sales people will contact you soon regarding your request.

    • Tamara Brown:

      Jason, okay thank you very much. I am also interested in a few varieties of ‘Hostas’.

      Liberty Cabins & Homes, LLC

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