Rosemary Herb

Barbecue Rosemary is an attractive, large upright herb with silvery-green foliage, bluish-lavender flowers and long sturdy stems.  You can use this rosemary to flavor dishes or strip the leaves off  and use the stems as skewers on the grill.  While your meat is cooking the stem will release  a pleasant fragrance and flavor.

Rosemary can be trimmed into most any shape and is often grown as a fragrant topiary because the branches are very pliable.  You may have to trim twice a season in order to keep the desired shape.

Rosemary is a drought tolerant shrub-like plant that can take dry conditions.  The soil should be left to dry out a bit between watering.  Wet conditions are not ideal for this plant.

Size: #4

Spacing: Plant 12″ to 14″ apart.

Height: Grows 24″ to 48″ tall.

How To Grow: Plant in full sun.

Outstanding Features: Stems can be used as skewers for cooking on the grill and will release a very aromatic fragrance while cooking as well as add flavor to your meat.

Tips: Prefers dry to normal soil moisture. Use as a filler plant between other plants.

Uses: Culinary Herb, Aromatic Herb, Garden Bed, Containers, Landscapes, Xeriscapes

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