Have unexpected guests on their way? A last minute party? Or Perhaps you just want to spruce up your porch or patio. Combination deco pots are the perfect solution! We have some for sun or shade with a variety of colors and textures that will instantly fill that empty spot.

Confetti Garden
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The following is a list of the Confetti combinations that we will have in deco pots.

Hawaiian Hilo
Hawaiian Kalani
Hawaiian Mahalo
Hawaiian Summer
Hawaiian Volcano Kea
Denim Blues
Glossy Strawberry
Glossy Twilight
Pismo Beach
Purple Cleopatra
Rockin’ Red
Shocking Pink
Shocking Purple
Water Wheel

Sun Deco Combo #1 – Wall Street
Wall Street Coleus
Aloha Cona Hot Orange Calibrachoa
Star Dust White Flash Euphorbia
Empress Flair White Verbena
Combo #1(2)

Sun Deco Combo #2 – Main Street
Indian Summer Coleus
Aloha Blue Sky Calibrachoa
Yolo Top Lavender Lobularia
Potunia Purple Halo Petunia

Blue Million Bells Lavender Lobularia Purple Petunia

Sun Deco Combo #3 – The Flash
Peppy Red Petunia
Breathless White Euphorbia
Spotlight Red Ipomoea
Empress Red Verbena

Sun Deco Combo #4 – Sunset
Dahlinova Carolina Orange Dahlia
Surprise Purple Sky Petunia
Empress Flair Purple Charme Verbena
Volcano Sunset Calibrachoa

Sun Deco Combo #5 – Indian Rose
Archangel Dark Rose Angelonia
Indian Summer Coleus
Landmark Sunrise Rose Lantana
Lysimachia Nummularia Yellow

Sun Deco Combo #6-Peachy
Blackie Ipomoea
Cinnamon Supercal
Empress Peach Flair Verbena
Star Dust White Flash Euphorbia

Sun Deco Combo #7 – Starspinner

Sun Deco Combo #10 – Dark Angel
Archangel Dark Rose Angelonia
Little Lucky Hot Pink Lantana
Spotlight Black Ipomoea
Lysimachia Nummularia Yellow

Sun Deco Combo #12 – New Ink’d
Serena Blue Angelonia
Tattoo Raspberry Vinca

Sun Deco Combo #16 – Shindig
Archangel Spreading Purple Angelonia
Lucky Red Lantana
Brilliant Blue Scaevola

Shade Deco Combo #2 Chili Rose
Flame Thrower Chili Pepper Coleus
Compact Tropical Rose Sunpatien
Purple Jew

Shade Deco Combo #3 Chipotle Rose
Flame Thrower Chipotle Coleus
Compact Deep Rose Sunpatien
Lysimachia Nummularia Yellow

Shade Deco Combo #4 – Red White
Compact White Sunpatien
Compact Fire Red Sunpatien
Kong Red Coleus
Yellow Lysimachia Nummularia

Shade Deco Combo #5 -Verde Red
Red Bronze Big Begonia (some have Red Dragon Wing)
Compact Fire Red Sunpatien
Flame Thrower Salsa Verde Coleus
Purple Jew

Shade Deco Combo #6 Spiced Lilac
Compact Lilac Sunpatien
Compact Neon Pink Sunpatien
Compact White Sunpatien
Flame Thrower Spiced Curry Coleus

Shade Deco Combo #7 – Indian Summer
Compact Hot Coral Sunpatien
Compact Royal Magenta Sunpatien
Indian Summer Coleus
Purple Jew

Shade Deco Combo #9 – Purple Sunset
Flame Thrower Habanero Coleus
Compact Electric Orange Sunpatien
Compact Purple Sunpatien
Purple Jew

Peace Farm Organics
November 2020