They say that variety is the spice of life. People have many different tastes in everything from clothing to food to cars and much more. This also applies to plants. Though we can’t possibly grow every basket combination out there, we have come up with several varieties that we think will be worth a look.

Confetti Garden
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The following is a list of the Confetti combinations that we will have in baskets.

Hawaiian Hilo
Hawaiian Kalani
Hawaiian Mahalo
Hawaiian Summer
Hawaiian Volcano Kea
Denim Blues
Glossy Strawberry
Glossy Twilight
Pismo Beach
Rockin’ Red
Shocking Pink
Shocking Purple
Water Wheel

Mix Masters

Jazzberry Jam
Cabaret White Calibrachoa
Sun Spun Burgundy Petunia
Aztec Blue Velvet Verbena

Purple Mix Master

Summer Bouquet
AngelMist Spreading Blue, Pink and White Angelonia

Angelonia Mix Master

Cabaret Deep Yellow Calibrachoa
Sun Spun Yellow Petunia
Firehouse White Verbena

Yellow Mix Master

Kwik Kombos

Blue Lightning
Bombay Dark Blue Scaevola
Landscape Bandana Gold Lantana

Lantana Scaevola Combo

Night In Pompeii  
Lanai Bright Eye Verbena
Saguna Purple Petunia
Techno Heat Dark Blue Lobelia

Night In Pompeii

night in pompeii

#summerfun Mix (image to come)
Landscape Bandana Yellow Lantana
Carita Raspberry Angelonia
Bombay Dark Blue Scaevola

Summer To Remember
Carita Purple Angelonia
Landscape Bandana Red Improved Lantana
Bombay White Scaevola

Red, White, Blue Kwik Kombo

Welcome Back Spring
Callie Yellow Calibrachoa
Techno Heat Dark Blue Lobelia
Lanai Twister Red Verbena

 Welcome Back Spring

Trixi Mixes

   Ayers Rock 16  
MiniFamous Neo Orange Red Eye 17 Calibrachoa
Magadi Electric Purple Lobelia
Lascar Dark Red Verbena
Ayers Rock 16

Blueberry Parfait 16
Big Pearl Falls Bacopa
MiniFamous Lavender Blue Calibrachoa
Fuego Magic Light Pink Verbena

Blue and Pink Combo

Prime Time
Namid Special Yellow Bidens
Lascar Dark Red Verbena
Lascar Dark Violet Verbena

Red, Purple, Yellow Combo

Twinkle Star 16
Big Falls Pearl Bacopa
Namid Early Yellow Bidens
MiniFamous Compact Dark Blue Calibrachoa

Purple and Blue Combo

Parks Brothers Combos

Basket Combo #1-Angel Eyes
Falling Star Pink Bicolor Penta
Angelmist Blue Angelonia
Bondi Blue Scaevola

Pink Penta Blue Angelonia Blue Scaevola

Basket Combo #2-Free Bird
Combo Blue Petunia
Aloha Kona Hot Orange Calibrachoa
Blue Eyed Beauty Osteospermum

Blue Petunia Orange Calibrachoa Bicolor Osteospermum

Basket Combo #3-Geranium Mix
Calliope Red Geranium
White Ivy Geranium (white color will vary some from pic)

Red Geranium 

Basket Combo #7-Cherry Bomb
Spotlight Red Ipomoea (sweet potato vine)
Peppy Red Petunia
Star Dust Super Flash Euphorbia-image to come

Red Sweet Potato Vine Red Petunia 

Basket Combo #12-Cinco de Mayo
Lucky Yellow Lantana
Hot Rod Red Petunia
Allison Purple Cuphea
Bondi Blue Scaevola

Yellow Lantana Red Petunia Purple Mexican Heather Blue Scaevola

Basket Combo #21-Foxy Lady
Spotlight Black Ipomoea (sweet potato vine)
Fortunia Early Orange Petunia
Lucky Peach Lantana
Star Dust Super Flash Euphorbia

Black Sweet Potato Vine Orange Petunia Peach Lantana 

Basket Combo #27-T.N.T
 Big Red Green Begonia
Big Red Bronze Begonia
Colorblast Double Yellow Purslane
Lucky Red Lantana
Spotlight Black Ipomoea (sweet Potato vine)

Red Begonia Red Begonia Yellow Purslane Red Lantana Black Sweet Potato Vine

Production pictures


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