Gold MarigoldTaishan Gold Marigolds have huge tightly petaled blooms that are 3 inches or more across. If you want a strong Marigold then, Taishan is the one for you.  In fact the name says it all.  It means stability and was named for the Taishan Mountains in China.  These dwarf African marigolds have shorter peduncles (the part of the stem directly below the bloom) and thicker stems which make them sturdier.  Color is continuous because the secondary blooms come on even when the first blooms still look good.

Marigolds are a great companion plant for pretty much all garden plants, blooming or edible. Their roots contain thiopene which is toxic to certain nematodes.  Plant marigolds around the outside of your garden to discourage aphids  and beetles from stopping by for and all you can eat smorgasbord.  On the flip side, marigolds will also attract beneficial insects that will snack on the insects that are feasting on your plants.  Beans, carrots, cabbages and tomatoes are just a few plants that benefit from having marigolds as a companion plant.

Size: #4

Spacing: Plant 8″ to 10″ apart.

Height: Grows 10″ to 12″ tall.

How To Grow: Plant in full sun.

Outstanding Features: Stems are super-strong.  Provide vibrant color all season long.  Featured at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Heat, wind and rain tolerant.

Tips: Remove spent flower heads for continuous flowering.

Uses: Garden Bed, Containers, Borders, Landscapes

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July 2020