Mix Impatiens

Dazzler Merlot Mix Impatiens have white and various shades of pink single blooms on shiny green foliage. The Dazzler series are the most “landscape friendly” variety with their uniform habit and ability to fill in quickly. They are covered with masses of 1.5 inch blooms from spring until first frost.

Impatiens are one of the best known and most popular garden plants for its prolific flowers and ease in growing. They have bright green leaves and come in a wide assortment of colors. For vivid color in summer months where other annuals won’t grow because of shade, Impatiens are the most dependable summer annual. They are smart enough to tell you when they need a drink. They wilt down but will spring back when watered. Combine all colors available or select one or two colors for the greatest visual impact.

Size: 606, #4

Spacing: Plant 8″ to 10″ apart.

Height: Grows 12″ to 14″ tall.

How To Grow: Plant in part sun to full shade.

Outstanding Features: Alternate with caladiums or shade loving coleus for a sea of summer color in low-light areas.

Tips: Pinch back as needed if plants become leggy or overgrown, as they will in climates with long summers, and avoid prolonged wet conditions that can lead to rot.

Uses: Garden Bed, Containers, Borders, Landscapes

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