Calliope Geranium is what you get when you take the best attributes from a zonal and an ivy geranium and name it after an mythic goddess. Calliope Dark Red have the best of both worlds producing a nice, bushy plant with gorgeous blooms. They spread out more than regular zonal geraniums and are bushier than the old ivy geraniums.

Calliope has outstanding performance in both the garden and containers. They look especially good in hanging baskets. Bloom colors are vivid with a lot of flower power on each plant.

We grow Calliope Geraniums in several sizes#10 Hanging Baskets, #12 Deco Pots and #12 Combination Baskets.

Colors include Calliope Medium Dark Red, Light Lavender and Violet in the #10 Hanging Baskets and Calliope Large Dark Red in the #12 Decos and Baskets.

Spacing: Plant 20″ to 24″ apart.

Height: Grows 12″ to 14″ tall.

How To Grow: Plant in full sun.

Outstanding Features: Calliope Geranium tolerates heat and resists bloom burn in the full sun.

Tips: Geraniums like their space so plant them where they can get plenty of air circulation. Well-drained soil is preferred with plenty of nitrogen to prevent yellowing. Keep groomed by removing old leaves and dead blooms.

Uses: Garden Bed, Hanging Baskets, Containers, Borders, Landscapes, Xeriscapes

Calliope Geraniums Intense Color That Lasts™

Calliope Point of Sale Sheet

8 Responses to “Calliope Geranium”

  • Karon O'Tyson:

    I am trying to locate a source for purchasing Calliope Geraniums. Can you give me any guidance?

    Karon O’Tyson

    • Jason:

      Thanks for contacting us. I assume you are looking for Calliope Geraniums that are in flower. Where are you located and how many are you needing?

  • n hubbard:

    I need 3 geraniums

  • Jason:

    We only have geraniums available in the spring. I suggest contacting your local garden centers to see if they have any left.

  • Patty Maddox:

    I am interested in Calliope Geranium plants/seeds what ever you have available. Please respond at my email maddoxgardener(at)q(cot)com
    Thank you

  • jason:

    Thank you for contacting us Patty. One of our sales representatives will contact you soon.

    Calliope Geraniums are grown from vegetative cuttings and are only available from us as finished plants. To buy cuttings or liner (young plants) you will need to contact a cutting supplier.

  • holly:

    I am looking for caliope drk red geranium rooted cuttings. I am a professional gardner and need for a job. Have tax #. What is the lastest to start for zone 6. Thinking of using bottom heat on benches to start. Thanks Holly

  • jason:

    Hi Holly,

    Thanks for contacting us. We will have geraniums available for wholesale in finished 4.5″ and 6″ pots starting in early to mid-March. Calliope Geraniums are available from Syngenta through wholesale brokers. Their website is

    While we are able to propagate our own cuttings, I would have to check to see if we are able to propagate cuttings to see. However, we are past the point where we would be able to do that for this season. We take seed and cutting propagation orders in October to schedule with our regular production.

    The wholesale brokers should be able to supply what you need. Depending when you need the plants ready will determine when you need to plant. Planting from a rooted liner you will need 8-10 weeks to grow a 4.5″ or 6″ container. Heated benches will take a couple of weeks off that crop time.

    Hope this helps. Give our sales department a call. We may be able to help in some way.

    Thanks again.

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