Every year I take pictures of our poinsettia crop to show here on our website so that you can see what our poinsettias look like each year. Some years are better than others but better or worse they are shown.

Here are some pictures from our 2014 crop of poinsettias. These pictures are from 11-10-14. The crop was running a little behind schedule last year at this point. We should have had more color than this.

poinsettia 3 11-10-14 poinsettia 4 11-10-14 poinsettia 5 11-10-14 poinsettia 6 11-10-14 poinsettia 7 11-10-14 poinsettia 8 11-10-14 poinsettia 9 11-10-14 poinsettia 10 11-10-14 poinsettia 11 11-10-14 poinsettia 12 11-10-14


These photos are from 11-20-14 and are mostly of our 6in crop.

6in white glitter poinsettia 11-20-14 white glitter poinsettia 11-20-14 6in pink poinsettias 11-20-14 6in prestige maroon poinsettias 11-20-14 6in red poinsettias 11-20-14 6in red 2 poinsettias 11-20-14 6in red 3 poinsettias 11-20-14 6in red 4 poinsettias 11-20-14 6in white 1 poinsettias 11-20-14A 6in white 2 poinsettias 11-20-14A 8in red 1 poinsettias 11-20-14AA


We did a small trial of Ice Punch poinsettias to see if the plants performed better than the last time we grew them.

ice punch poinsettias


These last picture where taken thoughout the whole season.

ice punch poinsettia 12-1-14 white glitter poinsettias 12-1-14 pink poinsettias 12-1-14 pink poinsettias 2 12-1-14 red poinsettias 12-1-14 assorted colors poinsettias

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