This page is dedicated to our new additions and changes to our 2022 spring plant production.

J6 & 1801 Annuals

As the cost of basic annual seeds continue to go up we will have to move some items from our J6 and 1801 Basic Annual categories into the 1801 Deluxe category.

Another option we are looking at is to change to a different flat configuration that is between the J6 and 1801s or something comparable to the two and streamline our production into fewer flat/cost configurations. Changing to another size could help offset the increased cost of seeds.

If you have any preference on what sizes you think would be best, please Contact Us and let us know. We welcome your input.

1801 Deluxe Annual – Zinnas

Zinnia Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor is a new introduction with striking color contrast. It is a 2021 Gold Medal AAS Flower winner.

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306 Wave Petunias, #6 Wave Petunias & #10 Wave Petunia Baskets

As you may or may not know, we grow select colors of Wave Petunias in a 306 tray which offers landscapers and customers who need a more plants a better price point per plant than our #6 Wave Petunia category. These color changes apply to all sizes.

We have changed 3 varieties to the E3 Easy Wave for 2022. You and your customers should not see any difference in the new E3 Easy Waves. The plants should preform the same or better than the older Easy Wave Petunias. The new varieties have been developed for growers to be able to supply better quality plants in early spring when the crops are grown under shorter days. In addition to easier growing, they were also bred for longer lasting performance in garden centers. On the shelves the plants should stay tighter and not grow together as quickly. There is also available for brand support and more information.

We replaced the Easy Wave Blue, Easy Wave Lavender Sky Blue and Easy Wave White with the new E3 Easy Wave colors:

  • E3 Easy Wave Blue
  • E3 Easy Wave Sky Blue
  • E3 Easy Wave White

These new color replacements apply to all sizes of Easy Wave Petunias that we grow.

#3.5 Succulents

New Succulents for 2022:

  • Portulaca Afra Variegata (Rainbow Bush – a from of Elephant Bush)
  • Sedum Morganianum (Donkey’s Tail)
  • Senecio Rowleyanus (String of Pearls)

#4.5 Caladiums

Due to the increasing costs of production and freight, we have split the #4.5 Caladiums out if the #4.5 Premium Annual category and put them in their own #4.5 Caladium category/price group. The varieties are the same as 2021 – Fantasy, Gingerland, Miss Muffet, Rosalie, Sweetheart and White Wings.


The foliage market has been in an unprecedent up-tick for the last few years. The availability of cuttings and liners has been spotty at best. Sometimes suppliers just ship what they want to and growers are left with settling for whatever they can get.

So far for the latter part of 2021 going into 2022, the foliage availability has stabilized some. In addition, demand seems to have dropped. However, we are uncertain as to if the drop is due to a decrease in consumer demand or if it is due to there being more foliage available across the country. We think it is the latter. For 2022, we will continue to grow foliage but we have cut back some on the total amount we will grow.

Here is the list of we have scheduled. Production is fully dependent on what our suppliers are able to ship. Downlonad our item list (top left menu) for the complete list.

#4.5 Foliage

  • Bromeliads – 10 varieties
  • Fittonia – 3 varieties
  • Hoya – 5 varieties
  • Maranta – 3 varieties
  • Monstera – 3 varieties
  • Pepperomia – 7 varieties
  • Philodendron – 1 variety
  • Sanservieria – 8 varieties
  • Schefflera – 2 varieties

#6 Foliage

  • Alocasia – 3 varieties
  • Alpinia – 1 variety
  • Aglonema – 5 varieties
  • Philodendron – 5 varieties
  • Syngonium – 3 varieties
  • Zamioculcus – ZZ Plant

#4.5 Premium Annuals

There are not too many changes this year.

We are changing from Dahlinova Dahlias to the Novation Dahlias series, and will grow Pink, Pink Bicolor, Red, Ruby, Salmon, White and Yellow. Novation Dahlias are a compact, bushy dahlia with large flowers. We will continue to grow Dahlinova California (red/yellow bicolor) due to not having a suitable replacement in the Novation series.

We are replacing New Guinea Impatiens Petticoat Blue with Petticoat Blue Star.

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QT Proven Winner

In our Quart Proven Winners category Lobularia Dark Knight was discontinued by Proven Winners and replaced with Violet Knight.

We added Supertunia Vista Jazzberry and Supertunia Vista Paradise to the tough and popular Vista petunias.

Be sure to visit the Proven Winner website for more information like the Top 50 Best Selling Proven Winner Annuals and more.

#6 Wave Petunias

Please see the 306 Wave Petunia color changes above. The changes apply to all sizes/categories.

#6 Premium Annuals

We added 2 new colors to the Jurassic Begonias – Cherry Spike and Heartbeat.

We have also added Canna Cannova Red Golden Flame.

© 2021 Ball Horticultural Company

Confetti Garden – all sizes

We have added Hawaiian Gold to all of our Confetti Garden categories – #6, #12 Basket and #12 Decos. Hawaiian Gold is made up of Aloha Kona Tiki Blue Calibrachoa, Aloha Kona Gold Medal Calibrachoa and Aloha Kona Orange Zest Calibrachoa.

Copyright © 2021 Dummen Orange

1G Premium Annuals

In our Sunpatiens, Deep Red replaces Fire Red.

© 2021 Ball Horticultural Company

1G Tropical Annuals

We have expanded our line of Colocasia (Taro) with the additions of Mojito, Tropical Storm and White Lava.

Torbay Dazzler Cordyline was not available this year so we have added Dancing Renegade as a replacement. Dancing Renegade has dark purple foliage with a red tint.

Qt Perennials

We have added Coreopsis Uptick Red, Dianthus Rockin’ Rose and Echinacea Mellow Yellows to our Quart Perennials.

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© 2021 Ball Horticultural Company
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1G Perennials

We added Robust Male fern to our perennial Hardy Ferns.

© 2021 Casa Flora, Inc.

New Hostas for 2022 are August Moon, Dancing Darling, Dream Queen, Great Expectations and Vulcan. These are in alphabetical order below. Please check out our Hosta page to see all the varieties we are offering this spring.

1G Premium Annuals

In our Clematis category, Henryi was replaced with Miss Bateman. Miss Bateman has pure white blooms with burgundy-red antlers.

#10 Hanging Baskets

In our hanging baskets, the Double Wave Petunias were discontinued. The recommended replacement is the Vouge Double Petunia series which we have added. There are six colors in the series: Blue, Lavender Vein, Lemon Berry, Pink, Red and White.

We are also updating the Wave Petunia Baskets with the new E3 Wave Petunia colors (shown at the top of this page): E3 Easy Wave Blue, E3 Easy Wave Sky Blue and E3 Easy Wave White.

#12 Baskets and Deco Pots

We have added three new shade combinations to our #12 Deco Combo pots and we will also add two of these to our #12 Premium Hanging baskets. These combos will consist of New Guinea Impatiens/Sunpatiens and Trailing Coleus.

#12 Shade Decos

  • Everglades
  • Hot Springs
  • Yosemite

#12 Premium Baskets

  • Hot Springs
  • Yosemite
Hot Springs

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We have also added MixMasters Patriotic Heart to the #12 Deco Combos.

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