This page is dedicated to our new additions and changes to our 2017 spring plant production. With one or two exceptions, this page has been updated for 2017.

Updated – Jan. 19, 2017

1801 Annuals:

New to our 1801 line:

Annual 306 

We have add a lot of Easy Wave Petunia colors and mixed to the 306 Annual flats (3 large 6-packs per flat). The size of each plant is comparable to the 1801. The advantage to these flats is that homeowners and landscapers can pay less per plant compared to a #6 Wave Petunia and there is less leftover items (tags, etc.) to clean up. Landscapers can save both time and money with less to clean up.

silver petunia yellow petunia Pink Petunia Purple Petunia Mix PetuniaMix Petunias Mix Petunia

These are the colors we carried over from 2016.

In addition to adding all these Easy Wave and Shock Wave Petunias, we also added a premium line of vegetative Potunia Petunias that offers a selection of popular and unique colors in a more affordable package when again compared to a #6 pot. The Potunias are grown from cuttings and not seed. They stay compact and mound up well. Potunias are good in containers, combination planters, window boxes and other areas where you don’t want your petunia taking over.

Strawberry Petunia Grape Petunia Purple Petunia Pink Petunia Blue Petunia Purple Petunia potunia red

#4.5 Premium Annuals:

The Big Begonias live up to their name as a landscape begonia. They get taller and fill out more than the regular bronze leaf begonias that has been traditionally used in landscapes. Additionally, these are part of the 2017 Arkansas Diamond Plants Selection. You can learn more about them at Pictures © Benary.


This is a great testimony from about using Big Begonias in landscapes:

“I’m very pleased. The deer have left the begonias alone, which is a big plus. And they are definitely low maintenance. My experience has been that typically, begonias require more water than other plants, but the BIG® begonias haven’t required a lot of water at all. They’ve been hardy and have never wilted, even on the hottest days this summer.” Kim Stegh, Canterbury Golf Club

Pink Calibrachoa Pink Sun Coleus Orange Sun Coleus Blue Cherry Pie Plant Blue Impatien Red Lantana plumbago

1.0 Qt Proven Winners 

You can go here to see more information on our new additions to the Proven Winners.

  • Calibrachoa Holy Moly!
  • Helichrysum Icicles
  • Supertunia Rose Blast Charm
  • Supertunia Violet Star Charm

Star Calibrachoa helichrysum Pink Star Petunia 

Proven Winner Graceful Grasses

  • Carex Toffee Twist
  • Cyperus Baby Tut
  • Pennisetum Fireworks
  • Stipa Mexican Feather Grass

Bronze Grass Mini Umbrella Palm Variegated Pennisetum 

© 2015 Proven Winners, LLC. All Rights Reserved

New #6 Deluxe Annuals

Purple Petunia

New #6 Premium Annuals

Red Begonia canna canna  Blue Salvia

New Confetti Gardens in #6 Pots, #12 Hanging Baskets and #12 Deco Pots:

  • Hawaiian Volcano Kea – new
  • Octoberfest – added back

Confetti Garden Calibrachoa Trio Confetti Garden

New 1 Gallon Premium Annuals

Purple Sunpatien Rose Sunpatien

New 1 Gallon Tropical Annuals

New Stepables:

New Perennials:

Perennial Quarts

 Purple Coneflower

New Perennial 1 Gallon

This is the 2017 Hosta list. The availability was limited when we ordered so we had to make due with fewer pots of more varieties.

 Variegated Hosta Green Hosta Golden Hosta  Hosta 

Additions and changes to our hanging baskets:

#10 Hanging Baskets

Purple Calibrachoa Pink Calibrachoa

New #12 Combination Hanging Baskets

Take at a look at our Combo Basket page to see them all. Here are a few of the new additions:

Red, Purple, Yellow Combo Red, White, Blue Kwik Kombo Yellow Mix Master Purple Mix Master

New #12 Deco Combinations

We made quite a few changes but each is listed on our Deco Combo page if you want to see them all.

New Vegetables

We added these vegetables to our 1204 vegetable flats:

Added to the #4 Charley’s Veggies line

  • PEPPER – Sriracha (page under construction)

The line of organics has expanded again for 2017. Click on the logo or  link to see the complete list of the Peace Farm Organics.

Peace Farm Organic small logo

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