This page is dedicated to our new additions and changes to our 2020 spring plant production.

This page is a current work in progress.

Updated – Nov. 18, 2020

New to our Annuals:

J6 (606) & 1801 Annuals:


Floral Lace Purple replaces Floral Lace Violet.


The Durango series will replace the Disco and Safari in our line up. The Durango Marigolds are a dwarf anemone French marigold that have 2-2.5″ blooms.


The Snapshot Snapdragons will replace the Montego Snapdragons. The Snapshot Snaps are a dwarf series that grows to 6-10″ tall and is topped by closely spaced flower spikes.


There are going to be a lot of changes with Vinca in the coming years. The seed companies are beginning to phase out the older series of vinca like Pacifica and focusing on the newer series. To that end we are listing our Vinca as generic colors like Apricot and White due to us not knowing which series of seed we will be able to get.


The seed costs on zinnias has gotten so high we have been forced to increase our price on them. We have moved them into their own category of Annual 4″ Deluxe. The accent plants that were in that category have been moved to a new category called Annual 4″ Accnt which carries the accent plant type items like the Asparagus Ferns and Ivy.

#3.5 Succulents

The changes to our succulent list are noted below.

  • Aonium Zwartkop
  • Aptenia Cordifolia Red Apple
  • Aptenia Cordifolia Varigated
  • Crassula Muscosa Princess Pine
  • Crassula Ovata Varigated
  • Echeveria Black Prince – NEW FOR 2021
  • Echeveria Nodulosa – NEW FOR 2021
  • Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg
  • Echeveria Pulidonis
  • Echeveria Ruyoni Topsy Turvy
  • Graptopetalum Paraguayense
  • Graptopetalum Superbum
  • Graptosedum Darley Sunshine
  • Graptosedum Vera Higgins Red
  • Graptoveria Fred Ives
  • Haworthia Fasciata- DROPPED FOR 2021
  • Haworthia Super Fasciata- NEW FOR 2021
  • Sedum Angelina- NEW FOR 2021
  • Sedum Dragons Blood
  • Sedum Fine Leaf Gold – DROPPED FOR 2021
  • Sedum Lineare Sea Urchin
  • Sedum Ogon
  • Sedum Rubrotictum
  • Senecio Mandraliscea Blue- DROPPED FOR 2021
  • Senecio Serpens- NEW FOR 2021

#4.5 Premium Annuals

We have a lot of changes to our #4.5 Premium Annual list this year.

Dragon Wing Begonias have be moved from our #6 Deluxe Annuals and added the #4.5.

We have added 6 varieties of upgrade Caladiums. They are Fantasy, Gingerland, Miss Muffet, Rosalie, Sweetheart and White Wings.

We replaced a few varieties of Petticoat New Guinea Impatiens. Purple Star replaced Blue Star. Red replaced Fire. Neon Night replaced Hot Rose and Cherry Star replace Mandarin Star.

We added Shrimp Plant (Pachystachys).

The Rhoeo Tricolor (Tradescanthia) was moved from the #4 Annual Accent to the #4.5.

The biggest change we made was moving the Cora and Cora Cascade Vinca from the #6 Deluxe Annuals to the #4.5.

To compliment the move of those Vinca, we also added 5 colors of Tattoo Vinca.

Lastly, when we had to make changes to our #4 Zinnias due to increased production costs, we also moved a few varieties of Zinnias to the #4.5.

#4.5 Foliage

We started selling foliage plants last fall and plan to continue in the spring. However, the foliage supply is spotty. We have orders in but items could be subbed or cut from the orders. So please check out our Availability come spring and see what we have.

Qt. Proven Winner

Torenia Catalina Pink has been added.

Qt. Proven Winner Graceful Grasses

We also added Isolepsis Fiber Optic Grass and Juncus Blue Mohawk to the Graceful Grasses.

#6 Annuals

Due to poor sales, we dropped the #6 Basic Annuals in favor of focusing on the #4 Basic Annuals and moved the Cora Vinca to the #4.5 Premium Annuals.

As mentioned above, we also moved the Dragon Wing Begonias and Cora Cascade Vinca to the #4.5 Premium Annuals.

#6 Wave Petunias

Shockwave Purple Tie Dye was added to the Wave Petunias.

#6 Confetti Garden

We have quite a few changes and additions to our Confetti Garden list.

We added Cupcakes Party, Hawaiian Hoku Star, Hawaiian Kalani, Hawaiian Nani Valentine, Hot Pink Jazz, Purple Halo and Waterfall. We dropped Shocking Blue, Shocking Pink and Shocking Purple.

#6 Foliage

As with the #4.5 Foliage, our final list of foliage is yet to be determined. Please check our Availability when we get to spring to see the final list.

1G Premium Annuals

In our Sunpatien line we have replaced Compact Red with Compact Fire Red. We have also added Compact Hot Pink and Compact Rose Glow.

1G Tropical Annuals

The old Black Stem Colocasia was replaced with Fontanesii Black Stem and Green Ruffles was replaced by Jack’s Giant Green.

Tropical Hibiscus Island Wind which is a bright yellow was added to the tropical hibiscus.

Qt Perennials

Conoclinium Hardy Ageratum (Native) was added. Penstemon Onyx & Pearls replaced Penstemon Huskers Red. Veronica Moody Blues Dark Pink and Moody Blues Sky Blue was also added.

The following items were dropped: Achillea Vintage Violet, Agastache Kudos Coral, Buddleia Buzz Purple, Dianthus Rockin Rose, Gaillardia Arizona Sun, Nepeta Purrsian Blue, Veronica Moody Blues Dark Blue and Veronica Moody Blues Mauve.

Heuchera Coral Bells Autumn Bride was also added to the Qt Premium Perennials.

1G Perennials

New Vegetables

The line of organics has expanded again for 2021. Click on the logo or  link to see the complete list of the Peace Farm Organics.

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Peace Farm Organics
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