*We no longer grow these in the fall but check our availability in the spring for a wider selection.

Varieties and Colors: #4-Taishan Orange, Taishan Yellow, Lil Hero Orange, Lil Hero Yellow

Size: #4

Description:  As a sun loving plant, you can depend on marigolds to spruce up any garden with a lot of flower power. With such a lovely display of color and an easy-to-grow as well as maintain reputation, it is no wonder these plants have been a long-time favorite.

If you want a strong Marigold, then Taishan is the one for you. In fact the name says it all. It means stability and was named for the Taishan Mountains in China. These dwarf African marigolds have shorter peduncles (the part of the stem directly below the bloom) and thicker stems which make them sturdier. Color is continuous because the secondary blooms come on even when the first blooms still look good.

Little Hero are double bloom marigolds that flower early and are compact with 2-2.5 inch blooms

The Disco series of Marigolds have single blooms that range in color from yellow to red.

Spacing: Plant 6” to 12” apart.

Height: Grows 8″ to 14″ tall.

How To Grow: Plant in full sun to part sun.

Outstanding Features: Marigolds tend to have fewer pests problems than other annuals.

Tips: Remove spent flower heads for continuous flowering.

Uses: Garden Bed, Containers, Borders, Landscapes

Marigold Taishan Orange                Marigold Taishan Yellow

                                                                                     Orange Marigold Yellow Marigold

Marigold Lil Hero Orange                 Marigold Lil Hero Yellow

                                                                                         Orange Marigold Yellow Marigold


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