Here are some pictures of a new Euphorbia that will be available next spring.  The first picture is of the Blush which has a dark leaf and pale pink blooms that fade to white as they age.  As an accent plant, the Blush variety should add excellent foliage contrast with the blushing white bloom.  The White variety is comparable to Diamond Frost Euphorbia and seems to have a tighter and more compact plant habit.  The Blush also has the same compact habit.

Let us know what you think of this new Euphorbia.

euphorbia-breathless-blush1 euphorbia-breathless-blush


4 Responses to “Breathless Euphorbia”

  • I grow an Euphorbia that blooms around Christmas, it looks a lot like the above. We call it snow on the mountain. Here is a link to it in my garden.

    I would love to visit your operations one day. You have an impressive operation.


  • I was introduced to “Breathless” White Euphorbia three weeks ago while attending a class in
    container planting at a local nursery here in NW OR.

    I love its delicate, fragile, wispy appearance. SPECTACULAR!


  • Meisha:

    I just planted breathless blush with a host of plants. I mixed them in with some red doubled begonias that I have had for a couple of years. They look like a bridal bouquet. I had always used diamond frost but quite frankly I prefer these even more. They are very subtle so I love to mix them in with some of my showier flowers just to tone things down a bit.

  • Jason:

    When I first saw this type of Euphorbia, I was not impressed. Last year we grew Silver Fog Euphorbia and trial the Breathless series. I was very impresses with how much better the Breathless series looked compared to Diamond Frost and Silver Fog.

    Breathless Euporbia adds a classy look to any flower bed or combination pot.

    Jason – Operations Manager, Parks Bros. Farm

Peace Farm Organics
December 2020