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J6 Panola Cl Yellow 9-30-16

I am loving this cooler weather.  The plants here are too.  We have lots of pansies ready to go.  Look at how nice everything is.

#4 Dianthus Mix 9-30-16#4 Dianthus White 9-30-16#4 Pansy 9-30-16#4 Pansy Col Bl Blue 9-30-16 (2)#4 Pansy Col Bl Blue 9-30-16#4 Pansy Cols Form Mix 9-30-16#4 Pansy Cols Purple 9-30-16#4 Pansy Cols WhitePuple Wing 9-30-16#4 Pansy Mix 9-30-16 (2)#4 Pansy Mtx Light Blue 9-30-16#4 Pansy Mtx Purple 9-30-16#4 Pansy Yellow 9-30-16 (2)#4 Pansy Yellow 9-30-16 (3)#4 Pansy Yellow 9-30-16#4 Petunias 9-30-16#4 Petunias Midnight 9-30-16#4 Snapdragons Mix 9-30-16#4 Snapdragons Yellow 9-30-16

Lots of #4 is available this week.  We have the organic basil and #6 premium as well

#4 Peace Farm Organic Basil 9-30-16#6 Calibrachoa 9-30-16#6 Cool Wave Pansy Purple 9-30-16#6 Wave Petunias 9-30-16

#8 mums, cabbage and kale

#8 Mums 9-30-16 (2)#8 Mums 9-30-16#8 Mums Yellow 9-30-16#8 Red Kale 9-30-16#8 White Kale 9-30-16 (2)#8 White Kale 9-30-16

Some baskets, deco pots, and tricolor mums

#10 Basket Cool Wave Pansy  9-30-16#10 Basket Dreams Petunia  9-30-16#12 Deco Pots 9-30-16#12 Mums 9-30-16

Lots of J6

J6 Dianthus 9-30-16J6 Panola Bl Yellow 9-30-16J6 Panola Cl Yellow 9-30-16J6 Panola Jewels N Jazz Mix 9-30-16J6 Pansy Col Bl Yellow 9-30-16J6 Pansy Col Formula Mix 9-30-16J6 Pansy Cols Neon Violet 9-30-16J6 Pansy Mtx Beaconsfield 9-30-16J6 Pansy Mtx Bl Red 9-30-16J6 Pansy Mtx Cl Mix 9-30-16J6 Pansy Mtx Cl White 9-30-16J6 Pansy Mtx Light Blue 9-30-16J6 Pansy Mtx Orange 9-30-16J6 Pansy Yellow 9-30-16J6 Petunias Burgundy 9-30-16J6 Petunias Mix 9-30-16 (2)J6 Petunias Rose 9-30-16J6 Snapdragons Burgundy 9-30-16J6 Snapdragons Yellow 9-30-16J6 Viola Harvest Mix 9-30-16J6 Viola Yellow 9-30-16J6 Viola Yellow Duet 9-30-16

#4 Snapdragons Yellow 9-23-16

It is sure hot today, but we have the promise of rains and cooler temperatures to start the week off throughout the region.  That is good news for us!  Here are the pictures of the offerings for the upcoming week.

J6 Dianthus Crimson 9-23-16J6 Dianthus Mix 9-23-16J6 Dianthus Violet 9-23-16J6 Dianthus White 9-23-16J6 Dusty Miller 9-23-16J6 Panola Beaconsfield 9-23-16J6 Panola Cl Mix 9-23-16J6 Panola Jewels N Jazz 9-23-16J6 Panola Purple 9-23-16J6 Pansy Col Bl Yellow 9-23-16J6 Pansy Col Neon Violet 9-23-16J6 Pansy Col WhitePurple Wing 9-23-16J6 Pansy Mtx Bl Red 9-23-16J6 Pansy Mtx Cl Mix 9-23-16J6 Pansy Mtx Truw Blue 9-23-16J6 Petunias Burgundy 9-23-16J6 Petunias Midnight 9-23-16 (2)J6 Petunias Midnight 9-23-16J6 Petunias Mix 9-23-16 (2)J6 Petunias Mix 9-23-16J6 Petunias White 9-23-16J6 Snapdragons 9-23-16J6 Viola Yellow 9-23-16J6 Violas 9-23-16

We have plenty of the J6 packed with color.  The #4 are looking bright as well.

#4 Pansies 9-23-16#4 Pansy Col Yellow 9-23-16#4 Pansy Mtx Beaconsfield 9-23-16#4 Pansy Mtx Light Blue 9-23-16#4 Pansy Mtx Purple 9-23-16#4 Pansy Mtx True Blue 9-23-16#4 Petunias 9-23-16 (2)#4 Petunias 9-23-16 (3)#4 Petunias 9-23-16#4 Petunias Midnight 9-23-16#4 Snapdragons 9-23-16#4 Snapdragons Bronze 9-23-16#4 Snapdragons Mix 9-23-16#4 Snapdragons Yellow 9-23-16

The #6 color is ready to plant

#6 Calibrachoa 9-23-16 (2)#6 Calibrachoa 9-23-16 (3)#6 Calibrachoa 9-23-16#6 Cool Wave Pansies 9-23-16 (2)#6 Cool Wave Pansies 9-23-16#6 Cool Wave Pansy 9-23-16

We have plenty of beautiful cabbage and kale to accent

#8 Cabbage Red 9-23-16#8 Cabbage White 9-23-16#8 Kale Red 9-23-16#8 Kale White 9-23-16

Some mums are waiting on the cooler temps to really shine

#8 Mums 9-23-16 (2)#8 Mums 9-23-16 (3)

We also have many fall baskets to choose from this week

#10 Cool Wave Pansy Baskets 9-23-16 (2)#10 Cool Wave Pansy Baskets 9-23-16#10 Foliage Baskets 9-23-16#10 Wave Petunia Baskets 9-23-16

J6 Pansy Matrix Morpheus 9-16-16 (2)

The fall equinox will be here next week and it will officially be fall.  We have the plants to help make it look like fall.  Check out these great shots of what we have this week:

J6 Alyssum Purple 9-16-16J6 Dianthus Mix 9-16-16J6 Dianthus White 9-16-16J6 Matrix Blotch White 9-16-16J6 Panola Beaconsfield 9-16-16J6 Panola Golden Yellow 9-16-16J6 Panola Mix 9-16-16J6 Panola Orange 9-16-16J6 Panola True Blue 9-16-16J6 Pansies 9-16-16J6 Pansy Cols Blotch Rose 9-16-16J6 Pansy Martix Scarlet 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix Clear Mix 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix Light Blue 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix Morpheus 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix Purple 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix Sunrise 9-16-16J6 Pansy Matrix True Blue 9-16-16J6 Petunia Burgundy 9-16-16J6 Petunia Midnight 9-16-16J6 Petunia Mix 9-16-16 (2)J6 Petunia Mix 9-16-16J6 Snapdragon Mix 9-16-16J6 Snapdragons Red 9-16-16J6 Snapdragons Yellow 9-16-16J6 Violas 9-16-16

We have a very nice selection of J6 annuals and have some veggies as well

J6 Vegetable Broccoli 9-16-16J6 Vegetable Cabbage Red 9-16-16

Also, the #4 fall plants are looking really good

#4 Pansies 9-16-16 (2)#4 Pansies 9-16-16#4 Pansies Cols White Blotch 9-16-16#4 Petunia Burgundy 9-16-16#4 Petunia Sunshine 9-16-16#4 Petunias 9-16-16#4 Snapdragons 9-16-16#4 Snapdragons Mix 9-16-16

Lots to offer in the #6

#6 Calibrachoa 9-16-16 (2)#6 Calibrachoa 9-16-16#6 Calibrachoa Purple 9-16-16#6 Calibrachoa Yellow 9-16-16#6 Cool Wave Pansies 9-16-16#6 Kale Red Bor 9-16-16#6 Kale White 9-16-16#6 Mustard 9-16-16

We have some #8 mums to offer that are starting to crack as well as a few #12 mums.  #12 decos are ready.

#8 Mum Bronze 9-16-16#8 Mum White 9-16-16#12 Mum Red 9-16-16#12 Fall Deco 9-16-16

The baskets are looking good

#10 Foliage Basket 9-16-16 (2)#10 Foliage Basket 9-16-16Fall #10 Basket Cool Wave Pansy Yellow 9-16-16Fall #10 Basket Wave Petunias 9-16-16

It looks like the forecast is cooling off.  I know I am ready for the change.  We are getting some good numbers in the pansies this week and the fall color is really starting to show.  Here are the pictures for the week of 9-12-16:

J6 Dianthus Mix 9-9-16J6 Dianthus White 9-9-16J6 Dusty Miller 9-9-16J6 Marigold Janie Mix 9-9-16J6 Panola Beaconsfield 9-9-16J6 Panola Clear Mix 9-9-16J6 Panola Purple 9-9-16J6 Panola Yellow Blotch 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus Blotch Yellow 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus Blue Blotch 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus Mix 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus Purple 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus Red Blotch 9-9-16J6 Pansy Colossus White Blotch 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Beaconsfield 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Blotch Mix 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Clear Mix 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Light Blue 9-9-16 (2)J6 Pansy Matrix Light Blue 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Morpheus 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Purple 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Red Blotch 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Rose 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix White 9-9-16J6 Pansy Matrix Yellow 9-9-16 (2)J6 Pansy Matrix Yellow 9-9-16J6 Petunia Appleblossom9-9-16J6 Petunia Burgundy 9-9-16J6 Petunia Midnight 9-9-16J6 Petunia Rose 9-9-16J6 Petunia White 9-9-16J6 Snapdragons Mix 9-9-16J6 Snapdragons Orange 9-9-16J6 Snapdragons Red 9-9-16J6 Snapdragons Yellow 9-9-16J6 Veggies Cabbage Red 9-9-16J6 Viola Purple 9-9-16J6 Viola Select Mix 9-9-16J6 Viola Yellow Jump Up 9-9-16

Much of the J6 are looking very nice right now.  The #4 are coming along as well.

#4 Petunia Midnight 9-9-16#4 Petunia Mix 9-9-16#4 Petunia White 9-9-16#4 Snapdragon Mix 9-9-16 (2)#4 Snapdragon Mix 9-9-16#4 Snapdragon Yellow 9-9-16 (2)#4 Snapdragon Yellow 9-9-16

The #6 pots are filling out with good color

#6 Calibrachoa Apricot 9-9-16#6 Calibrachoa Scarlet 9-9-16#6 Calibrachoa White 9-9-16#6 Calibrachoa Yellow 9-9-16 (2)#6 Calibrachoa Yellow 9-9-16#6 Pansy Cool Wave Purple 9-9-16#6 Pansy Cool Wave Violet Wing 9-9-16

We have foliage baskets ready

#10 Foliage Basket #1001 9-9-16 (2)#10 Foliage Basket #1001 9-9-16

Some of the #8 mums look like they may crack open next week

#8 Mums 9-9-16 (2)#8 Mums 9-9-16 (3)#8 Mums 9-9-16

Are you ready for the cooler fall temperatures to get here? We sure are. However, we aren’t quite ready for fall to start. We will be closed on Monday Sept. 5 for Memorial. Once we get that one last summer holiday under our belts, we’ll be ready to hit the ground running on Tuesday.

Starting Sept. 6, we’ll have availability for some of our fall plantings. Right now it looks like most of the pansies won’t be ready until the following week, but we can eek out a few that are big enough for some colors. They are all rooted out but the plants need to grow some more. I will update the availability numbers for them again on Tuesday. We should have good availability on the J6 and 1801 pansies for the week of Sept. 12.

We do have some J6 dianthus, petunias, snapdragons and violas that are ready but don’t have a lot of color. They should color up more over the weekend. We also have some 1801 petunias and snapdragons and #6 calibrachoas and a few wave petunias.

It will be a few more weeks until we have mums available. The mum availability will be very fluid and will be changing a lot. I will be doing physical counts a couple of times a week after we pull to cover orders in order to try to come up with more availability.

We have some J6 cole crops and #4 Peace Farm lettuce available as well. Be sure to check out the availability list for everything.

I think that covers everything. Now for the pictures. There should be quite a bit more color showing by next week.

J6 Flats

J6 Dianthus CrimsonJ6 DianthusJ6 Colossus White BlotchJ6 Matrix Clear MixJ6 Matrix Clear WhiteJ6 Matrix OrangeJ6 Panola BeaconsfieldJ6 Panola Golden YellowJ6 Panola Purple and OrangeJ6 Pansy Lavender ShadesJ6 Dreams Midnight PetuniaJ6 Petunia MixJ6 Petunia RedJ6 Petunia WhiteJ6 PetuniasJ6 Snapdragon BronzeJ6 Snapdragon MixJ6 Viola purple and mixesJ6 Viola Yellow and Yellow Jump Up

1801 Flats

1801 Dreams Burgundy Petunia1801 Petunias1801 Snapdragon

I am waiting until Tuesday to see if the red and white petunias fill in enough to be sellable.

1801 Dreams Petunia Red1801 Dreams Petunia White

#6 Flats

#6 Calibrachoa Yellow

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