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J6 Vinca Pacifica Burgundy Halo 4-14-16

Things are pretty crazy around here this time of year.  We are shipping orders as quickly as we can.  The loading crew and truck drivers are running on empty.  We still have lots of beautiful plants ready to the week.

The #4.5 plants are looking great and we have good numbers in many of these

#4.5 Bacopa Blue 4-14-16#4.5 Calibrachoa Orange 4-14-16#4.5 Cuphea Mexican Heather 4-14-16#4.5 Lantana Bandito Red 4-14-16#4.5 Lantana Landmark White 4-14-16#4.5 Pentas Red 4-14-16#4.5 Sedum Nussbaumerianum 4-14-16#4.5 Strobilanthes Persian Shield 4-14-16

Lots of #6 plants as well

#6 Begonia Dragonwing Red 4-14-16#6 Begonia Jurassic Silver Point 4-14-16#6 Coleus Kong Rose 4-14-16#6 Confetti Hawaiian Kalani 4-14-16#6 Dianthus Jolt 4-14-16#6 Geranium Dark Red 4-14-16

Plenty of baskets this week

#10 Basket Fern Sprengeri 4-14-16#10 Basket Foliage Combo 4-14-16#10 Basket Purslane 4-14-16#12 Basket Confetti Kalani 4-14-16

Color bowls

#12 Oval bowl Succulents 4-14-16#14 Bowl Panterra 4-14-16

Lots of 1204 veggies.  Get your Peace Farm Organics before we sell out

1204 Veggies Tomato Beefmaster 4-14-161204 Veggies Tomato Better Boy 4-14-161204 Veggies Tomato Champion 4-14-161204 Veggies Tomato Jetstar 4-14-161204 Veggies Tomato Okra 4-14-161204 Veggies Tomato Traveler 76 4-14-16#4 Peace Farm Organic Lemon Grass 4-14-16#4 Peace Farm Organic Peppermint 4-14-16#4 Peace Farm Organic Tomato Clementine 4-14-16#4 Peace Farm Organic Tomato Lucky Tiger 4-14-16

The J6 selections look really good and we have many to offer

J6 Dusty Miller 4-14-16J6 Impatiens Mix 4-14-16J6 Impatiens Violet 4-14-16J6 Marigold Taishan Yellow 4-14-16J6 Melampoodium Showstar 4-14-16J6 Petunia Dreams Mix 4-14-16J6 Petunia Dreams White 4-14-16J6 Vinca Pacifica Blush 4-14-16J6 Vinca Pacifica Cherry Halo 4-14-16J6 Vinca Pacifica Merlot Mix 4-14-16J6 Vinca Pacifica Mix 4-14-16J6 Vinca Pacifica Polka Dot 4-14-16J6 Vinca Pacifica Really Red 4-14-16J6 Vinca Pacifica White 4-14-16

We also have tropicals, perennials, Proven Winners, and lots of #4 this week

#1 Mandevilla Giant Pink 4-14-16#1 Perennial Daylily Stella D'Oro 4-14-16#1 Proven Winners Calibrachoa Pomegranate Punch 4-14-16#1 Proven Winners Lobularia Snow Princess 4-14-16#1 Proven Winners Petunia Vista Bubblegum 4-14-16#4 Alternanthera Partytime 4-14-16#4 Begonia Red Bronze 4-14-16#4 Begonia Red Green 4-14-16#4 Impatiens Red 4-14-16#4 Impatiens White 4-14-16#4 Ivy English 4-14-16#4 Ivy Needlepoint 4-14-16

Please try to get your orders in early and try to be patient with us as we schedule deliveries

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