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12in red mum 9-25-15Aren’t these mums gorgeous?  We have some really nice mums all around this year.  Lots of the 8” and limited on the 12”.

Our cole crops and Peace Farm Organic veggies are looking very good right now.  I can just go on and on about the cabbage and kale, pansies, etc.

Below are some pictures so you can see for yourself.  If you need 12” mums or anything in short supply, make sure you get your order to us right away.

Have a great weekend!

#8 Mum Bronze 9-25-15#8 Mum Purple 9-25-15#8 Mum Red 9-25-15#8 Mum White 9-25-15#8 Mum Yellow 9-25-15#12 Mum Bronze 9-25-15#12 Mum Purple 9-25-15#12 Mum Red 9-25-15#12 Mum White 9-25-15#12 Mum Yellow 9-25-15

J6 Cole Crops Broccoli 9-25-15J6 Cole Crops Brussels Sprouts 9-25-15J6 Cole Crops Cabbage Flat Dutch 9-25-15J6 Cole Crops Cabbage Market Prize 9-25-15J6 Cole Crops Cabbage Red 9-25-15J6 Cole Crops Cauliflower 9-25-15J6 Cole Crops Collards 9-25-15J6 Cole Crops Early Jersey Cabbage 9-25-15J6 Cole Crops Pak Choi 9-25-15#4 Peace Farm Organic Lettuce 9-25-15#4 Peace Farm Organic Mustard 9-25-15

#6 Cabbage Red 9-25-15#6 Cabbage White 9-25-15#6 Kale Red 9-25-15#6 Kale White 9-25-15#6 Mustard Red 9-25-15#6 Swiss Chard 9-25-15#8 Cabbage Red 9-25-15#8 Cabbage White 9-25-15#8 Kale Chidori Red 9-25-15#8 Kale Chidori White 9-25-15#8 Kale Peacock Red 9-25-15

J6 Dianthus Crimson 9-25-15J6 Dianthus Mix 9-25-15J6 Dianthus Violet 9-25-15J6 Dianthus White 9-25-15

J6 Panola Beaconsfield 9-25-15J6 Panola Blotch Yellow 9-25-15J6 Panola Clear Mix 9-25-15J6 Panola Golden Yellow 9-25-15J6 Panola Jewels N Jazz Mix 9-25-15J6 Panola Orange 9-25-15J6 Panola Purple 9-25-15J6 Panola True Blue 9-25-15J6 Pansy Colossus Blotch Red 9-25-15J6 Pansy Colossus Blotch Rose 9-25-15J6 Pansy Colossus Blotch White 9-25-15J6 Pansy Colossus Blotch Yellow 9-25-15J6 Pansy Colossus Formula Mix 9-25-15J6 Pansy Colossus Neon Violet 9-25-15J6 Pansy Colossus Purple 9-25-15J6 Pansy Colossus Tricolor 9-25-15J6 Pansy Colossus White Purple Wing 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Beaconsfield 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Blotch Mix 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Blotch Red 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Clear Mix 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Clear Yellow 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Halloween Mix 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Light Blue 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Morpheus 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Orange 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Purple 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Rose 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Scarlet 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx Sunrise 9-25-15J6 Pansy Matirx True Blue 9-25-15

J6 Petunia Appleblossom 9-25-15J6 Petunia Burgundy 9-25-15J6 Petunia Midnight 9-25-15J6 Petunia Mix 9-25-15J6 Petunia Red 9-25-15J6 Petunia Rose 9-25-15J6 Petunia Sunshine 9-25-15J6 Petunia White 9-25-15J6 Snapdragon Burgundy 9-25-15J6 Snapdragon Mix 9-25-15J6 Snapdragon Orange 9-25-15J6 Snapdragon Yellow 9-25-15J6 Viola Harvest Mix 9-25-15J6 Viola Purple 9-25-15J6 Viola Select Mix 9-25-15J6 Viola Yellow 9-25-15J6 Viola Yellow Duet 9-25-15

#4 Pansy Colossus Blotch Blue 9-25-15#4 Pansy Colossus Blotch Red 9-25-15#4 Pansy Colossus Blotch White 9-25-15#4 Pansy Colossus Blotch Yellow 9-25-15#4 Pansy Colossus Clear Yellow 9-25-15#4 Pansy Colossus Formula Mix 9-25-15#4 Pansy Colossus Purple 9-25-15#4 Pansy Matrix Bloth Mix 9-25-15#4 Pansy Matrix Clear Mix 9-25-15#4 Pansy Matrix Light Blue 9-25-15#4 Pansy Matrix Orange 9-25-15#4 Pansy Matrix Purple 9-25-15#4 Pansy Matrix True Blue 9-25-15#4 Petunia Burgundy 9-25-15#4 Petunia Midnight 9-25-15#4 Petunia Mix 9-25-15#4 Petunia Red 9-25-15#4 Petunia White 9-25-15#4 Snapdragon Bronze 9-25-15#4 Snapdragon Crimson 9-25-15#4 Snapdragon Mix 9-25-15#4 Snapdragon Rose 9-25-15#4 Snapdragon White 9-25-15

#6 Calibrachoa Lavender 9-25-15#6 Calibrachoa Purple 9-25-15#6 Calibrachoa Scarlet 9-25-15#6 Calibrachoa White 9-25-15#6 Calibrachoa Yellow 9-25-15#6 Pansy Cool Wave Purple 9-25-15#6 Pansy Cool Wave Sunshine N Wine 9-25-15#6 Pansy Cool Wave Violet Wing 9-25-15#6 Pansy Cool Wave White 9-25-15#6 Pansy Cool Wave Yellow 9-25-15

J6 Mix Dianthus 9-18-15Next week it will officially become fall.  What a great time of year!  It is, by far, my favorite season.  I can’t wait to get caught up around the house so that I can plant some of these beautiful flowers and veggies.  Here are some pictures of the latest offerings to put on your shelves.

J6 Violet Dianthus 9-18-15J6 Colossus Formula Mix Pansies 9-18-15J6 Colossus Neon Violet Pansies 9-18-15J6 Colossus Tricolor Pansies 9-18-15J6 Colossus White Blotch Pansies 9-18-15J6 Colossus Yellow Blotch Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix Blotch Mix Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix Clear Yellow Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix Halloween Mix Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix Lavender Shades Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix Purple Pansies 9-18-15J6 Matrix True Blue Pansies 9-18-15J6 Beaconsfield Panola 9-18-15J6 Dreams Burgundy Petunia 9-18-15 (2)J6 Dreams Burgundy Petunia 9-18-15J6 Dreams White Petunia 9-18-15J6 Prism Sunshine Petunia 9-18-15J6 Burgundy Snapdragons 9-18-15J6 Harvest Mix Viola 9-18-15J6 Select Mix Viola 9-18-15

Lots of pretty J6 and #4 flowers are in stock and looking good this week

#4 Colossus Formula Mix Pansies 9-18-15#4 Matrix Clear Mix Pansies 9-18-15#4 Matrix Orange Pansies 9-18-15#4 Matrix Purple Pansies 9-18-15

We have some #6 calibrachoa as well

#6 Lavender Calibrachoa 9-18-15#6 Purple Calibrachoa 9-18-15#6 White Calibrachoa 9-18-15#6 Yellow Calibrachoa 9-18-15

Some really nice ornamental leaf crops

#6 Chidori Red Kale 9-18-15#6 Chidori White Kale 9-18-15#6 Red Mustard 9-18-15#6 Swiss Chard 9-18-15#8 Peacock Red Kale 9-18-15

Mums are here, too

#8 Mums 9-18-15#8 Mums 9-18-15 (2)#12 Mums 9-18-15

Lastly, we have some really nice cole crops

J6 Early Jersey Cabbage 9-18-15J6 Pak Choi 9-18-15J6 Red Cabbage 9-18-15

J6 Floral Lace white Dianthus 9-11-15

Things are really looking great.  It is so nice to see all this color back in the greenhouses.

Here are some of our J6 flowers

J6 Beaconsfield Panola 9-11-15J6 Colossus Blue Blotch Pansy 9-11-15J6 Colossus Formula Mix Pansy 9-11-15 (2)J6 Colossus Formula mix pansy 9-11-15J6 Colossus Tricolor Pansy 9-11-15J6 Colossus Yellow Blotch Pansy 9-11-15J6 Dreams Mix Petunia 9-11-15J6 dusty miller 9-11-15J6 Floral lace Crimson Dianthus 9-11-15J6 Floral Lace Mix Dianthus 9-11-15J6 Harvest Mix Viola 9-11-15J6 Matrix Beaconsfield Pansy 9-11-15J6 Matrix True Blue pansy 9-11-15J6 Montego Burgundy bicolor Snapdragons 9-11-15J6 Montego Mix Snapdragons 9-11-15J6 Montego Red Snapdragons 9-11-15J6 Panola Golden Yellow 9-11-15J6 Sorbet Yellow Duet Viola 9-11-15J6 True Blue Panola 9-11-15J6Sorbet select Mix viola 9-11-15J6 Beaconsfield Panola 9-11-15 - Copy

Some larger plants

#4 Dreams Burgundy Petunia 9-11-15#4 Petunia Deams mix 9-11-15#6 Apricot Calibrachoa 9-11-15#6 Calibrachoa Lavender 9-11-15#6 Colossus Formula Mix 9-11-15 (2)#6 Colossus Formula Mix 9-11-15#6 Red Kale 9-11-15

Cole crops

J6 Broccoli 9-11-15J6 cauliflower 9-11-15J6 Pak Choi 9-11-15#4 Collards 9-11-15


#8 red mum 9-11-15 (2)#8 red mum 9-11-15#8 yellow mum 9-11-15

And even baskets

#10 Wave Petunia baskets 9-11-15

Hello Everyone,J6 pansies 1 9-4-15

This is Jason writing this. It’s been a while since I have written a blog post. Dwight has been doing them for me. No matter how hard I try, I never seem to have enough time to get everything done. So last spring Dwight helped me out by handling the blog posts. He’ll probably take back over for me next week, but I wanted to do this first one.

Before we get to the mums and pansies, the poinsettias are planted and pinched and look great. We will be spacing them next week. We are taking pre-booked orders for them and have good availability for now but when they start selling they go quick. We usually sell out around the first of November.

New for fall are some variety changes in our pansies. We dropped the Delta colors and replaced them with Matrix. Matrix Beaconsfield and Matrix Lavender Shades are new colors this year. The Matrix Scarlet replaced the Delta Red, but it does have some color variations in the blooms like the Delta Red did but not as much. The Matrix plants have a much better habit then the Deltas, and they bloom at the same time as the other Matrix pansies.

J6 matrix beaconsfield pansy 2 9-4-15J6 matrix lavender shades pansy 1 9-4-15J6 matrix scarlet pansy 3 9-4-15

We also added another color to our #6 Cool Wave Pansies this year – Cool Wave Purple Pansy. It is more vigorous than the other colors and we have some ready now.

6in cool wave purple pansy 2 9-4-156in cool wave purple pansy 1 9-4-15

We also have J6 and 1801 petunias ready. I didn’t take many pictures of them. We sprayed them with a fungicide that damaged the blooms. We will be picking bad blooms of them first thing Tuesday but they should still have plenty of color by the time we get to shipping them.

J6 appleblossom petunias 1 9-4-151801 dreams burgundy petunias 9-4-15

The dianthus and snapdragons have good color. We are almost out of a couple of colors of 1801 Sonnet Snaps but the next crop might be ready by the middle of next week. I am going to look at them Tuesday morning and make the call then.

J6 floral lace crimson dianthus 9-4-15J6 floral lace mix dianthus 9-4-15J6 floral lace white dianthus 9-4-15J6 montego mix snapdragons 9-4-15J6 montego snapdragons 9-4-151801 sonnet snapdragons 1 9-4-15

We have good color in almost all our J6 pansies, panolas and violas.

J6 Colossus Pansies

J6 colossus blotch mix pansy 9-4-15J6 colossus blotch red 9-4-15J6 colossus blotch white pansy 9-4-15J6 colossus blotch yellow pansy 9-4-15J6 colossus neon violet pansy 1 9-4-15J6 colossus neon violet pansy 2 9-4-15J6 colossus tricolor pansy 1 9-4-15

J6 Matrix Pansies

J6 matrix beaconsfield pansy 1 9-4-15J6 matrix beaconsfield pansy 2 9-4-15J6 matrix blotch mix pansy 9-4-15J6 matrix blotch white and clear mix pansies 9-4-15J6 matrix blotch whitepansy 9-4-15J6 matrix lavender shades pansy 2 9-4-15J6 matrix light blue pansy 9-4-15J6 matrix morpheus pansy 9-4-15J6 matrix orange pansy 9-4-15J6 matrix purple and rose pansy 9-4-15J6 matrix scarlet pansy 1 9-4-15J6 matrix scarlet pansy 2 9-4-15J6 matrix true blue pansy 9-4-15J6 matrix yellow pansy 9-4-15

J6 Panolas

J6 panolas 1 9-4-15J6 panolas 2 9-4-15J6 true blue panola 2 9-4-15

J6 Violas

J6 sorbet violas 1 9-4-15J6 sorbet violas 2 9-4-15J6 sorbet yellow duet violas 1 9-4-15

Most of the mums are starting to show some color in the buds. A few have some blooms open. The #8 Bronze and Purple have Buds, and the #12 Bronze have Buds.

8in bronze mum 1 9-4-158in bronze mum 2 9-4-158in purple mum 9-4-158in red mum 1 9-4-158in red mum 2 9-4-158in white mum 9-4-158in yellow mum 9-4-15

These first 2 pictures are of the 3 color #12 mums. We’ve been calling them tricolor which I think is confusing because it implies the blooms are tricolored. I think 3 color is a more accurate representation because they are #12 mum pots planted with 3 different colors that look more like a color wheel than a true combination where the colors are mixed on all sides of the container. Just my opinion on that. We’ll see how the name change goes. Changing it now may cause more confusion at this point.

The 3 color mums are a couple of weeks away from showing any color.

12in mum 3 color 1 9-4-1512in mum 3 color 2 9-4-15

Here are the rest of the #12 mums.

12in mum bronze 1 9-4-1512in mum bronze 2 9-4-1512in mum bronze 3 9-4-1512in mum bronze 4 9-4-1512in mum purple 1 9-4-1512in mum purple 2 9-4-1512in mum purple 3 9-4-1512in mum purple 4 9-4-1512in mum red 1 9-4-1512in mum red 2 9-4-1512in mum red 3 9-4-1512in mum red 4 9-4-1512in mum white 1 9-4-1512in mum yellow 1 9-4-1512in mum yellow 2 9-4-15

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