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Hello everyone,

It got really busy fast around here even though it’s supposed to be cold tonight. Lots of you are expecting a good weekend based on the loads we shipped out this week. I hope all of you have great weekends.

The availability for next week is pretty good. We have a lot of baskets available which is a bit of a change from past years where we seemed to barely scape by each week. We are still a little bit behind schedule on a few items due to all the cloudy and cold weather we had, but they are included and listed with Buds/Light Color.

After the availability went out, we re-evaluated our 1204 vegetables and decided to add them in on Monday. They will be ready mid-week which is when most of you will start getting your orders. That planting of okra is small and not included but we still have some left from the first planting that looks nice.

I have several items that I will be looking at on Monday that may get added to the availability like #4.5 purslane and a couple of colors of Wave Petunia baskets. We may also have some Double Wave Petunias start blooming next week. They are hard to judge because once they start, the bloom out fast.

Here are some pics of what we have:

Zinnia Dreamland Mix  #4 3-27-15Zinnia Zahara Yellow #4 3-27-15#4.5 Calibrachoa#4.5 Dahlias#4.5 Lysmachia#4.5 New Guinea Impatien Pink#4.5 Osteo Yellow#4.5 Plectranthus#4.5 Succulents#6 Geraniums#6 Kong Coleus Lime Sprite#6 Kong Coleus Rose#6 Wave Petunia Pink#6 Wave Petunia Rosy Dawn#6 Wave Petunias4.5 Bliss BegoniasAngelonia Serenita #4.5 3-27-15Confetti Hawaiian Kalani #6 3-27-15Confetti Pineapple Punch #6 3-27-15Confetti Pirate's Beauty #6 3-27-15Confetti Shocking Purple #6 3-27-15Cuphea Mexican Heather #4.5 3-27-15Geranium Dark Red #6 3-27-15 (2)Geranium Deep Red #4.5 3-27-15Geranium Orchid #6 3-27-15 (2)Geranium Rose Mega Splash #6 3-27-15Kong Coleus Lime Sprite #6 3-27-15New Guinea Impatiens Hot Rose #4.5 3-27-15 (2)New Guinea Impatiens Mandarin Star #4.5 3-27-15Plectranthus Mona Lavendar #4.5 3-27-15Sweetunia Hot Rod Red 3-27-15Sweetunia Johnny Flame #6 3-27-15 (2)Verbena Empress Flair Peach #6 3-27-154.5 Ipomea Marguerite4.5 Lobelia

Bidens Goldilocks Rocks #1QT Proven Winners 3-27-15Lobularia Snow Princess #1QT Proven Winners 3-27-15Petunia Picasso in Pink #1QT Proven Winners 3-27-15Qt Proven Winner CalibracoaQt Proven Winner Nemesia LemonQt Proven Winner Petunia LemoncelloQt Proven Winner Vista Petunias

#10 Basket  Cora Cascade Vinca#10 Basket Bolivian Jew#10 Basket Calibrachoa Mix#10 Basket Calibrachoa#10 Basket Caliente Mix#10 Basket Double Impatien (2)#10 Basket Foliage Combo#10 Basket Fucshia#10 Basket Verbena#10 Boston Fern#12 Basket Confetti (2)#12 Basket Confetti (4)#12 Basket Confetti Bumblebee#12 Deco Confetti Bumblebee#12 Deco Confetti Glossy Strawberry#12 Deco Confetti Spring BreakSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA#12 Sun Deco #1#12 Sun Deco #212in confetti nightlights deco 3-27-1512in confetti purple cleo 3-27-1512in shade combo #1 deco 3-27-1512in shade combo #2 3-27-15Fuscia Basket #1002 3-27-15Petunia Surprise Yellow Basket #10012 3-27-15 (2)Sweetunia Johnny Flame Basket #1002 3-27-15 (3)Trailing Verbena Baskets #1002 3-27-15Wave Petunia Baskets #1002 3-27-15Zonal Geranium Basket #1002 3-27-15 (2)Zonal Geranium Basket #1002 3-27-15 (4)

#1 Gal Tropical Colocasia Violet StemCaladium #6 Fannie Munson 3-27-15Caladium #6 Pink Beauty 3-27-15Hosta Barbara Ann #1G 3-27-15Hosta Dream Weaver #1G 3-27-15Hosta Satisfaction #1G 3-27-15

#4 Charley's Vegetables 3-27-15#4 Herb Dill1G bumber crop tomatoes 3-27-151G omatoes 3-27-154in herbs 3-27-15Eggplants #4 Charley's 3-27-15-Mint Apple #4 Charley's 3-27-15Pepper Chili Big Jim #4 Charley's 3-27-15

Dianthus Ruby Tuesday #1 QT 3-27-15Digitalis Dalmatioin Purple #1 QT 3-27-15qt achilliea vintage red 3-27-15qt aquilegia blue white 3-27-15qt buddleia 3-27-15qt coreopsis 3-27-15qt guara 3-27-15qt lobelia red 3-27-15Qt Perennial DelphiniumQt Perennial Premium Heucheraqt salvia heatwave brilliance 3-27-15qt scabiosa 3-27-15

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERASpring is here!  This is our time to shine, folks.  Here are some pictures of the beautiful plants available to line your shelves with next week.

Vinca 3-20-15Vinca 3-20-15 (2)Shade Plants 3-20-15Shade Plants 3-20-15 (2)Baskets and succulents 3-20-15Baskets and succulents 3-20-15 (3)Baskets and succulents 3-20-15 (2)Asparagus Fern Plumosus #4 3-20-15Asparagus Fern Sprengeri #4 3-20-15Dracena Spikes #4 3-20-15Zinnia Dreamland Mix #4 3-20-15 (2)Zinnia Dreamland Mix #4 3-20-15Zinnia Zahara Double Fire #4 3-20-15Zinnia Zahara Mix #4 3-20-15Kong Coleus Lime Sprite #6 3-20-15Petunia Surprise Midnight Cowboy #6 3-20-15SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Stepables are here!

Stepables #4 3-20-15 (2)Stepables #4 3-20-15Stepables Blue Star Creeper #4 3-20-15Stepables Bronze Dutch Clover #4 3-20-15Stepables Irish Moss #4 3-20-15Stepables Sedum Goldmoss #4 3-20-15Stepables Variegated Pennywort #4 3-20-15

We have lots of our #4.5 Premium plants ready!

Dahlia #4.5 3-20-15 (2)Double Impatiens #4.5 3-20-15Double Impatiens Cherry #4.5 3-20-15 (2)Double Impatiens Cherry #4.5 3-20-15Double Impatiens Purple Stripe #4.5 3-20-15Double Impatiens White #4.5 3-20-15Geranium Deep Red #4.5 3-20-15 (2)Geranium Deep Red #4.5 3-20-15Geranium Shocking Pink #4.5 3-20-15Geranium Violet #4.5 3-20-15 (2)Geranium Violet #4.5 3-20-15New Guinea Impatiens #4.5 3-20-15 (2)New Guinea Impatiens #4.5 3-20-15New Guinea Impatiens Hot Rose #4.5 3-20-15Succulents #4.5 3-20-15

And #6 Confetti

Confetti Gardens #6 3-20-15 (2)Confetti Gardens #6 3-20-15 (3)Confetti Gardens #6 3-20-15Confetti Gardens Shocking Pink #6 3-20-13Confetti Gardens Spring #6 3-20-15

We added Proven Winners

Nemesia Suntasia Lemon #1QT PW 3-20-15Oxalis Zinfandel #1QT PW 3-20-15Verbena Superbena #1QT PW 3-20-15

And perennials!

Achillea Moon Shine #1 QT 3-20-15Aquilegia Origami Blue White #1 QT 3-20-15Fern Korean Rock #1G 3-20-15Polemonium Breis D'Anjou #1G 3-20-15Verbena Homestead Red #1 QT 3-20-15

Veggies are ready to plant

Herbs Chocolate Mint #4 Charley's 3-20-15Okra 1204 3-20-15Pepper Anaheim #4 Charley's 3-20-15Pepper Serrano #4 Charley's 3-20-15Tomatoes Beefmaster #4 Charley's 3-20-15Tomatoes Black Krim #4 Charley's 3-20-15Tomatoes Jetstar #4 Charley's 3-20-15Tomatoes Patio #1G Charley's 3-20-15Bumper Crop #1G 3-20-15 (2)Bumper Crop #1G 3-20-15 (3)Bumper Crop #1G 3-20-15

Baskets ready to hang

#12 Basket Confetti Hawaiian Hilo 3-20-15 (2)#12 Basket Confetti Hawaiian Hilo 3-20-15#12 Upgrade Baskets 3-20-15Asparagus Fern Sprengeri #10 Basket 3-20-15Begonia #10 Basket 1001 3-20-15Confetti Gardens Baskets #12 3-20-15Geranium Baskets #10 3-20-15New Guinea Mangnum #10 Basket 3-20-15 (2)New Guinea Mangnum #10 Basket 3-20-15 (3)New Guinea Mangnum #10 Basket 3-20-15Petunia Johnny Flame #10 Basket 3-20-15 (2)Petunia Johnny Flame #10 Basket 3-20-15Petunia Surprise Yellow #10 Basket 3-20-15 (2)Petunia Surprise Yellow #10 Basket 3-20-15 (3)Petunia Surprise Yellow #10 Basket 3-20-15

And lots of stunning deco pots

Confetti Gardens Rockin' Red Deco Pots #12 3-20-14Deco Pot #12 3-20-15Deco Pots #12 3-20-14 (2)Deco Pots #12 3-20-14Deco Pots #12 3-20-15 (2)Deco Pots #12 3-20-15

We have these #12 Oval Succulent Bowls available now too!

12in oval succulent bowl 3-20-15 

Confetti Gardens Spring Break 6in 3-13-15

Spring Break is here for some of us and we have already had the time change.  Hope you are enjoying the extra daylight time in the evening.  The spring showers are hitting much of the area today.  All this means spring is here and it is time to fill your shelves with the beautiful plants form Parks Brothers Farm.  Here are some colorful selections to brighten your day.

#6 Wave Petunias 3-13-15 (2)#6 Wave Petunias 3-13-15#10 Basket Easy Wave Blue 3-13-15#10 Basket Fuscia 3-13-15#10 Basket Geranium White Splash 3-13-15#10 Basket Geranium#10 Basket Geraniums 3-13-15 (2)#10 Basket Geraniums 3-13-15#12 Basket Confetti Hawaiian Kalani 3-13-15#12 Deco Pot Confetti Purple Cleopatra 3-13-15#12 Deco Pot Confetti#12 Upgrade Basket 3-13-15Aquilegia Origami Qt Perennial 3-13-15Bacopa Giant Snowflake #1Qt Proven Winner 3-13-15Begonia Bronze Leaf Red J6 3-13-15Begonia J6 Bronze PinkCaladiums 3-13-15 (2)Caladiums 3-13-15 (3)Caladiums 3-13-15 (4)Caladiums 3-13-15Celosia Orange J6 3-13-15Coleus J6 3-13-15 (2)Coleus J6 3-13-15Confetti Gardens 6 Bumblebee 3-13-15Confetti Gardens 6in 3-13-15 (2)Confetti Gardens 6in 3-13-15Confetti Gardens 6in Glossy Strawberry 3-13-15Confetti Gardens 6in Hawaiian Mahalo 3-13-15Confetti Gardens Shocking Pink 6in 3-13-15Confetti Gardens Spring Break 6in 3-13-15Dianthus #4 Mix 3-13-15Dianthus J6 White 3-13-15Heuchera Qt Perennial Premium 3-13-15Impatiens J6 Violet 3-13-15Impatiens Mix 1204 3-13-15Impatiens Pink 1204 3-13-15Lobelia Starship Scarlet Qt Perennial 3-13-15Marigold J6 Disco Mix 3-13-15Marigold J6 Janie Bright Yellow 3-13-15Marigold J6 Safari Red 3-13-15Osteo Voltage Yellow #4.5 3-13-15Oxalis Zinfandel #1Qt PW 3-13-15Petunia J6 3-13-15Petunia J6 Prism Sunshine 3-13-15Petunias J6 3-13-15Salvia J6 Empire White 3-13-15Salvia J6 Red Hot Sally 3-13-15Tuberous Begonia Bliss Yellow #4.5 3-13-15Vinca J6 3-13-15 (2)Taishan Marigolds 3-13-15

And here are some of our herbs and veggies

Charley's Herbs #4 3-13-15Charley's Peppers #4 3-13-15Curled Parsley Charley's #4 3-13-15OnionsPepper #4 Charleys Tiburon Poblano 3-13-15Pepper Green Bell 1204 3-13-15Peppers Jalapeno 1204 3-13-15Tomatoes 1204 3-13-15 (2)Tomatoes 1204 3-13-15 (3)Tomatoes 1204 3-13-15Tomatoes Beefmaster Charley's #1 3-13-15Tomatoes Charley's Grape #4 3-13-15

confetti garden hawaiian hiloMost of us saw some winter weather this last week. I think Dallas made some records for March snow totals. Some areas of DFW had 6-7” of snow. We got a few inches here. Further east and south got more icy precipitation. I was watching the radar yesterday and is was snowing and sleeting in Opelousas, Louisiana which is about 50-60 miles from the coast.

On the bright side, I think EVERYONE is ready for winter to be over with and for the snows to melt and ready to get out and work in their flower beds and gardens. A lot of our friends on our Facebook page have made is very clear that they want to get started planting now. Our Facebook page is for our local garden center customers who come all the way out here to buy their plants.

Most of our J6 annuals just bloomed this week so we are in good shape for color next week.

J6 alyssum 1 3-5-15J6 mix alyssum 3-5-15J6 celosia 1 3-6-15J6 celosia 2 3-6-15J6 jewel box mix celosia 3-6-15J6 coleus 3-6-15J6 crimson dianthus 3-5-15J6 mix dianthus 3-5-15J6 dianthus 1 3-5-15J6 dianthus 2 3-5-15J6 dusty miller verbena 3-5-15J6 impatiens 1 3-5-15J6 impatiens 2 3-5-15J6 marigolds 1 3-5-15J6 marigolds 2 3-5-15J6 dreams red petunias 3-6-15J6 petunias 3-6-15J6 snapdragons 3-6-15J6 salvia 1 3-5-15J6 salvia 2 3-5-15J6 mix verbena 3-5-15J6 verbena 3-5-15

1204 Vegetables and #4 Charleys Vegetables, Strawberries and Herbs. Also ready but not pictured are the 1204 peppers.

1204 cucumbers 1 3-6-151204 cucumbers 2 3-6-151204 squash 3-6-151204 vegetabls roots 3-6-151204 watermelon cantaloupe 3-6-154in cucumbers 3-6-154in vegetables 3-6-154in eggplant and pepper 3-6-154in purple beauty pepper 3-6-154in tomatoes 3-6-154in ozark beauty strawberry 3-6-154in tricolor sage 3-6-154in genovese basil 3-6-15

1801’s – we have good availability on the deluxe annuals. We also have some of our 1801 flowering basic annuals blooming. That’s not the best picture that I have ever taken of the ajuga. In my defense, ajuga is not very photogenic.

1801 baltic ivy 3-5-151801 california ivy 3-5-151801 plumosus fern 3-5-151801 sprengri fern 3-5-151801 ajuga 3-5-151801 setcresea 3-6-151801 vinca major 3-6-151801 dianthus 3-5-151801 petunias 3-5-15

#4.5 Premium Annuals

4.5in lobelia 3-6-154.5in lysimachia 3-6-154.5in ogon sedum 3-6-154.5in tricolor ipomoea 3-6-154.5in blackie ipomoea 3-6-15

#6 Confetti – some of the Confetti Garden are getting ready. The ones that have the most plants ready have the least amount of color and these that have the most color only have part of them big enough to ship. These are the 4 with the best color. I will most likely be updating the comments on the availability to reflect that these bloomed out more over the weekend.

6in confetti nightlights 3-5-156in confetti pirates beauty 3-5-156in confetti rockin red 3-5-156in confetti shocking pink 3-5-15

#6 Wave Petunias – most have full color but the blue and burgundy star have lighter color. The comments on the availability reflect what these will look like next week. I am very confident that they will bloom out a lot over the weekend and Monday/Tuesday. The same goes for the wave petunia baskets.

6in burgundy star wave petunias 3-5-156in red velour wave petunias 3-5-156in wave petunias 1 3-5-156in wave petunias 2 3-5-156in wave petunias 3 3-5-156in wave petunias 4 3-5-15

#1G Hostas – a couple of them are close but not quite ready yet. There are only a few flats that look like the pictures. The hardy ferns look really good.

1G american hero hosta 3-5-151G blazing saddles hosta 3-5-151G japanese holly hardy fern 3-5-151G korean rock hardy fern 3-5-15

#10 Baskets

10in bskt caliente coral geranium 3-5-1510in bskt caliente mix geranium 3-5-1510in bskt fuchsia 1 3-5-1510in bskt fuchsia 2 3-5-1510in bskt impatiens 3-5-1510in bskt new guinea impatiens 3-5-1510in bskt sprengri fern 3-5-1510in bskt calibrachoa 3-6-1510in calliope red geranium 3-6-1510in red zonal geranium 3-6-1510in starfish mix wave petunia 3-6-1510in zonal geranium 1 3-6-1510in zonal geranium 2 3-6-15

This is the next crop of Wave Petunia baskets. If the first crop still looks good next week, we will start with them then move on to this crop. The Mixed baskets are all in the second crop like the ones shown.

10in bskt wave petunias 1 3-5-1510in bskt wave petunias 2 3-5-15

#12 Confetti Garden baskets

12in bskt confetti bumblebee 3-5-1512in bskt confetti spring 3-5-1512in bskt confetti garden hawaiian hilo 3-5-1512in bskt confetti garden hawaiian kalani 3-5-15

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