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Happy Halloween!  Here are some plants we dug up out by the old cemetery.  I have heard some of them have mysterious powers…you should try them to see how many customers they can summons to your store.

J6 Pansy Colossus Formula MixJ6 Pansy Colossus Blotch Yellow 10-31-14J6 Pansy Colossus White-Purple WingJ6 Pansy Matrix Clear Red 10-31-14J6 Snapdragons red 10-31-14J6 Snapdragons Mix 10-31-14J6 Snapdragons Orange 10-31-14J6 Snapdragons#8 Cabbage Red 10-31-14#8 Cabbage White 10-31-14#8 Kale 10-31-14#12 Mum Deco Pots 10-31-14

Our poinsettias are changing colors

Poinsettias 10-31-14Poinsettias 10-31-14 (2)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (3)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (4)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (5)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (6)

Have a safe and festive weekend!

#4 Bronze Snaps #4 Clear Red#4 Cols Purple Blotch#4 Cols White#4 Cols Yellow Blotch#4 Cols Yellow#4 Matrix Orange#4 Matrix Purple#4 White Snaps#6 Cols Formula Mix#12 Mums PurpleBronze Snaps

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAJ6 BeaconsfieldJ6 Clear RedJ6 Cols MixJ6 Cols Purple BlotchJ6 Cols Rose Blotch

J6 Cols TricolorJ6 Cols White with  Purple WingJ6 Cols Yellow BlotchJ6 DianthusJ6 Harvest MixJ6 Matrix Clear RedSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


Our cabbage and kale are beautiful!

#6 cabbage red 10-16-14#6 kale white 10-16-14#8 kale chidori red 10-16-14#8 kale peacock red 10-16-14#8 kale peacock white 10-16-14

Check out these baskets!

#10 basket pansy cool wave mix (2)#10 basket pansy cool wave mix (3)#10 basket pansy cool wave mix#10 basket wave petunia 10-16-14 (2)#10 basket wave petunia 10-16-14

Look at these lovely bedding plants!

J6 dianthus white 10-16-14J6 pansy colossus blotch yellow 10-16-14J6 pansy colossus whitepurple wing 10-16-14J6 pansy delta beaconsfield 10-16-14J6 pansy matrix clear yellow 10-16-14J6 pansy matrix light blueJ6 pansy matrix orange 10-16-14J6 pansy matrix true blue 10-16-14J6 viola yellow duet 10-16-14

The latest availability contains all the plants we have for the fall season.  Order yours before we run out!

Once again I don’t have time to say much so here are the bullet points and pictures:

  • We have one more planting of J6 and 1801 pansies and one more J6 Snap planting after the numbers that are in our current availability.
  • Our future availability includes the inventory in the last plantings of pansies and snaps.
  • The Cool Wave Pansy basket inventory is not perfect.
  • Everything else that is available is the last of what we have.

6in Colossus Mix 10-10-146in white wave petunia 10-10-146in swiss chard 10-10-146in red kale 10-10-148in peacock white kale 10-10-148in red kale 10-10-1410in bsket Blue Wave Petunia 10-10-1410in bsket Cool Wave Pansy 10-10-1410in bskt dreams petunias 10-10-1412in purple mums 10-10-141801 Colossus Blotch Blue 10-10-141801 Colossus Blotch Mix 10-10-141801 Colossus Blotch Red 10-10-141801 Colossus Yellow 10-10-141801 delta beaconsfield 10-10-141801 Matrix True Blue 10-10-14J6 Colossus Blotch Yellow 10-10-14J6 Dreams Appleblossom 10-10-14J6 Dreams Midnight 10-10-14J6 Floral Lace Crimson Dianthus 10-10-14J6 Matrix Blotch White 10-10-14J6 Matrix Orange 10-10-14J6 Matrix Purple 10-10-14J6 Matrix Rose 10-10-14J6 Matrix Sunrise 10-10-14J6 Panola Beaconsfield 10-10-14J6 Panola Jewels n Jazz Mix 10-10-14J6 Viola Harvest Mix 10-10-14J6 Viola Yellow Duet 10-10-14J6 mix montego snapdragons 10-10-14J6 pansy greenhouse 1 10-10-14J6 pansy greenhouse 2 10-10-14J6 pansy greenhouse 3 10-10-14J6 pansy greenhouse 4 10-10-14

Sorry for the mess with the pictures. I will be out of the office tomorrow and need to leave, oh, about 30 minutes ago today. So you get a lot of pictures but you have to search through them to find what you are looking for. Next week will be better. Thank you for your patience. Please let your sales rep know if you have any questions and have a great weekend.


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