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truck vs. low bridgeI have a little bit more time today to work on the blog. A big THANK YOU to all our customers for you allowing us to provider your stores with our color. We really appreciate you and want to do the best we can to fulfill all you spring needs.

Once again this week, being able to get trucks and drivers has contributed to some problems but we have managed to work through all that. Although the last week or so has not been with out it’s challenges and one big trucking hiccup.

This spring our availability have been all over the place. Crops have not been very cooperative in getting ready when they were supposed to. We have been about 50-50 on that. Half of them got ready on schedule and the other half were early or late or in once case both.

As usual, hanging baskets have been THE items this spring. We have not been able to keep enough Calliope Dark Red Geraniums, Calibrachoas, Wave Petunias or Santa Cruz Begonias in stock. We are looking into ways to be able to increase production on those items for next spring.

Other hot items have been the #4.5 Bliss Begonias, #4 Herbs, Succulent Bowls, Quart perennials, #12 Confetti Garden baskets and #6 Confetti Gardens. Fortunately, we will still have some of these available for the next couple of weeks plus a lot more great looking items. We have had to skip over partial crops and go on to the next one. We are cutting back and trimming what we can and hope that sales keep going for at least a week or two after Mother’s Day so that we can sell what we are cutting back.

Here’s some of what we will have ready next week. NOTE: We will have another planting of 1204 vegetables that will be ready around the middle to end of next week. 

1204 disco mix marigolds 4-25-141204 floral lace picotee dianthus 4-25-141204 happy hour banana portulaca 4-25-141204 happy hour peppermint portulaca 4-25-141204 impatiens 1 4-25-141204 impatiens 2 4-25-141204 impatiens 4-25-141204 pacifica cherry halo  vinca 4-25-141204 pacifica polka dot vinca 4-25-141801 dreamland mix zinnia 4-25-141801 hypoestes 4-25-141801 impatiens 4-25-141801 vinca 4-25-141801 zahara double fire zinnia 4-25-14greenhouse impatiens 4-25-14J6 celosia 4-25-14J6 coleus 4-25-14J6 kauai blue torenia 4-25-14J6 pacifica vinca 4-25-14J6 quartz white verbena 4-25-14J6 red salvia 4-25-14

12in confetti garden 3 4-25-1412in confetti garden 5 4-25-1412in confetti garden 7 4-25-1412in confetti garden bskt 1 4-25-1412in confetti garden bskt 2 4-25-1412in confetti garden greenhouse 4-25-1412in impatiens combo deco 4-25-1412in new guinea impatiens deco pots 4-25-148in sq purslane 4-25-1412in oval succulent bowl 4-23-1412in potunia bskt 4-25-1412in potunia deco pots 4-25-1412in round succulent bowl 4-23-1412in trailing petunia combo 3 4-25-1412in trailing petunia combo 5 4-25-1412in trailing petunia combo bskt 1 4-25-1412in trailing petunia combo bskt 2 4-25-14

10in begonia bskt 4-25-1410in bolivian jew bskt 4-25-1410in calibrachoa bskt 4-23-1410in cora cascade vinca bskt 4-25-1410in foliage combo bskt 4-23-1410in fuchsia bskt 1 4-25-1410in hot rod red potunia 4-25-1410in impatiens bskt 3 4-25-1410in new guinea bskt 3 4-25-1410in purslane bskt 4-23-1410in torenia bskt 4-25-1410in wave petunia 2 4-25-14

1gal mandevilla 4-25-141gal pacifica red vinca 4-25-141gal sunpatiens 4-25-141gal tropical hibiscus 2 4-25-141gal tropical hibiscus 4-25-141qt proven winner callibrachoa 1 4-25-141qt proven winner callibrachoa 2 4-25-144.5in butterfly white penta4.5in dahlinova dahlias 4-25-144.5in fiesta peppermint double impatiens 4-25-144.5in landmark rose glow lantana 4-25-144.5in lantana 4-25-144.5in serenita white angleonia 4-25-144.5in succuletns 4-25-144.5in sweet potato vine 4-25-144.5in sweetie new guinea impatiens 4-25-144.5in yellow purslane 4-25-146in cora cascade vinca 4-25-146in kong colesu 4-25-146in purple flash ornamental pepper 4-25-146in red geranium 4-25-14

1qt perennials 1 4-25-141qt perennials coreopsis 4-25-141qt perennials echinaceas 4-25-141qt perennials rudbeckia 4-25-141qt perennials sedum 4-25-14

1gal bumper crop tomatoes 4-23-141gal tomatoes 4-23-144in herbs 4-25-144in watermelon 4-25-144in cucumber 4-25-144in eggplant 1 4-25-144in eggplant 3 4-25-144in peppers 1 4-25-144in peppers 2 4-25-144in peppers 3 4-25-144in red okra 4-25-144in squash 4-25-144in tomatoes 1 4-25-144in tomatoes 2 4-25-144in tomatoes 3 4-25-141204 cucumbers 4-25-141204 eggplant 4-25-141204 peppers 1 4-25-141204 peppers 2 4-25-141204 tomatoes 1 4-25-141204 tomatoes 2 4-25-141204 vegetables 4-25-14

I am having a hard time getting this done. This week keeps beating me to a pulp. I apologize for the brevity and not having the time to rename the pictures. This time of year you just have to do the best you can to get it all done.

1191211231251271291301311321331341351361371391401411421441451471481491501521551581601611631651661671691701721731741761771781791811821831851861871881891911921951961982002012032082092102112132142014-04-16 22.35.362014-04-16 22.49.502014-04-16 22.58.582014-04-17 01.44.502014-04-17 02.00.55SANY7469SANY7472SANY7473SANY7475SANY7476SANY7477SANY7479SANY7480SANY7481SANY7482

We have been busy here. Lots of overtime put in to load the trucks. Being able to find drivers has been an ongoing issue this year. We have run ads, we use driver leasing companies, we have contracted with a trucking company to get power under our trailers and we are still barely able to get enough drivers.

You might say, “Pay the more to take the load.” However, it doesn’t really work that way. I personally talked to 7 or 8 companies and they said that they were looking for drivers too or that they didn’t want to haul plants. I talked to 2 of the biggest trucking companies in the country who have logistics division who do nothing but find trucks to haul freight for other people like us. One said that they always find a solution, but came back and said the they did not have a way to make it work with their union drivers. The other one talked to over 30 companies who all told him, “No.”

New trucking regulations and hours of service are hampering the trucking industry to move freight. The drivers who are still driving can pretty much pick and choose the loads and jobs they want. Unfortunately, we are seasonal and they is not too attractive to drivers. One plus is that we can get drivers home a few nights a week so the ones who want to be home a little more do like the work, but there don’t seem to be enough of them.

So far we have managed to keep up. There has been a couple of mishaps and we apologize it those affected your order delivery. We are working hard to get this resolved and will be on top of this for as long as it takes to keep things running smoothly.

On the plus side, the plants are looking great. We have a lot of availability again this week despite what we have shipped out. Our plantings are mostly on schedule. A few items are running behind and won’t be ready for another week. It’s funny. Some plants are behind while others are ahead of schedule. It’s been a weird year for growing.

Enough of all that. If you even read it a all. Here are the pictures.

Our gallons availability jumped this week with the additions of most of the tropical hibiscus and some mandevilla.

1gal bumper crop tomatoes 4-11-141gal colocasia 4-11-141gal hardy ferns 4-11-141gal lantana 4-11-141gal mandevilla 4-11-141gal micro tom tomato 4-11-141gal sunpatiens 4-11-141gal tomato 2 4-11-141gal tropical hibiscus 2 4-11-141gal tropical hibiscus 4-11-14

Our quart perennials continue to look excellent.

1qt perennial artemesia 4-11-141qt perennial fireglow sedum 4-11-141qt perennial firewitch dianthus 4-11-141qt perennial scabiosa 4-11-141qt perennial sempervivum 4-11-141qt perennial verbena 4-11-14

Premium annuals are prime. Imagine that.

1qt proven winner petunia 4-11-141qt proven winners 1 4-11-141qt proven winners 2 4-11-141qt proven winner calibrachoa 4-11-141qt proven winner nemesia 4-11-141qt proven winner verbena 4-11-144.5in bacopa 4-11-144.5in bliss begonia 4-11-144.5in dalinova dahlias 4-11-144.5in pink pentas 4-11-144.5in pleactranthus 4-11-144.5in strobilanthes4.5in sun coleus 4-11-144.5in sweetie pink new guniea 4-11-144.5in yellow dalinova dahlia 4-11-144.56in double impatiens 4-11-14

Lots of vegetables and herbs are ready to plant. The Micro Tom tomatoes in 1 gallon pots already have micro tomatoes on the plants and the vines themselves don’t get much bigger.

4in chocolate mint 4-11-141 gal micro tom tomato 2 4-11-144in  tomatoes 4-11-144in herbs 1 4-11-144in herbs 2 4-11-144in herbs 3 4-11-144in herbs 4 4-11-144in peppers 4-11-141204 peppers 4-11-141204 tomatoes 4-11-14

Lots of color in our #6 pots.

6in blue wave petunia 4-11-146in cora vinca 4-11-146in geranium 4-11-146in marigolds 4-11-146in mosaic kong coleus 4-11-146in nightlights confetti garden 4-11-146in ornamental pepper 4-11-146in summer confetti garden 4-11-146in wave petunias 2 4-11-146in wave petunias 4 4-11-14

This is a sample of the hanging baskets we have hanging around.

10in bacpa bskt 4-11-1410in bolivian jew bskt 4-11-1410in calibrachoa 1 bskt 4-11-1410in calibrachoa 2 bskt 4-11-1410in calibrachoa bskt 210in cora cascade vinca bskt 1 4-11-1410in double impatiens bskt 4-11-1410in doulbe wave blue vein 4-11-1410in foliage combo bskt 4-11-1410in fuchsia bskt 1 4-11-1410in new guineas greenhouse 4-11-1410in santa cruz begonia bskt 4-11-1410in streptocarpella bskt 4-11-1410in swedish ivy bskt 4-11-1410in torenia bskt 4-11-1410in tuberous begonia bskt 4-11-14greenhouse 1 4-11-14

Confetti Gardens in baskets and decos are colorful. Several of the Confetti Trios have a more upright habit than trailing and therefore are not as wide but are much fuller on top. The bowls are looking great, particularly the succulent ovals.

12in confetti garden bskt 1 4-11-1412in confetti garden bskt 2 4-11-1412in confetti garden deco 4-11-1412in confetti gardens greenhouse 2 4-11-1412in deco confetti garden 4-11-1412in pineapple punch confetti bskt 4-11-1412in purple cleopatra confetti 4-11-1412in trailing petunia combo 2 4-11-1412in trailing petunia combo 4 4-11-1412in trailing petunia combo 6 4-11-1412in traling petun combl bskt 4-11-1414in color bowls 4-11-1412in oval succulents 4-11-1412in oval color bowls 4-11-14

We have a good availability of great looking basic and deluxe annuals in 1801’s, 1204’s and J6’s.

1801 hypoestes 4-11-141801 mix impatiens 4-11-141801 setcresea 4-11-141801 swizzle zinnia 4-11-141801 vinca major 4-11-141801 zahara zinnia 4-11-14J6 alyssum 4-11-14J6 celosia 4-11-14J6 dianthus 4-11-14J6 impatiens 4-11-14J6 impatiens greenhouse 4-11-14J6 petunias 4-11-14J6 vinca 4-11-141801 dreamland yellow zinnias 4-11-141801 quartz verbena 4-11-141801 red and mix nicotiana 4-11-141801 taishan marigolds 4-11-141801 zinnias 4-11-14

This last week has been insane around here and we aren’t even that busy yet. We have a lot of great looking products that are prime for your stores.

1 gallon Bumper Crop grafted tomatoes are very nice. We will be finishing up one crop of 1 gallon Sunpatiens with good color and be getting into the next crop which is shorted and has less color as you can see. We are also getting some color out in our 1 gallon Tropical Hibiscus, but only in a few varieties.

1gal bumper crop tomato 2014-04-021gal clematis 2014-04-041gal hardy ferns 2014-04-021gal polemonium 2014-04-021gal sunpatiens 2014-04-021gal sunpatiens lavender 2014-04-041gal sunpatiens orange 2014-04-041gal tropical hibiscus 1 2014-04-041gal tropical hibiscus 2 2014-04-041gal tropical hibiscus 4 2014-04-04

Our 1 QT Proven Winners are showing some color but some of them are really light on color so please pay attention to the comments on the availability.

1qt goldilock bidens 2014-04-041qt proven winners 2014-04-041qt supetunia bubblegum 2014-04-041qt supetunia silverberry 2014-04-04


1801 caladiums 2014-04-02

Lots of color out on our #4.5 Premium annuals.

4.5in gerbera daisy 2 2014-04-024.5in butterfly pentas 2014-04-044.5in double impatiens 2014-04-044.5in electic lime sun coleus 2014-04-044.5in fantasia geraniums 2 2014-04-044.5in gerbera daisy 2 2014-04-044.5in lucky lemon glow lantana 2014-04-044.5in mexican heahter 2014-04-044.5in mona lavender plectranthus 2014-04-044.5in new guinea impatiens 1 2014-04-044.5in new guinea impatiens 2 2014-04-044.5in pink dahlina 2014-04-044.5in red dahlina 2014-04-044.5in succulents 1 2014-04-044.5in yellow calibrachoa 2014-04-04

New to our #6’s are Cora Vinca. We also have a deep bench for Wave Petunias and very good color. The last picture in this section is the newest planting of Wave Petunias we have available.

6in cora vinca 2014-04-026in geranium 2014-04-046in hawaiian summer confetti 2014-04-046in kong coleus 2014-04-026in pineappel punch confetti 2014-04-046in wave petunias 2014-04-046in denim wave petunia 2014-04-046in wave petunias 10 2014-04-026in wave petunias 9 2014-04-04

#10 Baskets – they are moving fast so be sure to get your orders in as soon as you can. This is just a few of the varieties and colors we have available. I think the Caliente Geranium Mix basket (mix of coral, rose and lavender) will be a popular items. It has such a tropical look that I think will appeal to consumers.

10 in dragonwing begonias 2014-04-0410in calibrachoa bskt 1 2014-04-0210in caliente geranium 2014-04-0410in cora cascade vinca bskt 2014-04-0210in double impatiens bskt 2014-04-0210in double wave petunia 2014-04-0410in foliage combo bskt 2014-04-0210in fuchsia 2014-04-0410in impatiens 2014-04-0410in new guinea impatiens 2014-04-0210in new guinea impatiens 2014-04-0410in potunia 1 2014-04-0410in tuberous begonia 1 2014-04-0210in wave petunias 10 2014-04-0210in wave petunias 13 2014-04-02

Our #12 Baskets and Deco pots are looking fantastic!

12in bskt bumblebee confetti  2014-04-0412in bskt confetti gardens 3 2014-04-0412in bskt confetti gardens 2014-04-0412in bskt mahalo confetti 2014-04-0412in bskt trailing petunia combo 1 2014-04-0412in bskt trailing petunia combo 4 2014-04-0412in bskt trailing petunia combo 5 2014-04-0412in deco bumble bee confetti 2014-04-0412in deco calypso confetti 2014-04-0412in deco hawaiian summer confetti 2014-04-0412in deco rockin red confetti 2014-04-04

Last up is an assortment of out 1204, 1801 and J6 Annuals. Lots of good color is available. We are into some new crops of 1204 and #4 Charley’s Vegetables too so be sure to check those items out on the availability. I will get around this weekend and get some more pictures to post on Monday and will be sure to get pics of the vegetables.

1204 begonias 2014-04-021204 coleus 2014-04-041204 dianthus 2014-04-041204 petunia 2014-04-041204 portulaca 2014-04-041801 ageratum 2014-04-041801 begonias 2014-04-021801 hypoestes 2014-04-041801 marigolds 2014-04-041801 nicotiana 2014-04-041801 red salvia 2014-04-041801 zinnias 2014-04-04J6 alyssum 2014-04-04J6 celosia 2014-04-04J6 clear yellow pansy 2014-04-04J6 dazzler impatiens 2014-04-02J6 impatiens 2014-04-04J6 marigolds 1 2014-04-04J6 marigolds 2 2014-04-04J6 pacifica mix vinca 2014-04-02J6 pacifica vinca 1 2014-04-02J6 pacifica vinca 2 2014-04-02J6 petunias 1 2014-04-04J6 petunias 2 2014-04-04J6 salvia 2014-04-04J6 torenia 2014-04-04J6 verbenas 2014-04-04J6 vinca 1 2014-04-04J6 vinca 2 2014-04-04


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