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Fantasia Grape Geranium “Hurry up and wait” could be our new slogan this spring and not because of what you think. We want our plantings to hurry up and get ready, but we end up waiting on them most of the time. The cold back in December and January affected some of our plug production, and they were not ready to be planted on time. Now we are feeling some of the effects of that by having to go a week with out having a few items on our availability. Of course, some items are ready and with the rain forecasted for this weekend, we will hurry and wait for the orders to come in next week if it rains a lot.

We have pushed our crops as much as we dare to. If we push too hard for them to get ready it will start affecting the quality so we feel it is best to keep them warm and moist but let them mature at a mostly normal rate to maintain our quality.

I don’t know how you feel, but I feel like I have been a punching bag this year and it’s only mid-March. Every time I turn around it seems like we have something else happens. The weather has been a big slugger but a new problem seems to pop up daily. Over the last several years we have been pretty lucky so I guess we were due a year of bad luck. Even though I am about to pull my hair out, please be assured that despite a few problems that we have had to work through our crops are looking good.

Most of the problems have to do with delays due to the terrible winter we had. Our availability is improving each week and we are gaining ground with having more items in full color. You will still see quite a few items listed as Buds/Light Color and Light Color, but we felt that it would be better to go ahead and list them and let you decided if you wanted to go ahead and order them instead of waiting another week by leaving them off the list.

I hope your weekend is better than ours is forecasted to be. Now let’s look at some pictures.

This first batch is of our 1204’s, J6’s 1801(#4sq)’s and #6 annuals. I added in 1204 begonias and coleus. The second crop of dianthus has as much color as the first crop. I really missed the forecasted color on the zinnias this last week. I will do better next time. We will be into a new crop of #6 Marigolds and back to Buds with a little Light Color showing by mid-week.

1204 begonias 3-14-14 1204 coleus 3-14-14 1204 dianthus 3-14-14 1204 dusty miller and ageratum 3-14-14 1204 impatiens 3-14-14 1204 marigolds  3-14-14 1801 mix verbena 3-14-14 1801 dreamland zinnias 3-14-14. 1801 profusion  zinnias 3-14-14 1801 profusion fire zinnia 3-14-14 1801 red salvia 3-14-14 J6 alyssum 3-14-14 J6 begonias 1 3-14-14 J6 begonias 2  3-14-14 J6 celosia 3-14-14 J6 impatiens 3-14-14 J6 marigolds 3-14-14 J6 pansies 3-14-14 J6 petunias 3-14-14 6in taishan marigolds 3-14-14

The biggest “new” thing we added this spring are the 1 QT Proven Winners plants. We talked to quite a few folks about what we needed to be growing and picked out 18 items. The petunias are light on color still yet but we have had several people ask for them so I went ahead and put them on the list. The Bacopa, Lobularia and Nemesia have the most color while the other items either weren’t grown in the first planting or aren’t ready yet so be sure to watch the availability for them. I am not sure what you have been getting from any other suppliers regarding the size of the plants etc. so please give us your feedback on what your expectations are for your Proven Winner plants.

1qt proven winner bacopa and lobularia 3-14-14 1qt proven winner picasso in pink 3-14-14. 1qt proven winner picasso in pink petunia 3-14-14 1qt proven winner vista bubblegum petunia 3-14-14.

We have more #4.5 premiums ready this week but we are still short on having a lot of Good Color. A lot of them will have Buds/Light Color next week and were not picture worthy today. The geraniums are really nice except for the red that is about 7-10 days behind the other colors and just has Buds. We will be probably getting into a new crop of #6 Confetti Gardens sometime next week with some additional mixes to add to the mix. All of of 1801 accent plants are looking great too.

4.5 bacopa and ipomoea 3-14-14 4.5 blackie ipomoea 3-14-14 4.5 echeveria fred ives 3-14-14 4.5 ipomoea 3-14-14 4.5 lysimachia 3-14-14 4.5 voltage yellow osteospermum 3-14-14 4.5 yellow calibrachoa 3-14-14 4.5in geraniums 3-14-14 6in confetti gardens 1 3-14-14 6in confetti gardens 2 3-14-14 1801 setcresea 3-14-14 1801 spregri  spikes and 4.5 ipomoea 3-14-14 

Our polemonium is ready and the quart perennials are getting more buds and blooms each week. I also saw a bloom in the clematis this week but I suspect that it’s an isolated bloom for now. I didn’t get a picture of it but the Ruby Tuesday Dianthus has some buds. I am anxious to see how red the blooms are. I plan on planting a few at the house.

 1gal polemonium 1qt aquilegia 3-14-14 1qt echinacea 3-14-14 1qt firewich dianthus 1qt guara 3-14-14 1qt moon shine achillea 3-14-14 1qt perennials 1qt scabiosa 3-14-14 1gal clematis 3-14-14

We are getting more baskets ready, but will be temporarily out of Waves, New Guineas and a few other items we had this week. The double impatiens and geranium baskets have the most color.

 10in calibrachoa 2 3-14-14 10in caliente geranium 1 3-14-14 10in calliope dark red 3-14-14 10in double impatien baskets 3-14-14 10in foliage combo 3-14-14 10in geranium baskets 2 3-14-14 10in verbena 1 3-14-14

These are 2 more colors of the new Potunia Petunia baskets we added.

10in hot rod red potunia 3-14-14 10in yellow potunia 3-14-1 

I added in some numbers on our #12 baskets that are ready. Only a couple of colors are big enough. There will be a lot more in a week or so.

12in confetti garden basket 3-14-14 12in trailing petunia combo basket 3-14-14 

We have a lot of vegetable ready in a lot of sizes. The new additions this week here are our #1gal Bumper Crop Tomatoes and #4 Peppers.  Be sure to check out the Suyo Long Heirloom Cucumbers and the Toma Verde Tomatillo both are new for us this year.

1gal burpee tomato 3-14-14 4in cucumber and squash 3-14-14 4in kohlrabi 3-14-14 4in parks wholler tomato 3-14-14 4in suyo long cucumber 3-14-14 4in tomatillo 3-14-14 4in watermelon and squash 1204 cabbages 3-14-14 1204 eggplant 3-14-14 1204 jalapeno peppers 3-14-14 1204 mortgage lifter tomato 3-14-14 1204 okra and watermelon 3-14-14 1204 pickling cucumber 3-14-14 1204 slicer cucumber 3-14-14

These are some of our #4 Charley’s Vegetables cucumbers and squash that we have this week. The new Lemon and Bush Crop Cucumbers are a little slower to grow than the other squash but are rooted well. The others grew a lot over the weekend and these barely grew at all. It looks like they are going to be slow growers.

4in zucchini squash 4in bush crop cucumber 4in butternut squash 4in lemon cucumber

10in potunia papaya 3-7-14Every day seems to be getting a little warmer and a little sunnier. And we need it.

We are getting lots of calls about next week’s availability. It sounds like the garden centers are getting ready to pull the trigger on both barrels next week. If you are looking for some ideas on how to get folks into your stores, you need to check out Bill Calkin’s Flourish blog post about getting all those people who have been cooped up this winter because of all the bad weather to come out to your place. Bill even has some ideas to help you out. You can read his post here –

If you are on Twitter you can follow Bill’s tweets too @BillCalkins.

Like the weather, all of our plants keep looking better each day. Although I will admit that the weather has us behind on quite a few items. A lot of what you will see on our availability is listed as Buds/Light Color or Light Color and even just Buds in a few instances. I think we will have more color than that showing by Tuesday or Wednesday so make sure you have the latest availability when you order so that you won’t miss out on any updates or last minute additions to the availability like maybe #6 Wave Petunias that I am going to look at first thing Monday morning.

I have quite a few pictures for you so let’s get on to the flowers…

J6’s are looking good. We will have petunias available next week too. Be sure to look at the Future Availability that shows what we will have available starting Monday.

J6 bronze begonias 3-7-14 J6 green begonias 3-7-14 J6 coleus 3-7-14 J6 dianthus 3-7-14 J6 red dianthus 3-7-14  J6 impatiens 3-7-14 J6 disco mix marigolds 3-7-14 J6 marigolds 1 3-7-14 J6 marigolds 2 3-7-14 J6 pansies 3-7-14 J6 blotch mix pansies 3-7-14 J6 burgund salvia 3-7-14 J6 snapdragons 3-7-14 J6 verbena 3-7-14

Our 1204’s are about on schedule. We don’t usually have many of them ready until later in March. These will have at least twice as much color showing in 4-5 days.

1204 red dianthus 3-7-14 1204 ageratum 3-7-14 1204 dusty miller 3-7-14 1204 impatiens 3-7-14 1204 marilgolds 3-7-14

1801’s – we are a little behind on these, but the zinnias are coming on fast for those of you down south. Once they bud out they are usually in color in 5-7 days. We have quite a few of our 1801 Deluxe items ready like ajuga and sprengri ferns.

1801 zinnias 3-7-14 1801 red salvia 3-7-14 1801 sprengri fern 3-7-14 1801 ajuga 3-7-14

We are a little behind on some of our #4.5 Premium items but we are gaining ground. Next week we will have some calibrachoas to add to our other items.

4.5in white bacopa  3-7-14 4.5in pinik calibrachoa 3-7-14. 4.5in purple calibrachoa 3-7-14 4.5in sweet potato vine 1 3-7-14 4.5in sweet potato vine 2 3-7-14

#6 Confetti Gardens and Marigolds. The Confetti seem to be putting a lot of energy into plant growth instead of blooming. We are making some adjustments and hope to have more color out next week. About half of the #6 Marigolds should have some Light Color by the middle of next week.

6in confetti gareden 1 3-7-14 6in confetti gareden 2 3-7-14 6in marigolds 3-7-14

1 gallon Clematis is filling out and I saw a couple of blooms too. Some of our Quart perennials are blooming.

1gal clematis 1 3-7-14 1gal clematis 2 3-7-14 qt perennial scabiosa 3-7-14 qt perennial delosperma 3-7-14
Here are some close ups of the Delosperma.

qt perennial delosperma topaz 3-7-14 qt perennial delosperma peridot 3-7-14 qt perennial delosperma ruby 3-7-14

#4 Herbs and Veggies. We have #4 Tomatoes and Vegetables available too but I didn’t get a picture of them.

4in herbs 4in kohlrabi 3-7-14 4in leeks 3-7-14

1204 Vegetables, Tomatoes, Peppers and Cole Crops

1204 tomatoes 3-7-14 1204 cole crops 1 3-7-14 1204 cole crops 2 3-7-14 1204 cucumbers 1 3-7-14 1204 cucumbers 2 3-7-14 1204 cucumbers 3 3-7-14 1204 peppers 3-7-14

We have a pretty limited basket list. They are one of the lines that we are running behind on. You might take a look at the Potunia Papaya baskets. They add a unique petunia color to our selections. The Wave baskets are getting big. If we don’t sell them all next week, we will probably have to take the off the list and cut them back.

10in calibrachoa 03-06 14 10in calienta geranium 2 03-07-14 10in calienta geranium 3 03-07-14 10in fern 3-7-14 10in foliage combo 03-06 14  10in potunia papaya 03-07-14.jpg 10in swedish ivy 03-06 14 10in wave petunia 1 03-07-14 10in wave petunia 2 03-07-14

The Spring Confetti Garden (blue and yellow petunia mix) is ready.

12in deco confetti garden 3-7-14

1801 Stepables – I like these. I wish I had time to do a lot of landscaping that used them.

1801 stepables 7 3-7-14. 1801 stepables 1 3-7-14 1801 stepables 2 3-7-14. 1801 stepables 3 3-7-14. 1801 stepables 4 3-7-14. 1801 stepables 5 3-7-14. 1801 stepables 6 3-7-14.

Our Qt Proven Winners should be ready in about another 7-14 days.

qt proven winner verbena 3-7-14 qt proven winner lobularia 3-7-14 qt proven winner nemesia 3-7-14 qt proven winner petunias 3-7-14

Here are some greenhouse pictures for your viewing pleasure to tide you over until I get this weeks blog post and pictures done.

tropical hibiscus 2 3-6-14 greenhouse begonias 3-6-14 greenhouse grow lights greenhouse impatiens 3-6-14 tropical hibiscus 1 3-6-14

March is here but you can’t tell it. I tried to ignore the weather but it came anyway. We had quite the weather pattern move through yesterday and this morning. It started with rain and thunderstorms with some hail that changed to freezing rain and thunder sleet. We got an inch or two of sleet. Last night it snowed a little and there were a few flurries this morning. Plus we almost hit a record low. We missed it by 4 degrees with a low of 12 F.

We are still getting calls from customers who want some plants. I talked to one customer in Louisiana who said that it was snowing as we were speaking. I talked to another guy in Mississippi who said he had the A/C on in his truck driving home yesterday then had to turn the heater on when he came to work this morning.

It’s supposed to be nice by the end of the week so you might ought to think about gearing up for some customers. Folks are sick of winter and are ready to do some planting.

In the meantime, we are waiting for it all to melt.

ice snow 04 3-3-14

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