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8in sq sunflower 3-31-1410in mix caliente geranium 3-31-141801 quartz mix verbena 3-31-141801 taishan marigolds 3-31-141801 zahara mix zinnias 3-31-141801 zinnias 1 3-31-141801 zinnias 2 3-31-14

tropical hibiscusI may be jinxing the whole thing but I think that spring has finally arrived. Sales are slow but steady. A lot of IGCs seem to be playing it safe this year and are either ordering a lot less at a time or just waiting until the weather warms up a little more.

Our availability is getting better every week as more crops get ready. We are somewhat behind on a few items but the majority of our crops are about 1-2 weeks behind in getting ready so the slow start to spring is not impacting our quality. We are probably going to have to skip over a crop of impatiens and go to the next one to keep the best shipping out but so far that is the only items we might dump.

Some crops are just plain confusing. My last crop of 124 petunias has more color than the 2 crops ahead of it. I think we are going to see a few weeks where we have 2-3 crops ready at the same time. I have 2 crops of Wave Petunia baskets and Fuchsia baskets that are the same size and will probably get ready at the same time.

Alternately, I have a crop of New Guinea baskets that was supposed to be ready week 12 that won’t be ready until week 15. So if you are wondering about some items not being ready yet or why there are a lot something on our availability, it’s all because of that cold snap we had in January that impacted the production.

Here is something new. Check out these new colors of Wave Petunias we are trialing – Berry Velour (left), Burgundy Velour (middle) and Red Velour (right).

Berry Velour Wave PetuniaBurgundy Velour Wave PetuniaRed Velour Wave Petunia

These pictures don’t do these colors any justice. The pictures above are close ups of the baskets below and as you can see, the picture colors change somewhat due to the camera and lighting. For instance, the basket on the right in the pictures below is the same basket. The Burgundy Velour on the left in the left hand pic is a better representation of the actual Burgundy Velour color, and I think it will be a best selling color in a year or two.

velour - burgundy and berryvelour - red and berry

Here are some of next week’s pics.

1 gal hardy ferns 2 3-28-141gal clematis 3-28-141gal sunpatiens 5 3-28-141gal tomatoes 3-28-144.5in dahlinova dahlia 3-28-144.5in fiesta peppermint 3-28-144.5in lantana 3-28-144.5in ogon sedum 3-28-144.5in white sparkle euphorbia 3-28-144in herbs 3-28-144in lemon balm 3-28-146in denim wave petunia 3-28-1410in cora cascade vinca bskts 2  3-28-1410in hot rod red sweetunia 2 bskt  3-28-1410in yellow potunia 3-28-1412in decc hilo confetti garden 3-28-1412in mahalo confetti garden bsket 3-28-1412in trailing petunia combo bskt 2 3-28-141801 red salvia 3-28-141801 swizzle scarlet yellow zinnia 3-28-14

Here is a short Instagram video of our next crop of #4.5 Fantasia Geraniums.



Here are some more pictures that I did not have time to upload on Friday.

1qt homestead verbean 3-21-141qt sedums 3-21-141qt sempervivum 3-21-141qt pw nemesia 3-21-142gal peonies 3-21-144.5in bacapa 3-21-144.5in dahlinova dahlias 3-21-144.5in double impatiens 3-21-144.5in fantasia raspberry twizzle geranium 3-21-144.5in Succulents 3-21-144in strawberry 3-21-1410in zonal geranium baskets 3-21-141801 ageratum1801 begonias 3-21-141801 sprengri ferns 3-21-14

Due to technical issues, I don’t have time to say much and will just be posting pictures. Be sure to click on the Future Availability if you check this between now (3-21-14) and Sunday. Just a reminder that the Future and Current are the same Mon-Wed. Starting on Thurs-Fri we update the availability for the upcoming week, so on Thurs-Sun you use the Future Availability to see the next week’s numbers.

Thanks for taking the time to look at these pictures. Let us know if you have any questions.

1 gal bumper crop tomatoes 1 3-21-141 gal sunpatiens 2 3-21-141 gal tomatoes 1 3-21-141qt lobularia 3-14-211qt picasso in pink petunia 3-14-214.5in bacopa 3-21-144.5in chocolate covered cherry coleus 3-21-144.5in dahlias 3-21-144in eggplants 3-21-144in kohlrabi 3-21-144in peppers 3-21-144in tomatoes 3-21-146in confetti garden 3-21-146in confetti gardens 3 3-14-216in confetti gardens 4 3-14-216in geraniums and confetti 3-21-146in pirates beauty confetti 3-21-146in potunia petunia 1 3-14-216in potunia petunia 2 3-21-1410in calibrachoa bskt  1 3-21-1410in double impatien bskt  1 3-21-1410in foliage combo bskt 3-21-1410in impatiens bskt 1 3-21-1410in jew basket 3-21-1410in petunia wave 3-14-2110in streptocarpella bskt 3-21-1410in swedish ivy bskt 3-21-1410in torenia bskt 3-21-14 (2)10in verbena bskt 3-21-1410in zonal geraniums 3-14-2112in confetti gardens bskts 1 3-21-1412in deco confetti gardens 3-21-1412in trailing petunia combo bskt 1 3-21-1412in trailing petunia combo bskt 2 3-21-141204  dianthus 3-21-141204 cole crops 3-21-141204 coleus dianthus 3-21-141204 dusty miller salvia 3-21-141204 eggplant 3-21-141204 marigolds 3-21-141204 peppers 3-21-141204 petunias 3-21-141204 squash 3-21-141204 tomatoes 3-21-141204 vinca 3-21-141204 watermelon 3-21-141801 dreamland yellow zinnias 3-21-141801 profusion zinnias 2 3-21-141801 red salvia 3-21-141801 verbena 3-21-141801 zahara zinnias 3-21-14J6 alyssum 3-21-14J6 burgundy star petunia 3-21-14J6 celosia 3-21-14J6 dianthus 3-21-14J6 impatiens 3-21-14J6 marigolds 3-21-14J6 mix portulca 3-21-14J6 pacifica blush vinca 3-21-14J6 petunias 3-21-14J6 salvia 3-21-14J6 snapdragons 3-21-14J6 verbena 3-21-14

I really like the new Profusion Double Hot Cherry. It is supposed to hold it’s color longer than other cherry colored zinnias. I am going to keep an eye on it and see if it does.

profusion double hot cherry zinnia 3-17-14

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