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Here are some of our non-Red colors. The red shown is actually Christmas Feelings Merlot.

poinsettias_104357 poinsettias_104452 poinsettias_104607 poinsettias_104710 poinsettias_104719  poinsettias_104513

Here are some of the red poinsettias we are shipping from this week and are on deck to ship out next week.

poinsettias nov 20 2013 56 poinsettias nov 20 2013 01 poinsettias nov 20 2013 2 poinsettias nov 20 2013 07 poinsettias nov 20 2013 08 poinsettias nov 20 2013 11 poinsettias nov 20 2013 14 poinsettias nov 20 2013 15 poinsettias nov 20 2013 21

poinsetti greenhouse Sales have been good this year. We are pretty much sold out of our poinsettias so I won’t be doing much but showing you what this season’s poinsettia crop looks like in my posts. Plus I have several other projects that will keep me busy and limit the number of blog posts.

We still have a few odds and ends available of the novelty colors plus a few #8 red and maroon (which is pretty much a red).

As always there will be some cancellations or someone will have ordered in cases thinking that they were ordering pots or something else will happen and we will have a thousand pots come available. So if you want something and it’s not available, asked to be put on our waiting list and we will call you if it comes available.

I hope you all had a good fall. We cleaned up very well and felt that sales were on the strong side of steady but not spectacular. The same goes for the poinsettias. We cut back production some. At this point we could have sold more red but probably not as much as we cut back on.

Spring is done and ready to start planting. We have some items in production now but won’t get started heavy on our early spring production until later this month. I will have working on updating our NEW FOR 2014 page on the website so that you can see what will be new or different. Work has interfered with my work and I am behind on getting the website updated.

We are prepping for the freeze tonight and having some issues with a couple of heaters so I guess I will be getting up and checking heaters tonight.

That’s about all that is going on right now. I will keep you posted if anything interesting happens.

poinsettia red

photoDid you know that Dr. Allan Armitage has a plant app for smart phones and tablets?


Did you know that IGC’s can get listed on the app along with the plants?


Well, you do now.

The App is for gardeners and has videos, hundreds of photos and covers 70 genera. IGC’s can get listed on the “Great Garden Centers” part of the App. The listings are basic, but they give IGC’s a great way to get their name out to the generation of smart phone, iPad and tablet gardeners.

Please share this app with your customers and industry friends. The more people who use and promote the app, the more effective it will be for all of us.

Note: at this point it doesn’t look like the Android app has the IGC section yet; but he did say it would take longer to get that one updated.

You can email Dr. Armitage at amarmitage[at]earthlink[dot]net and let him know you want to be listed as a Great Garden Center. He is going to be adding another batch of IGC’s to the app in a few weeks.

You can click on these links to see more about the app for Android and iPhones.

Here are some screen shots of the app.

photo copy 2 photo copy 3 photo copy 4 photo copy 5 photo copy 6 photo copy 7 photo copy

Here is all of Dr. Armitage’s information

Allan Armitage
Professor Emeritus of Horticulture
University of Georgia
Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor

Liberty Hyde Bailey Recipient – American Horticultural Society

The Armitage AppGreatest Perennials & Annuals, now available – search “Armitage” in App stores.

Armitage Online Course: “Perennials for the Sun”, available now.


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