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We are out of almost all the J6 Pansies. We have some 1801 Pansies left as well as some J6 Violas and Panolas. Plus more odds and ends that you can see in the pictures and on our Current Availability. Oh and the #12 Purple Mums we have left are on sale.

20131028_112512 20131028_112502 6in calibrachoas 6in cool wave pansy 6in ornamental cabbage 6in ornamental mustard 6in wave petuniase 8in ornamental cabbage 1801 pansies 9 1801 pansies 1 1801 pansies 2 1801 pansies 4 1801 pansies 5 1801 pansies 6 1801 pansies 7 1801 pansies 8 1801 pansies 1801 petunias 1801 snaps 1 1801 snaps 7 cool wave pansy baskets 1 cool wave pansy baskets 2 fall at the farm foliage baskets J6 alyssum and petunias J6 snaps6 J6 snaps 5 J6 viola 7 J6 viola 8 J6 viola 9 J6 viola and panola 1

We are almost out of mums and into our last crop of pansies on some colors and pulling for 2 crops of pansies in other colors. Take a look at the inventory to see what we have left.

This is what the mums look like. These will keep coloring up more each day. We mostly have purple left.

8in mums 8in purple mums 46 8in purple mums 47 12in mum bronze 12in mum purple 40 12in mum purple 41 12in mum purple 48 12in mum purple 49 12in mum purple 50 12in mum white

This is what our 1801 pansies are looking like. We will do a physical count and update our available numbers Friday 10-18-13.

1801 pansy 22 1801 pansy 02 1801 pansy 03 1801 pansy 04 1801 pansy 05 1801 pansy 16 1801 pansy 18 1801 pansy 19 1801 pansy 20 1801 pansy 17

J6 Pansies, Panolas and Violas

J6 white with purple wing pansy J6 blotch blue pansy J6 blotch white pansy J6 halloween mix pansy J6 orange pansy J6 pansy 25 J6 pansy 26 J6 pansy 27 J6 pansy 28 J6 pansy 29 J6 pansy 30 J6 pansy 31 J6 pansy 32 J6 purple pansy J6 purple viola J6 viola 23 J6 viola 24 J6 violas

Cabbage, Kale and other stuff we have here and there

J6 snaps 6in wave petunias 1801 petunias 1801 snaps J6 petunias 7 J6 petunias 8 6in cool wave violet wing pansy 6in cool wave white pansy 6in cool wave yellow pansy cabbage and kale 36 cabbage and kale 37 peacock white kale red and white kale red bor kale red cabbage swiss chard cool wave pansy basket 2 cool wave pansy basket 3 cool wave pansy basket 6

Out of time, but I do have pics and video!

Here is a quick video of our crop of pansies that will be available on Monday< Oct. 14, 2013. A lot of them need a few more days to fill in despite the good color they are showing now. We are pulling a few colors now though.


Check out these Montego Snapdragons!


J6 and 1801 Pansies, Petunias and Snapdragons

1801 dreams petunias 20131011 1801 pansies 5 20131011 1801 pansies 6 20131011 1801 pansies 7 20131011 1801 pansies 8 20131011 1801 pansies 9 20131011 J6 dreams petunias 1 20131011 J6 dreams petunias 2 20131011 J6 montego burgundy snapdragons  20131011 J6 montego mix snapdragons  20131011 J6 alyssum 20131011 J6 dreams petunia 3 20131011 1801 dreams petunias 2 20131011 1801 sonnet snapdragons 20131011

Cool Wave Pansies and Wave Petunias

6in cool wave pansies 20131011 10in cool wave pansy basket 3 20131011 10in cool wave pansy basket 1 20131011 10in cool wave pansy basket 2 20131011 6in wave petunias 20131011 10in wave petunia basket 2  20131011 10in wave petunia basket 20131011 10in wave petunia baskets

Ornamental Cabbage, Ornamental Kale, Swiss Chard and a few flats of J6 Lettuce if you look closely.

8in cabbage and kale 28 20131011 6in cabbage kale and chard 2 20131011 6in cabbage kale and chard 12 201310113 8in cabbage and kale 9 20131011 8in cabbage and kale 27 20131011

The last of the fall mums.

12in mums 08 20131011 12in mums 01 20131011 12in mums 02 20131011 12in mums 03 20131011 12in mums 04 20131011 12in mums 05 20131011 12in mums 06 20131011 12in mums 07 20131011

A very shaky video of the mums from my ATV.

I have talked to folks this fall and everyone has a different opinion on how fall is going. Some say that it’s tanking. Others say it’s OK but hot. I hear that a lot of growers are out of mums (or out of yellow mums). I hear that one grower will be completely sold out by the middle of next week while others have good availabilities.

Basically, no one knows what to think about how to rate fall so far. I would rate it as average but with a possible positive rating depending on how we finish up October. The landscapers just started this week. In fact, they all showed up on Wednesday. Our pansy sales will pick up as the landscape market kicks in.

As always, the cooler weather will help sales along for everyone.

Here are pics of the pansies, petunias, dianthus, dusty miler, snapdragons, panolas and violas we are shipping from now. Some of these items are sold out. We are pulling from 2 crops on most of these categories. This is the last of the dianthus and dusty miller. We will have more of the other items in upcoming weeks.

J6 colossus pansies 79 J6 colossus pansies 80 J6 colossus pansies 81 J6 matrix blotch mix pansy J6 matrix pansies 78 J6 matrix pansies 83 J6 matrix pansies 84 J6 matrix pansies 86 J6 matrix pansies 87 J6 matrix pansies 89 J6 matrix pansies 90 J6 matrix pansies 98 J6 panolas 72 J6 panolas 73 J6 pansies J6 violas J6 yellow duet violas J6 dreams petunias 66 J6 dreams petunias 68 J6 dreams petunias 69 J6 dusty miller J6 floral lace dianthus 62 J6 floral lace dianthus 63 J6 montego snapdragons 59 J6 montego snapdragons 65

This is the next crop of J6 pansies, panolas and violas. We have already stated pulling a few colors from it as seen by the empty spaces.

J6 pansy 16 J6 pansy 12 J6 pansy 13 J6 pansy 14 J6 pansy 15

We still have good numbers for most of the cabbage, kale, mustard and chard.

6in cabbage 50 6in kale 49 6in kale 51 8in cabbage 6in mustard 8in cabbage and kale 52 8in kale 58 

We finally have some #6 Cool Wave Pansies ready – yellow, white and violet wing.

6in cool wave pansy 9 6in cool wave pansy 1 

The Ferns and Petunia baskets look good but it has been too warm for the Cool Wave Pansy baskets to size up. However, I put them on the list as small if you need some.

10in fern baskets 10in cool wave pansy baskets 10in dreams petunia baskets

As of today (Friday 10-4-13) this is what the #12 mums we are shipping look like. We will be into other varieties early next week which should be comparable to these in relation to the amount of color showing. These varieties will have more color when we finish shipping them out Monday and Tuesday. Also we might come up with some #8 mums for the end of next week.

12in mums 07 12in mums 03 12in mums 04 12in mums 5 12in mums 06

We are pulling from 2 crops on all our 1801 items but we still are somewhat limited on our 1801 pansy availability.

1801 sonnet snapdragons 1801 dreams petunias 61 1801 dreams petunias 1801 pansies

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