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We have actually caught up with last year’s year-to-date sales. As recent as last week, we were discussing how much product we had left and the impact that not selling those plants would have on us. Then this week we sell a huge chunk of that inventory. Thanks to all our customers and we hope that you have caught up too and may be ahead of last year?

We still have a lot of inventory on hand. We had a few late plantings of select items that just got ready last week. The weather is helping sales since it has not been that hot yet, but we can do without all the severe weather. We have been under a tornado watch since Wednesday night.

I am not going to ramble much in this post. Here are pictures of some of the plants we have left. Even though it’s getting late most of it still looks good.

J6 violet impatiens 1204 dazzler white impatiens J6 ageratum J6 blue salvia J6 celosia J6 dusty miller J6 mix impatiens J6 red bronze begonias J6 rose green begonias J6 taboo mix impatiens 1 gal stella daylily 1801 begonia rose bronze 1801 ivy 1801 plumosus fern 1801 sprengri fern 1801 white hypoestes caladiums 36 caladiums 37 caladiums 40 qt echinacea qt gailardia 1 qt gailardia 2 qt platycodon stepables 4in stepables 403 1 gal hibiscus 1 1 gal hibiscus 4 8in tidal wave petunias 1 gal sunpatiens 6 1 gal begonia red bronze 1 gal red cora vinca 1 gal white cora vinca 6in cora vinca 1 6in cora vinca 3 6in kong coleus 14in moss basket 12in basket confetti hilo 12in basket confetti tangerine tango 12in basket rhythm and blues 12in basket triailing petunia combo 1 12in basket triailing petunia combo 2 basket 12in blue a fuse basket 12in scaevola mix 12in deco 1 12in deco 5 12in deco pentas deco sunpatiens 3 deco sunpatiens 9 12in deco trailing petunia combo 4.5in double impatiens 4.5in gerbera daisy 4.5in henna sun coleus 4.5in pursalne 4.5in red pentas 4.5in salmon geranium 4.5in scaevola blue 4.5in serena white angelonia 4.5in sweet potato vine 4.5in sweetie white new guinea impatiens basket purslane  basket cora cascade basket dragon wing begonia basket new guinea 1 basket 10in confetti basket petunia 9 basket begonia 1 basket begonia 2

basket coco 16inI am looking forward to the long weekend. We will be closed Saturday-Monday for Memorial Day. We all could use a little rest around here. I have plans to do as much of absolutely nothing as possible…and mow. Unless I can get my wife to do it. I can play the broken leg card but that’s getting old with her. It’s like she expects me to do house work and stuff. Weird, huh?

Any way, we are still plugging along with the plants and flowers. We are doing a lot of counting today to get our inventory numbers more accurate. My apologies if you did not get something you ordered this week. Due to the exceptionally late spring, we were in a holding pattern with our products. As the season progressed we were pulling the best from multiple plantings, product was skipped over, cut back and thrown away. All that shuffling makes it very difficult to keep an accurate inventory so when we get to the end of our season, we were off a few (or more) in our inventory. I am sorry for any problems that may have caused you.

I added in our last basket inventories this week with new inventory for Wave Petunias, Impatiens and Begonia baskets that I forgot about last week. They all are just now ready and look great. As for every thing else, we are going though it all today and grading out the bad and tossing it so that we can keep our quality up. We will continue to do this as we finish out the spring.

We are also ready for fall so don’t for get to book any mums or pansies you will need for fall. You can contact your sales rep for a item list and prices.

Back to spring. Here are my Top Five picks for what looks best for next week:

  1. #10 Cora Cascade Vinca Baskets
  2. #12 Sunpatiens Deco Pots
  3. 1801 Gazanias
  4. 4.5in Gerbera Daisy
  5. #16 Coco Baskets

basket cora cascade vinca 8 12in deco sunpatiens 1801 gazania 4.5in gerbera daisy 16in coco baskets 4 

and now for the rest of the pictures…

1 gal sunpatiens 5 1 gal hardy ferns 1 gal mandevilla 1 gal red cora vinca 1 gal sunpatiens 3 1 gal sunpatiens 4 4in stepables 2 4.5in angelonia 4.5in lantana 4.5in mexican heather 1 4.5in plumbago blue 4.5in purslane 4.5in streptocarpella 4.5in succulents 4.5in sun coleus 4.5in sweet potato vine9 4.5in sweet potato vine 1 4in stepables 1 6in cora vinca 1 6in cora vinca 2 6in mosaic kong coleus 6in ornamental pepper 8in sq babywing begonia 8in sq dragon wing begonia 8in sq sunflower 8in tidal wave petunia 1 8in tidal wave petunia 8 12in basket tailing petunia combo 9 12in basket trailing petunia combo 12in confetti basket 1 12in confetti basket 2 12in confetti basket 8 12in confetti baskets 12in confetti deco 2 12in lantana deco 12in rhythm and blues basket 12in scaevola basket 14in moss basket 16in coco baskets 5 16in coco planter 2 403 stepables 1801 ageratum 1801 green mix begonias 1801 ivy 1801 plumosus fern 1801 vinca 2 1801 vinca 3 deco pentas 1 basket dragon wing begonia basket impatiens basket new guinea impatiens basket petunia wave basket purslane basket scaevola basket wave petunia 4

confetti calypsoHey everybody,

From the way we were so busy here and from what a lot of you have told us, we all made up some lost ground this week. Typically for us the week after Mother’s Day is when we get to catch our breath. Not so much this week. We weren’t here that late but we had to work overtime to get all the orders out. I hope you all had the same kind of week and have a busier weekend.

Regarding our inventory, as far as I know we have everything keyed in except for a crop each of 1204 and 1801 begonias and some okra and watermelon that are all growing really slowly for some reason. With everything else, what you see in inventory is what we have left. Now I also need to tell you that we have cut some product back that will fill back out and be keyed back in over the next 2-3 weeks. It’s not a lot of product but it is some of the more popular items.

I can’t believe I am already saying this but mums come in a couple of weeks so we will be getting started on fall production soon. If you want to or need to, now is the time to book you fall orders – mums, pansies, kale and all that stuff. We can do custom growing to meet special requests for pansy colors if you need something we don’t grow. Let us know soon so if you know what you need.

In addition to all the colorful products below, we still have tomatoes, cantaloupe, cucumbers, okra, squash and watermelon for all those folks who have not planted their gardens yet.

We tried a new product for us at the request of a customer who I thought was going to buy the trials as they got ready so that they could trial them at his stores. Now he is out of the country for 2 weeks and the 14” Moss Baskets he asked for are ready and no one else there seems to know what I am talking about. So I wanted to see if you were interested in them. We are selling them for $35 each.

basket moss 14in 8 basket moss 14in7 basket moss 14in 1 basket moss 14in 6

Our J6, 1801, 6” and 1 gallon basic annuals are all still looking great.

1 gal begonia red bronze 1 gal red vinca 6in black pearl ornamental pepper 6in cora vinca 6in red salvia 6in vinca cora strawberry 1801 impatiens 1801 new day gazania 1801 pacifica vinca 1 1801 pacifica vinca 2 1801 voodoo mix impatiens J6 celosia J6 dreams burgundy petunia J6 dreams white petunia J6 gomphrena J6 impatiens J6 marigolds J6 summer madness petunia J6 vinca 4 J6 vinca 5 

greenhouse impatiens

Our deluxe and premium annuals look great too.

1 gal sunpatiens 2 1 gal sunpatiens 4.5in angelonia 4.5in geraniums 4.5in gerbera daisy 4.5in lysimachia 4.5in pentas 4.5in scaevola 4.5in succulents 4.5in sweet potato vine 4.5in yellow dahlinova dahlias 6in blue wave petunia 6in caladiums 6in kong coleus 6 6in kong coleus 7 1801 baltic ivy 1801 setcreasea 1801 sprengri

We also have a lot of great combo pots, combo baskets and planters for Memorial Day.

coco 12in cone 1 coco 12in cone 2 coco 12in cone  3 coco 16in basekt 6 coco 16in basket 1 coco 16in basket 2 coco 16in basket 6 coco 16in planter9 coco 16in planter 1 deco 12in dragon wing begonia deco 12in lantana deco 12in summer confetti deco 12in trailing petunia combo 1 deco 12in trailing petunia combo 2 My Rose Blush Sharona basket 12in blue a fuse basket 12in bumble bee confetti basket 12in peppermint confetti basket 12in purple cloepatra confetti basket 12in rhythm and blues basket 12in scaevola 1 baskets 12in confetti deco pots assorted 8insq sunflower 14in color bowls 8insq begonia planters deco sunpatiens 3

Our hanging baskets look great! (Are you catching on to the common thread here?)

baskets petunia wave 1 basket calibrachao basket cora vinca basket ipomoea 4 basket scaevola 5 baskets begonia baskets dragon wing begonia

We also still have a good selection of perennials.

1 gal hardy hibiscus 088 090 091 092  094 095 096

You want flowers? We got ‘em.

I am behind today so all you get are pictures. Weekend looks great everywhere. Hope yours is awesome.

Call me. 🙂


vinca 4 vinca 5 vinca 6 vinca 7


4.5in scaevola 4.5 coloeus 1 4.5 coloeus 8 4.5 mexicna heather 4.5in angleonia 4.5in dahlias 4.5in double impatiens 4.5in evolvulus 4.5in geraniums 4.5in gerbera daisy 4.5in lantana  5 4.5in new guinea impatiens 4.5in penta 4.5in plectranthus 4.5in purslane


8in wave medley 6in cora vinca 6in geranium 6in ornamental peppers 4 6in wave petunias 8in gerbera daisy 8in purslane 8in sunflowe


1801 zinnias 9 1801 gazania 1801 hypoestes 1801 plumosus fern 1801 rose bronze begonias 1801 sprengri fern 1801 vinca


deco trailing petunia combo basket 12in blue a fuse basket 12in lantana basket 12in scaevola basket begonia basket calibrachoa 4 basket ipomoea basket new guinea impatiens 8 basket scaevola 3 basket wave petunia 1 baskets cora cascade periwinkle coco 12in cone 9 coco basket 4 coco basket 5 coco planter 8 color bowls deco dragon wing begonia


1 gal tomato 1 gal clematis 1 gal daylily 1 gal hardy fern 1 gal hardy hibiscus 1 gal hosta 1 1 gal hosta 6 1 gal lantana 1 gal sunpatiens 2

snow 1 It was in the 80’s here Monday and Tuesday this week. It snowed up to 4” in some places in NW Arkansas last night. First time snow has been recorded in May in Arkansas since they started keeping records back in the late 1800’s. I am starting to really dislike Spring 2013.

This picture is from the local KFSM TV news via Joe Pennington’s Facebook page

On the plus side, most of Arkansas except for our lone county on the west, some north central and southwest counties in the south are out of the drought.

drought map 4-30-13

So much for the chit-chat. Now for something completely different – me talking.

That’s probably enough of me for a month or 7. Last up are the pictures.

SANY4587 SANY4588 SANY4591 SANY4593 SANY4595 SANY4596 SANY4597 SANY4599 SANY4601 SANY4602 SANY4606 SANY4607 SANY4608 SANY4609 SANY4612 SANY4613 SANY4614 SANY4615 SANY4617 SANY4618

1G sunpatiens 2 14in color bowls 1204 pinch impatiens 1801 bronze leaf begonias 1801 dreamland mix zinnia 1801 green rose begonias 1801 pink impatiens 1801 plumosus fern 1801 profusion apricot zinnias 1801 sprengri fern basket 10in fern basket double impatiens basket dragon wing pink basket foliage combo basket ipomoea basket new guinea impatiens basket scaevola basket tuberous begonia basket wave petunia 1 baskets begonia santa cruz baskets calibrachoa 2 caladiums coco 12in cone 19 Coco 16in basket 16 coco 16in planter 1 J6 J6 pacifica vinca 1 J6 pacifica mix vinca 2 QT perennial liastrus QT perennial sempervivum

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