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We got a few Cha Ching Cherry Petunias in as samples. We planted them in hanging baskets but one of my waterers planted up this 8” pot with 3 plants per pot in it. I think it turned out nice. What do you think?

petunia cha ching cherry 2 

petunia cha ching cherry 5 petunia cha ching cherry 1 

This combo caught my eye too. My crew planted this combination with some leftovers. There are only a few of these, but I am thinking about doing more of this one next year.

trailing petunia combo

marigolds disco mixOK that’s an exaggeration. I want to reiterate that abnormal springs are now the norm so we are definitely in the middle of a normal spring where it snows in Kansas City on April 21 and freezes in Arkansas on April 24. Now it’s pouring rain in parts of Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Say what you will about the weather, the weekends have been nice, and next week looks great.

I think we might actually be past the worst, but I am sure we will have a few more obstacles to overcome. “Overcoming Obstacles” is basically the mantra of farmers, nursery people, greenhouse growers, garden center owners and landscapers. We take what comes at us, and we overcome.

I was talking to a group of people while giving them a tour here. It was raining and about 45 degrees. I explained what we do and the challenges we face. One person actually understood what we do and said, “Wow, your business is like one big gamble.”

So we take what comes at us. We adapt. We make mistakes. We dump plants. We plant new ones. We keep going. And we gamble again next year.

P.S. Taking pictures on a cloudy day doesn’t always give us a the best pictures.


torenia vinca 1 vinca 2 dusty miller and dianthus impatiens  salvia baskets zonal geranium deco new guinea impatiens 1 gal sunpatiens 1 1 gal sunpatiens 2 6in confetti 1 6in confetti 4 12in coco cone 13 16in coco basket 1 16in coco basket 2 16in coco basket 9 16in coco planter 1 16in coco planter 8 basket calibrachoa baskets begonia santa cruz baskets caliente geranium baskets double wave petunia baskets new guinea impatiens Lobelia #12 Scaevola Basket 1 gal hardy hibiscus 1 gal impatiens 8 1 gal lantana 2 1 gal lantana 1 gal mandevilla 1 gal tropical hibiscus 4.5in angelonia lavender 4.5in bacopa 4.5in dahlias 4.5in plectranthus 4.5in succulents 4.5in sun coleus 1 4.5in sun coleus 5 6in geraniums 6in taishan marigolds 6in wave petunias 12in deco confetti 12in lantana baskets 1801 vinca burgundy halo 1801 zinnias dreamland mix artemesia caladiums 10 caladiums 11 coreopsis herb tricolor sage

I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick of this weather. It was 90F here this week before the cold front. This morning it was 36F when I came to work.

Instead of typing a lot, I am going to go try get a few videos for you this morning…

…and now 6 hours later I am finally able to get this uploaded. So much for getting it all done faster. You would think it was a Monday.

We have a lot of great looking plants available now and some that won’t be available until Monday. Be sure to use the forward availability for your Monday orders. Thanks and have a great weekend!

1 gal sunpatiens 8 begonia baskets begonia santa cruz baskets new guinea baskets 1 gal hardy fern autumn 1 gal tropical hibiscus 1801 begonias 1801 hypoestes 1801 nicotiana mix 1801 plumosus fern 1801 setcreasea 1801 sprengeri fern 1801 verbena quartz mix 1801 vinca pacifica polka dot 1801 zinnia zahara double fire angelonia serena purple 4.5in angelonia serena white 4.5in caladiums coco basket 16in 1 coco basket 16in 4 coco cone 12in 1 coco cone 12in 2 coco planter 16in 1 color bowls confetti garden 6in 6 confetti garden 12in baskets. confetti garden peppermint 12in deco euphorbia 4.5in fiesta double impatiens 4.5in henna sun coleus 4.5in lantana 4.5in monarda ornamental pepper chilly chili 6in stepables 1 stepables 2 strawberry berri basket 4in succulents 4.5in trailing petunia combo 12in basket 2 trailing petunia combo 12in basket 3 trailing petunia combo 12in basket wave double petunia basket wave petunia 12in deco wave petunia burgundy star 6in vinca greenhouse 4.5 dahlinova dahlias 4.5in double impatiens 4.5in ger

Here are two new Confetti Garden mixes that I really like – Oktoberfest and Nightlights:

oktoberfest nightlights

I don’t know about you but we are only getting spring about 2 days a week around here. The rest of the time the weather is reverting back to February. A lot of the areas we shipped to had a frost on the ground this morning.

As near as I can tell we are about 2-3 weeks behind this spring. We have had to dump some product and go on to new crops to keep the quality looking good. Overall though, we have not had to skip over much so all in all despite being behind, we are in pretty good shape. We do have a lot of plants that are ready to find a good home.

We have over 100,000 pots of #4.5 Premium Annuals ready and looking great. There are several pictures below showing how much color we have. We also have a lot of great color in our 1204 and J6 flats.

OK, today has been insane. I have to go to the pictures now or I will never get this done.

1 Gallon Sunpatiens are looking really good.

1 gal sunopatiens 5

Here are the #4.5 Premium Annual pictures. You can thank me later.

4.5in coleus 4.5in gerbera daisy

4.5in coleus chocolate covered cherry New! Chocolate Covered Cherry Coleus

Nice color on the Dahlias, Geraniums and Double Impatiens. Light to Medium Color on the Lantanas.

4.5in dahlinova dahlias 4.5in fantasia geraniums

4.5in fiesta double impatiens 4 4.5in lantana

Great looking Osteospermums

4.5in osteospermum 1 4.5in osteospermum 3

The Plumbago is ready and the Succulent are very nice.

4.5in plumbago 4.5in succulents

I think I like these new Sweetie New Guinea Impatiens

4.5in sweetie new guinea impatiens

#6 Geraniums have Good Color and we are into a few colors of a new crop of #6 Wave Petunias. I will be adding in more colors as they get ready in the early part of next week.

6in americana violet geraniums 6in wave petunias

confetti 6in 3

1204 Peppers

1204 peppers 1 1204 peppers 2

1204 Vinca…… I though I took more pictures of the 1204’s sorry.

1204 vinca There are more pictures of the J6 Annuals below.

1801 Annuals

1801 alternanthera 1801 begonias

1801 plumosus fern 1801 taishan marigolds

1801 vinca 1801 zinnia dreamland mix


asparagus sprengri baskets bacopa baskets

confetti 12in baskets 1 dragon wing baskets 4

new guinea baskets 6 streptocarpella baskets

trailing petunia combo 12in baskets fuchsia baskets

wave double petunia basket 5 wave petunia baskets 3

new guinea impatiens 12in deco

J6 Annuals

J6 begonias 1 J6 coleus

J6 dianthus J6 impatiens 7

J6 marigolds J6 petunias

J6 portulaca 1 J6 salvia 1

J6 salvia 5 J6 vinca

More Buds than blooms on the 1 Gallon Hibiscus

tropical hibiscus 1 tropical hibiscus 4

1 Gallon Daylilies and some Quart perennials.

daylily eenie fanfare perennials qt

I hope your week went well despite all the rain. We got plenty of it here. I don’t think there was a single person on the farm who was dry on Tuesday or cold on Wednesday. It was a miserable week, but today and the weekend looks great.

Even with the rain, we have been shipping steadily. The crops look great. We have been behind on some items that are now available like the #12 Confetti baskets. We have good availability on most of our J6 and #4.5 Premium annuals and good color too. We are going to be in between crops on our Wave Petunias #6 and #10 baskets. I hope that I can start pulling some by Wednesday of next week.

It’s picture time! Now tell me that our plants don’t look great.

1204 begonias 1204 impatiens 1801 ageratum 1801 begonias 3 1801 begonias 4 1801 dreamland yellow zinnias 1801 hypoestes 1801 impatniens 1801 mix verbena 1801 profusion apricot zinnia 1801 red salvia 1801 setcresea 1801 zahara double cherry zinnias autumn fern baby wing begonia 4.5in bacopa 4.5in bandito orange sunrise lantana 4.5in bliss begonia 4.5in sweetie new guinea 4.5in caladiums 6in calibrachoa baskets 1 caliente geranium basket coleus electric lime 4.5in coleus indian summer 4.5in confetti garden 12in baskets 6 confetti garden 12in baskets 8 confetti garden 12in deco dahlia 4.5in double impatiens baskets euphorbia 4.5in fiesta peppermint double impatiens 4.5in geranium 4.5in geraniums 6in holly fern impatien baskets impatiens combo 12In deco lemon balm 4in new guinea 12in deco sprengri fern basket stepables 4in sunflower 8in sunpatiens gal 5 sunpatiens gal 6 wave petunia medley 8in tomato gal bumper crop 3 trailing petunia combo 12in deco 5 trailing petunia combo 12in deco 6 tropical hibiscus tuberous begonia baskets verbena basekts vinca baskets wave double baskets 1

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