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warm winter dayIt was in the 70’s here yesterday (you can see my proof if you click on the picture and look at the thermometer reading in my mirror), and it has been around 70 degrees today and stormy. We just had a tornado touch down about 20 mile north of us a little while ago (around 3:00 pm Jan. 29). I was watching the radar but didn’t find out about the tornado until an hour later. Looks like it was a small one, but I don’t know if there was any damage.

UPDATE: the tornado was 200 yards wide and clocked winds at 125 mph. No one was hurt as far as I know. There was some damage in northern part of the county to some roofs and a lot of trees are down.

As I promised here are some pictures of some of the young plants we have started for our early crops and for the crops with longer crop times.

Our hanging baskets are filling out nicely. These are the first crops of Caliente Geranium and Magnum New Guinea Impatiens baskets.

caliente geranium baskets new guinea impatiens basket

There baskets are our first plantings of #12 Confetti Garden baskets and the second planting of Wave Petunia baskets.

confetti garden baskets wave petunia baskets

A Dragonwing Begonia in our first crop, newly hung up and ready to grow with our first crop of 1801 Hypoestes in the background.

young dragonwing begonia basket

Our Clematis and Hardy Ferns are looking good.

clamatis niobe hardy ferns

The pic on the left is of a newly planted crop of #6 Confetti Gardens. When I took the picture they had just switched over to planting #6 Taishan Marigolds. You can see a few flats of them in the front row at the bottom. The pic on the right is a planting of Hypoestes plugs that are ready to be transplanted.

confetti gardens 6in hyposestes plugs

Here are our first crops of #4.5 Butterfly Pentas and #12 Magnum New Guinea Impatiens

pentas butterfly red Magnum New Guinea Impatiens 12in Deco-2

Our Mandevillas and Tropical Hibiscuses are off to a great start this year. The Hibiscus look especially good compared to what we had to work with last year. These had their last pinch recently and will be branching out nicely as they grow.

mandevilla greenhouse mandevilla pink

tropical hibiscue orange tropical hibiscus greenhouse

tropical hibiscus red

The Bumper Crop Grafted Tomatoes from Burpee are getting a lot of attention. They are a new item for us this spring. We did some Mighty Mato Grafted Tomatoes last year as an exclusive custom program for one customer.

The grafted tomato trend is gaining some steam and now Burpee has a new consumer video out to promote them. Take a look and let me know what you think.


I apologize for the lack of posts about our plants. The last week has been busy.

We had our trade show on Wednesday and Thursday which took up most of the week. The rest of my free time was spent working on addressing legislation that affects our industry, replying to emails and handling the general stuff that happens when you are at work. I didn’t get to my list of stuff that needed to be done.

I planned on walking the greenhouses Friday afternoon. That didn’t happen.

I planned on going in to work today and catching up. That didn’t happen.

Instead you get this short, somewhat whiny post and my promise to get some pictures posted on Monday or Tuesday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to see.

Learning about the important aspects of your choice in growing media.


Listening to Dr. Jim Robbins talk about new trees and shrubs that can handle Arkansas heat.


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