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We have gotten a few calls from you all asking what the mums and poinsettias look like considering the heat and drought. While it has not been as hot as last year, it has been much drier which means we really have to stay on our toes when it comes to watering the mums. As for the poinsettia cuttings, it has actually been cooler than last year with temperatures between 98-106 compared to last year’s 105-112 degrees.

Temps cooled off this week to the mid-nineties which actually feels comfortable when the breeze is blowing. The mornings have been especially nice.

So here are videos of our mums and poinsettias:

Pictures of our first crop of fall annuals:

These 1801 Snapdragons and J6 Dianthus have been planted a week.


This is our first planting of J6 Pansies that were just planted today.


These were planted with a punch transplanter.


Yesterday was our first day to plant poinsettias this year. We started with all the 10″. Next we will do the first planting of 8″ and 6″ then follow that with the second plantings of 8″ and 6″ then wrap up with the 4″.

We keep them grouped up for easier watering then will space them out later.

I came across this Scolville Infographic on Google+ posted by Avinash Kaushik. It was posted by Visual News and you can see a larger version here.  It’s a very interesting presentation of how a few of peppers rate on the Scolville Scale.


Check out our new 12” mum pot! Do you like it? Let us know what you think.

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