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Here is a great video from the Alabama Cooperative Extension’s YouTube channel that outlines the benefits of trees:

Follow along as this lecture doodle examines some of the basic reasons why trees are important not just for their beauty but also for their contributions to our health, our community of citizens, and our economic stability. Tree cover in our towns and cities contributes much. But because the benefits of trees are passive and accumulate slowly, they are unacknowledged until they are missing.

I have been really busy or gone for the last few weeks and have not been able to do any posts. Not that there has been anything to talk about. Spring was pretty much DOA after Mother’s Day or earlier in some areas.

We stuck our mum cuttings the first week of June and are planting them this week. Unfortunately for the crew and the mums this has turned out to be the hottest week of the year so far with not much expected relief. Right now we are at 104 degrees F as of 4:00 June 18. We are planting about 20,000 8” mums and 30,000 12” mums. Plus we are doing an additional 5,000 pot trial of all the Ball Mums to get a good idea of side by side performance of each of the varieties compared to each other and to my regular production. This may not be a good year for trials since it is so hot but we will definitely figure out which ones are the toughest.

Last week I was in Memphis and saw these Wave Petunias at St. Jude’s. This appears to be Easy Wave Sweet Tart Mix. As you can see they are doing quite well as were a lot of other plants in their landscapes.

If you ever get a chance, I would encourage you to support St. Jude’s with a donation or fundraiser. This is a great place that really deserves your support.




Just about everyone I have talked to this spring has said the same thing to me. They have all said, “This has been a weird spring.”

No one knows what to make of how spring turned out. Some folks are up and some are down. Spring started early for just about everyone then chopped off around the end of April. But this happened last year too. We started early then got shut down with rain the last two weeks of April. The spring before that it snowed the third week of March but sales shut down after Mother’s Day.

I have suggested that “weird” is the new normal for us. We can’t plan for weird, but we can do our best to roll with it and make the best of it. Vegetable sales leveled off this spring which suggests that even though a lot of new gardeners got burned out last year, they are still trying again but not increasing their gardens. Perennial sales are climbing again. We see perennials go through cyclical sales with peaks and valleys.

I am concerned that the early start and early stop this spring will be detrimental to IGC sales this year in a year that a lot of people were needing to be outstanding.

Our plant selection is starting to thin out but we still have a good selection of summer annuals, deco pots and hanging baskets to keep your inventory looking fresh.

asparagus-ferns begonias-and-dragonwing-baskets-2

dragonwing-baskets-4 evolvulus-blue-daze-4.5

gerbera-daisy-4.5in ipomoea-baskets

ivy-1801 lantana-4.5in-5

lantana-4.5in-6 lantana-deco

mandevilla-crimson-original new-guinea-decos

new-guinea-impatiens-baskets-5 pentas-4.5in

scaevola-baskets sceavola-strobilanthes-4.5in

succulents sun-coleus-4.5in

sunpatiens-1gal tuberous-begonia-baskets

wave-petunia-baskets-1 wave-petunia-baskets-8


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