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angelonia-landscape Angelonia have been around for a few years, but when the seed Serena Angelonia series came along, Angelonia started climbing the ladder of popularity. In the last few years Serena Angelonia have become more popular with landscapers and for good reason. Serena Angelonia is an a tough plant that looks great all summer long. Angelonia is sometimes called summer snapdragons. Picture –

Serena currently comes in 3 colors – Purple, Lavender and White. Each plant blooms with a mass of bloom spikes covered in orchid-shaped flowers. Of the three the Lavender is the weakest color and does not perform as well as the other two. The Purple is by far the best of the three. We have used all the colors in plantings here at our office and have been very pleased with the results every time we used them.

For landscapes, Serena offers a great background or center bed planting with enough height to stand up above other plants and show off. Whether planted in a monoculture planting or mixed with other plants, Serena Angelonia really stands out. If you haven’t tried Serena Angelonia, you should. You will not be disappointed.

Serena Angelonia need full sun and should be planted 12-14” apart. They grow to about 18” tall.

For 2011 there will be a new color introduced – Serena Blue Angelonia. We have some here that we are growing as a trial. As soon as it blooms we will get some pictures posted for you.

Here are some pictures of Angelonia in a landscape. These are some of our Serena Angelonia planted at the front entrance of one of our garden center customers. These pictures were taken in July if I remember correctly.


Another busy week and we love it! Everything is going fairly well this spring. We have been temporarily out of this and that at times. We will still have some gaps  in the availability. Some crops are selling out super fast.

We will be into new crops of a lot of items next week – Confetti Baskets and #6, #4 Vinca and Petunias, #6 Marigolds and Ornamental Peppers. We will also be into a new crop of #12 Trailing Petunia Combo baskets. We will stop pulling the last crop and start on the new crop on Monday. There are pictures of the new crop below.

We have really good availability on #4 Annuals, #4.5 Premium Annuals, #6 Waves, #8 Square Planters, J6 Annuals, and #4T Stepables, but it looks like we are going to have some gaps in out vegetable availability for next week.

Current Availability – you can now click on the link at the top of the menu column to the right. All availabilities posted on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be for the following Monday.

We will be uploading updated availabilities to this same link. Anytime you need an updated availability you can click on the link to get one. Each availability is date and time stamped so that you can tell when it was posted.

gerbera-daisy J6-celosia

wave-petunias J6-vinca

4.5in-geraniums9 1204-impatiens

angelonia bronze-rose-begonias

caladiums double-wave-petunias

dragonwing-begonias dreamland-mix-zinnias

dahlinova-dahlias impatien-combo



perennials2 perennials4

perennials5 perennials6

These are the next crop of #12 Trailing Petunia Combo baskets that we will start shipping on 4-18-11:

12in-combo-basket1 12in-combo-basket3

12in-combo-basket4 12in-combo-basket5

I couldn’t get the link in the menu that I created last night to keep working due to the fact that the link address changes every time we upload a new availability. So we will keep posting the updates here in the mean time while I try to figure it out.

Availability (posted April 12 @ 5:30-ish) – avail-04.12.11-updated





Our next batch of #12 combo deco pots are ready.


1204 Portulaca

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