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It has been a wild week. I hope everyone managed to make it through the storms and flooding with out any damages. I know that some of you in Mississippi and Alabama and in Northwest Arkansas have had a lot to deal with this week. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help.

Next week is the week leading up to Mother’s Day and traditionally that week is focused on stocking up with hanging baskets, deco pots and color bowls. We will have quite a few of all of them available.

Baskets that are looking particularly good are Dragon Wing Begonias, Bacopa, Zonal Geraniums, Lantana, Wave Petunias, Double Wave Petunias, Purslane, Streptocarpella and Trailing Verbenas. The color bowls look great too. We also have a new deco item – Sunpatiens!

We also have a great selection of annuals in 1204, J6 and #4 and almost 12,000 flats of #4.5 Premium annuals that can be used to make up a special combo pot for Mom.

Here is a video about What Mom’s Want For Mother’s Day that the folks at the openHort YouTube Channel.

Now for the pictures

bacopa-basket blue-vein-double-wave-petunia

blue-velvet-double-wave-baskets calibrachoa-12in-basket

geranium-baskets wave-petunia-deco

color-bowls sunflower

celosia-gazania-4in cora-cascade-vinca

dreamland-zinnia-4in geraniums

J6-celosia-coleus merlot-mix-vinca

mandevilla mexican-heather-dahlias

ornamental-grasses osteospermum

perennials7 perilla

plumbago sunpatiens

verbena-zinnia-4in wave-petunias


A quick picture of our jumbo 6 vinca.

Our phones are back online now. Thank you for you patience.

Lightning took out our phone system last night. We have our emergency plan in action but that only gives us one phone line. Please be patient with us as we work on this.

You can reach your sales rep via email and cell phone too if you can not get through on the one working land line.

Thanks for your understanding.

The week before Easter is usually a crazy week, but this year it wasn’t that bad. I don’t know if the preceding weeks were all crazy so that this week seemed just like all of them or if we weren’t as busy as I expected. For whatever reason, it was a pretty easy week for me anyway. However, I think my sales and trucking team and loading crew would disagree with me. They all had a hard week. Just for kicks I ran a sales report, and we did more sales this week than last week so it was a crazy week. I guess I missed it. Everybody else must have worked their tails off.

This weekend will be the first weekend in about a month that we will not have to work. By no planning on my part it happens to be Easter Weekend. Everyone is glad to be off. They think I planned it that way. I think I’ll let them think that.

For all you landscapers, we have good availability on our #4 Begonias, Vinca and Zinnias, and they all look great. We also have a good selection of deco pots, hanging baskets and combo pots for you garden centers. We will be into new plantings of #6 Confetti and #6 Wave Petunias next week along with new crops of most of the baskets. We have a good selection of #4.5 Premium annuals and well as the staple J6 and 1204 annuals.

For the new availability you can click on the link in the Availability menu at the top of the right side menu column. On Fridays this availability will reflect what will be available starting the following Monday. After that it will be updated regularly during the week. Please refer to the date and time the availability was generated.

begonias double-impatiens

confetti-water-colours  double-wave-basket5

geraniums-4.5in2 calibrachoas-new-guinea

hostas lantana

marigolds-1204 sunpatiens

trailing-petunia-combo-12inbskt4 trailing-petunia-combo-12inbskt5

trailing-petunia-combo-12indeco1 trailing-petunia-combo-12indeco9

wave-basket7 wave-petunia-12indeco

sun-coleus tomatoes-4in

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