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Here is an updated availability for Tuesday, March 29, 2011 if you haven’t ordered for this week yet.


We took a lot of orders yesterday and our sales are way up for the year. We did not plan to move so much product so quickly. What this means for you is that some items are temporarily out for the week or will be temporarily out in the next week or two until we can get caught up. One of the categories that this happened to is the #4 Herbs. We have more coming on. They just need a week or two to fill out and look good.

We also have more Wave Petunias and Confetti Gardens that will be ready next week in both #6 and Baskets as well as more 1204 Tomatoes.

Spring officially started this past week on Monday, but it sure feels like the middle of April around here. We have been shipping like it’s peak season. Demand is strong in all categories and in all the areas we are servicing. Vegetables and herbs are hot items still. We will be temporarily out of herbs next week until the next crop gets ready.

We have a lot of plantings where the first and second plantings are getting ready at the same time. So for the items that aren’t ready yet, when they do get ready, there will be a lot of them ready.

I don’t know about you all but I am exhausted already and am looking forward to a day off. However, it won’t be this Saturday. We will be working Saturday getting our loading house organized so that we can stock more product and load faster.

I will try to do a better job and post more updates, pictures and videos as we go along. For some reason this week kicked my tail end. I never seemed to be able to get around to doing any more posts. If there are any particular items that you want to see pictures or video of, you can leave a comment here on the post or emails us. I will do my best to post all requests.

Availability for March 28, 2011 – avail-03.28.11

ageratum dahlinova-dahlias

fern-japanese-holly herbs

impatiens-1204 inca-marigolds-#6

kong-coleus plumosus-fern-#4

stepables1 sunflower-#8SQ

verbena-J6 vinca-pacifica-punch-J6

Updated Availability – avail-03.22.11

Hasn’t this weather been great? The sun and warm weather has made a lot more color pop out.

Availability March 21 – avail-03.21.11

I will try to post an updated availablity late Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. We are expecting a lot of orders Monday.

Here’s some of what we have for next week:

First up is 1204 and J6 annuals, the bread and butter of every order.

1204-annuals alyssum

begonia-J6 coleus-1204

On left below is what’s left of the first crop of impatiens and on the right is the next crop of 1204 Impatiens.

impatiens impaiens-1204

marigolds-1204 petunias-J6

#4 Begonias – lots available as you can see.

begonias-#4 bronze-mix

#4.5 Premium Annuals – Serena Angelonia, Dahlinova Dahlias and Mexican Heater

angelonia dahlinova-dahlias


Quart Perennials – lots available. Budleas, Dianthus, Echinacea, Guara, Mazus and more

budlea dianthus-zing-rose

echinacea guara-ballerina-rose

Hanging Baskets – good availability

streptocarpella begonia-impatiens-baskets

foliage-baskets1 foliage-baskets2

fuchsia3 zonal-geranium-baskets

Other stuff – caladiums, herbs and ivy

caladiums-#4 herbs


We have a limited number of #6 Plentifall Mix Pansies available but they do not have tags.


From Garden Center Magazine online (click here for the full article):

A sneak peek from GWA’s recent report…
From earlier surveys, it was found that 66 percent of the entire U.S. population has some form of lawn or garden. In the most recent survey, when the under-40s were asked if they grow or take care of plants, 64 percent indicated “yes.” Those in the 25-40 age bracket had the same response as the average of the entire population (66 percent). No longer should we assume that Generation Y and Z are bypassing gardening until they reach middle age or older. The survey shows that those in the 25-40 age group is just as engaged in gardening as older folks.

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March 2011