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Here is the slide presentation by Bill Calkins and Chris Beytes that went with the webinar they presented this week were they discusses what customers are looking for in vegetables and gardening.

We received this nice email and pictures from Teresa with Bloomers Nursery in Jackson, MO:

Sending some photos of our delivery last fall….MUST order more of the Mustard(6") and J_6 of the Mesculin Mix "lettuce"…was beautiful in the containers I planted. One customer that bought the long trough planter said she had cut spinach,kale and other greens off of it for nearly three months!

Been reading the info I got from Parks…making me thirst for Spring even more.Let’s hope we have a banner year!

Hope you enjoy the pics.

Teresa K. Warren 

Bloomers Nursery,


100_7510 100_7511

100_7518 100_7539

100_7541 100_7548

100_7552 100_7569

Sorry I have had much time to post. I was going to update the blog today, but now I have to report for jury selection. Maybe tomorrow. We are supposed to get a bunch more snow so I probably won’t have anything better to do.

Click here to view or download the Greenhouse Grower 2010 Poinsettia Season White Paper.

imageThe last time I updated the blog was on a snow day and here I am again on another sleet/snow day with a new post. It rained most of the night then the temperature plummeted to 25 degrees currently and the rain changed to sleet. We have not received any snow to speak of, but there is still a chance for some later.  My sister in Claremore, OK got quite a bit of snow (right).

I was gone all last week on a trip to see a few customers. I like to pick an area each year to visit. Last weeks trip was a surgical strike to the southeast with minimal stops. I chronicled the trip on our Twitter page here as I do most of my trips. I had plans to visit Oklahoma, but jury duty reared its ugly head and now I can’t make plans more than a few days in advance.

The heaters are running full blast and revenue is pouring from the vents, and it’s supposed to get much, much colder with lows down around 5 degrees tomorrow night.

Here are a few pictures I took while I was out this morning. We got a great stand on our last planting of begonias and have a few more than planned. The first planting of J6 impatiens and #4 Petunias are looking good.  Up top over everything are our Wave Petunia Baskets. Last is our first combo deco pots showing some early blooms.

begonias begonia-basket

impatiens petunias

petunia-wave-basket combo-deco

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