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We are starting to see more color out here and there. The cold, cloudy weather we had this month has us a little bit behind on having color showing. Added this week are #4 Vegetables, Perennials, Baskets, Osteos and Pentas.

Availability – avail-02.28.11 (Sorry this was late. I had some technical issues)

In addition to the Dusty Miller and Snaps, we also have Begonias, Celosia, Coleus, Impatiens, Marigolds, Petunias, Portulaca and Verbena in varying degrees of color.

dusty-miller-1204 snapdragon-red4

Our #6 Geraniums are looking good and our #6 Marigolds have Buds.

geranium-red4 geranium-violet2

marigolds-6in1 marigolds-6in6

What’s left of our first planting of #6 Waves have color as do some of our Wave baskets now. The Wave baskets we have all have 15-25 buds that will be open by next week.

wave-petunia-blue-6in wave-petunias-6in

wave-baskets1 wave-baskets2

(that is one handsome man)

To add to the Cole Crops we have available, we have #4 Lettuce and more #4 Onions.

lettuce7 lettuce10

Also have some Hardy Ferns ready, quart Perennials and a bunch of Stepables. I will get you some pictures of the other perennials tomorrow or Monday.

fern-japanese-holly fern-southern-wood

mazus-alba9 pratia-white-star


We had more color pop out this week with Snapdragons and #6 Waves. We also now have tomatoes, peppers, herbs and Stepables® ready.

First Availability: avail-02.18.11

In addition, to these items (the geraniums need another week or so) we have the following ready:

ageratum cole-crops

#6-waves onions


Some of the #6 Wave Petunias need a little more time to fill out and color up as do these items:

Blue Fescue should be ready in about 10-14 days and the dianthus should have some color at the end of next week.

blue-fescue dianthus

Dusty Miller needs another 10 days and the Fuchsia baskets will need 2-3 weeks.

dusty-miller fuchsia-baskets

The first planting of Hypoestes and a single petunia bloom.

hypoestes petunias

These Wave Petunia baskets should be ready in about 10-14 days.

wave-basksets Local traffic jam 🙂


Take a look at this video featuring some of the Zahara Zinnias we are growing.

New Zinnias we added into our lineup for Spring 2011 are:


We have quite a few cabbage, broccoli and other cole crops ready now, and we are starting to get some color showing. Next week if the Little Rock Flower and Garden Show, and I know that some of you are needing some color for the show.  At this point we are a little behind on color and size.  In addition to the Geraniums (still a little small) and Impatiens below, I think we will be able to come up with some Snapdragons, Petunias and a few other items.

I will post an availability on Friday with pictures of everything that’s close so that you can see what we have. If I were to guess, I don’t think it will be a lot of numbers or color at this point. However, the nice weather we have forecasted will help a lot, and the plants still have a week to grow.

We grew the Taishan for the first time in Fall of 2009 and we were really impressed with how well they performed in the greenhouse.  We added them to our regular spring production last year.

The plants are stocky with strong stems. In addition, they branch well and after the initial main stem flower dies there are always 2-3 more buds coming up from the lower stem branches. The strong stems hold the blooms upright even after a rain or watering when the blooms are heaviest.

All in all, Taishan is the best large flowered Marigold that we have ever grown. It does great in production, has an impressive uniform presentation in the garden centers and performs well in landscapes with continuous blooms all summer long.

For more information check out our Taishan Orange and Taishan Yellow pages, and the this video.


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