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We are to our last session of the morning with Dave Shanklin from Greenleaf. He is talking tom us about new and improved woody ornamental plants.

I’m going to post some of the ones I like.

Shangtung Maple Firedragon – very drought tolerant with good coloring

Golden Dreams Boxwood

Burgundy Hearts Redbud – good burgundy leaf color that holds all summer

Ruby Falls Redbud – weeping habit and burgundy red leaves

Bahama Pink Sky Daylily – early blooming (4-6 wks) also Kokomo sunset, Bermuda peach, jamaca sunset, key largo moon

Teddy Bear Magnolia – very cool flower form, very dense foliage

Columnar Apple Collection – 4 varieties, tree grows strait up with apples produced close along the trunk

Bloom-A-Thon Azalea – blooms 4-6 weeks in the spring and blooms again in fall, 4 varieties, marketed through PW; double pink looks great

Sweet Tree Lilac – for the south

Joe’s classes on internet marketing were very informative. I even learned how to do some new stuff with Google Analytics.

Now we are listening to Sabrina Childs from BALL Floraplant talk about the new vegetative annuals that are available from BALL ( Wayne Pianta with BALL is up next.

Day 1 of our show is underway with classes this morning. I am hanging out on the nursery/garden center side introducing the speakers and keeping things on schedule.

Right now we are listening to Joseph McCoy of Best Progress ( talk about basic internet marketing and social media. He’s up again at 9:00 to talk about using the internet to drive sales.

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