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Next week’s pansies are going fast.  We hoped the crop would be ready by Monday, but it’s going to take a few more days to size up.  However, we are going to release the crop on Monday as small.  Some varieties will not have any color but some will have color, but all the plants will not be what we consider ready until Wednesday or so.  Customers are already placing their orders so be sure to get yours in as soon as possible to get the products you need.  Our pansy availability will improve in the coming weeks.  We have three more plantings that are coming on fast.

Availability for October 11 –  avail-10.11 Please pay close attention to the comments on the availability.

We do have #4 Pansies ready along with cabbage, kale, petunias and snapdragons.

#4 Pansies

4in-pansy pansy

pansy-delta-true-blue pansy-colossus-blotch-yellow-4in

Mums and other stuff

6.5in-mum-yellow1 dreams-petunias-4in

pansy-panola-skyblue-J6 petunia-dreams-baskets

petunia-wave-blue greenhouse

Here are a couple of videos featuring our ornamental kale and cabbage.

My apologies for the extreme close up on this one. 🙂

Here are how some of the new Pinstripe and Black Velvet Petunias turned out in a hanging basket.  Not sure how I feel about these.  They don’t seem to like being grown in gallon pots; they seem to need more room and airflow to look good.  Although we did some 10in Deco pots that struggled too.  The baskets did the best of the three sizes (gallons, decos and baskets). 

Anyway these baskets look OK.  These were given plenty of room so the lopsided growth is from the plant itself.  The plants themselves are more mounding and needed to be pinched at least once.  We may have pinched some of them twice plus we used a PGR on them, but it was also 100+ degrees from the time we stuck the cuttings until about a month ago.  We really had to stay on top of them to keep them looking nice.  I think a spring growing season and maybe a late fall (Halloween?) season would be more suitable for these plants here in the south. 

I am going do use some of these in combinations next spring and play with them in different sizes (6in or 4.5in maybe) to see how much the consumer demand hangs around for spring.

petunia-pinstripe3 petunia-black-velvet4

Here is the social media presentation that I gave at our NW Arkansas Green Industry Day back at the beginning of September.   I have a handout that goes along with it.  If you would like a copy, send me your email address on our contact us form, and I will get it to you.

There are dozens of ways garden centers can utilize social media in their business and marketing plans.  If you want to learn more about internet marketing and using the internet to drive sales, plan on attending our PLANTS Show in January.

Fall is finally here!!!!

It’s been an awesome week.  We finally have some pansies available after not having much available this week.  Mums are still coming on slow, but the cool temps are really helping.  We are pretty much sold out of 8in mums but we still have 13,000 6.5in mums available, and honestly, most of them are as big as our 8in were.  We are starting to run low on the 12in mums, but I have another 900 but they are going to be really late and not bloom until the last of October.

Also we still have a lot of kale and cabbage ready that looks great (see the pics below) along with some mustard and chard.

Availability – avail-10.01

Let’s start with the cabbage, kale and chard this week.

ornamental-kale-cabblage kale

Peacock-Red-Kale Swiss-Chard

Mums are still in buds mostly, but some colors are cracking and have really tight buds.  The fields are still really green when you look at them from more that 100 feet away.

mum-12in mum-yellow-6.5in

mum-filed-12in-4 mum-field-6.5in

Calibrachoas, Petunias and Wave Petunias – To all of my Louisiana customers: you need to get ya some of these the baskets and pots look great!

blue-wave-petuni-basket calibrachoa-cabaret-white

Dreams-Petunias petunias-wave

rosy-dawn-wave-petunias calibrachoa-cabaret-lavender

Pansies, Panolas and Snapdragons – the crop of J6 that we are into now does not have as much color as some of these so watch the comments closely on the availability sheet.

Colossus-Formula-Mix Pansy Martix-Orange

Matrix-Pansies Panolas

snapdragons-sonnet Montego-Mix-Snapdragons

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