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Looks like we are finally going to get a cool down.  It’s raining here today, and the cooler temps are coming in behind the rain.  What this all means is that our mums and pansies should start coming on faster, and we may be able to start shipping some cracking mums soon.  We have a few colors that are cracking but the mums that are available are buds only.

It also means that the pansies should come on a little fasters too.  Next weeks pansy list is a little thin, but we expect to be into some colors of the next crop by Wednesday the 29th.

Availability – avail-9.24

Here are some of the mums that we are shipping and pulling now.

6in-mum1 6in-mum2

8in-mum5 8in-mum8

12in-mum6 12in-mum7

Here are our #6 Wave Petunias which are as good a fall plant as a spring plant.

6in-wave-petunias5 6in-wave-petunias6

Wave Baskets

petunia-wave-blue petunia-wave-rosey-dawn

We tried some #10 Deco Ornamental Peppers for fall this year.  Most of them are still on the small side, but I think there are some good fall colors we can add with the peppers next year now that we have it figured out.

10in-Ornamental-pepper6 10in-Ornamental-pepper5


Dreams Petunias and #10 Dreams Petunia baskets.  The first planting of baskets is all mixes.

dreams-petunias-J6 petunia-dreams2

The rest are assorted pictures.

floral-lace-dianthus8 pansy-matrix-yellow

pansy-colossus viola-babyface-yellow

These are pictures of the current crop of pansies we are pulling from.  Some of these colors are not available. You can tell from the pictures that some are still on the thin side like the Clear Yellow and need several more days to size up.  It looks like we will not be adding in any more numbers this week to allow this crop to finish and will start selling on the remaining numbers and colors next week.  I will try to get some pictures of our other fall annuals posted tomorrow or the next day.

pansy1 pansy2

pansy3 pansy4

pansy5 pansy6


Also threw in some other pictures just for fun.

 Pansy-Delta-Lavender-Shades Pansy-Delta-Pure-Red

 Pansy-Delta-True-Blue Dianthus-Floral-Lace-Mix

 Dianthus-Floral-Lace-Violet Petunia-Prism-Yellow1

We are rolling along nicely here in Razorback county.  We sold out of our first crop of J6 pansies faster than expected despite having a limited mum availability.  Our next planting of J6 pansies will be ready sometime early next week but we are going to evaluate the crop on Monday and decide which ones to add to the list then.  Our #4 pansies are running way behind and we don’t expect to have good availability for another week or so.  Check out the video below for a little more info on all that.

Please take a look at the pictures, videos and our new availability of all that we have ready:   avail-9.17

We have mums available in Buds in all sizes.  Once again, please take a look at the pictures and video below for more information on our mum crops.

calibrachoas-cabaret2 This is our next crop of #6 Cabaret Calibrachoas.

dianthus-floral-lace-mix dianthus-floral-lace-red

pansy-colossus-blotch-yellow1 Snapdragons-sonnet-mix

Mum-12in This a good representation of the average size of our #12 mums.  Below is a bud comparision (also shown in the video) what we will be pulling and shipping next week.  Blackberry included for bud size comparison. 🙂

mum-bud-comparison1 mum-bud-comparison2

I got the link to this article from a tweet on Twitter.  Those of you you were at our NW Arkansas Green Industry Day should know what that means now.  The article talks about how consumers are turning away from chain store plants and going back to independent garden centers and specifically the mom-and-pop stores that offer the more personalized service.

This link was from @Sara_GG_TGC or at for those of you not on Twtter.

For the record this picture is from last year.  We don’t have any mums blooming yet.

I hope all of you had a great week.  We got quite a bit of rain which we really needed, but it came all at once which caused some flooding issues.  No problems here on the farm though.  We had to cut back our wave baskets but they will be back to full color in about 2 weeks and our next crop should be ready in about a week.  The #6 waves need one more week as do most of the other items that are not ready yet.

Here is next week’s Availability – avail-9.10

These are some great looking calibrachoas.

6in-calibrachoa5 6in-calibrachoa6

This year all our fall calibrachoa baskets are 2 or 3 color mixes.

calibrachoa-baskt2 calibrachoa-baskt3


Our pansies, petunias and snap dragons are looking great as you can see.

pansy9 pansy0

4in-petunia7 J6-petunias


Our mums are still running behind but we have some #6 and #8 mums available in Buds and some with Buds Cracking a little color.

6in-mum 8in-mum

And last up is the kale and cabbage.

ornamental-kale Ornamental-Cabbage5

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