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Still really busy.  Probably won’t be able to get any good pictures posted to go with our next availability this week.  I will do my best but in the mean time here are some pictures of our fall baskets.  They are a little dark but it was really early in the morning when I took the pics.

calibrachoas petunias-wave

Things have been absolutely crazy for me here.  With the trade show, new store openings, vacation, sales meetings, production meetings and still being on these blasted crutches, I have neglected updating the blog, but I am not missing in action.  As our fall crops get closer to being ready I will be back to posting regularly.

The mums are looking great, but they are going to be a week or two late because of the heat.  The poinsettias have struggled in the heat too, but the cooler temperatures we have now will help both the mums and the poinsettias.

We have some baskets and a few other items that are ready now.  The pansies and other fall annuals will be ready in about 7-10 more days.

Pictures on all of these items are coming soon, but next week is going to be as crazy as the last few weeks have been so I have no idea when it will happen but I will get some pictures posted. 

Call us if you have any questions on what we have ready.  I have to go now.  It’s 4:38 pm and my wife is hungry.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of this new petunia.


(My apologies to fans of Castle for stealing the title for this post)

After a couple of years of mild summers, this one is about to cook us.  If you live in the south then you know what I’m talking about.  It’s been in the mid-90’s or hotter every day for the last month.  There was one cloudy day that may be been like 90 but it was really humid so that doesn’t count.  The heat index has been over 100 degrees for most of that time as well. 

I’ve got to brag on my crew.  They have plowed on through the heat without complaining (to me anyway).  I’m sure they’ve had some choice words about the heat and their jobs, but everyone can get cranky when it’s 102 degrees. 

The mums are looking good and the early varieties should have started their bud initiation by now.  With this heat, we will almost definitely see some heat delay in the bloom development of the mums.  The early varieties will be affected the most and if it doesn’t cool off, we will see it in the mid and late varieties as well.  This means that there will probably be at least a 1-2 week delay in when the buds on the mums start cracking open.  My best estimate is that the earliest we will have some cracking color will be closer to September 20.  I hope I’m wrong.

We started planting our poinsettias and the first of our fall annuals last week which included calibrachoa and wave baskets and some annuals for our fall combo pots.  The first batch of pansies arrived Friday and will be planted this week.

In the office, we are finishing up our sales analysis of spring and will be having a big meeting to go over the numbers.  In addition to spring 2011 scheduling, I am working on a talk for the Arkansas Green Industry Days in Fayetteville, AR on September 1-2.  I posted some information on this in my previous post.  I will be presenting a short talk on how companies can get started in social media.  In the mean time here are some links to our social media sites:

Facebook – we use our Facebook page primarily for our retail garden center customers.  If you are one of our wholesale customers, you are more than welcome to Like our page and follow what we have going on there, but I will not be posting any information related to the wholesale side of things.

Flikr – we use Flikr to post picture galleries of our plants for everyone to look at.  Most of the pictures posted are ones that have been posted here on a blog post but not all.

Twitter – we use our Twitter account to communicate with our wholesale customers.  Every time I update this blog, a Tweet is posted on Twitter with a link to the new post.  In addition to that I post comments, updates and pictures of what’s happening around the farm.  Also when I go on trips to trade shows or to visit customers, I post pictures and information that I learn.  In addition to all of that, I also keep in contact with other green industry professions who also use Twitter.

YouTube – we use YouTube to host our videos that we post on our news and blog feeds and on Facebook.  I haven’t done many videos this year because I broke my leg in March and am still on crutches.

This is how we use social media around here.  If you have accounts with any of these sites, we would love for you to “Friend”, “Follow” or “Like” us. 

AGIAlogo Hey everybody! I’m back from vacation.  You probably didn’t even notice I was gone, but that’s OK.

For my first post back, for those of you in Arkansas here is the invitation to the Arkansas Green Industry Days that we are having September 1-2, 2010 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Even if you are not in Arkansas, you are welcome to come.  The first day will consist of review and test for the Arkansas Nursery and Landscape Professional Certification.  Day 2 will be seminars, a tour of the UA plant trials and a cookout.

If you have time, we would love to have as many of you there as possible.  Click here to register.


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