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Here are some pictures we took late last week to show you how the mums are looking.  It has been very hot here with the heat index running between 105-110 degrees.  The mums can handle the heat however when the lows are about 75 degrees we will more than likely see some significant heat delay in the bud and bloom development.  We usually see these kind of temps in August, not July. 

I am not sure how the lows being this warm now will affect the mums.  Bud development usually starts in early August so high night temperatures then is what delays the blooming.  If the lows cool off in August we may not see any delay.  Either way, we won’t know how it will affect the mums until later.

mums-in-the-field27 mums-in-the-field28

mums-in-the-field34 mums-in-the-field32

mums-in-the-field39 mums-in-the-field35

We stuck our poinsettia cuttings the first two weeks of July and will start planting them the second week of August.  Again with the extreme heat, we are having to keep a very close eye on the cuttings to make sure we keep them hydrated until they can finish rooting out.  Like always, we stuck the cuttings in Oasis cube strips.  As you can see in one of the pictures the newest cuttings are struggling to stay hydrated in the heat despite being sprayed every 15 minutes.  Don’t worry, that is completely normal.

poinsettias2 poinsettias3

poinsettias7 poinsettias6

New this year from BALL are three varieties of Black Petunias.  Apparently they got a lot of attention at the OFA show and one variety, Black Velvet, won the Greenhouse Grower’s Industry Choice Award. 

Here are the new varieties Black Velvet (left) and Phantom:

petunia-black-velvet  petunia-phantom

And Pinstritpe:


All of these are supposed to have a more mounded growth habit similar to regular petunias.  I think these will be better suited to container growing but they may also do well in the flower bed. 

So what do you think of these new additions to the petunia market?  Is this something that your customers will want and something that we definitely need to be growing? 

We are trialing these this fall.  I think they will be pretty good for fall color and Halloween flower bed and container patio decorations.  We are trialing them in both gallon and #10 deco pots. 

My personal opinion is that they are better suited as accent color to combination planters and baskets.  I think i can come up with some pretty cool color combinations with these petunias.  I will have to see how well they do in the flower bed.  From my experience most gardeners want bright, cheerful colors in their flower beds. 

Here is a picture of the petunias we have growing now.  We will plant some more next week.


Hey everyone,

It has been a while since I have posted anything. I have been swamped with a lot of little projects that seem to take more time to get done than they should. Since I can’t seem to find the time to post during the week, I am typing this on my new iPad from home while I lounge here comfortably In my bed.

For the record the iPad is probably the coolest and most innovative gadget to come along in a while and well worth the money.

Now that I’m finished geeking out, on to the mums. All the mums are planted and looking good. We have received a lot of rain the last week or so which is good for them but too much of a good thing can be bad. So we are going to hit them with a fungicide drench and a fertilizer boost this week. More than likely all the rain has leeched out all the nitrogen from the pots.

We finished planting our fall trial items on Friday. The most promising of the trial items are the new black petunias from Ball. Here is a link http://link
Our first planting of calibrachoas will plant this week.

Also last week we stuck the first batch of poinsettias. Actually it was the second batch because Ecke sent 2000 cuttings a week early. Our next batch is supposed to be here tomorrow (Monday the 12th). We also had a mix up with the sales person and the poinsettia supplier and had an order change that did not get processed. We got most of it worked out and the sales rep did a great job taking care of the mistake, but we are ending up with about 5000 extra poinsettias this year.

My sales team will have to work extra hard to move those but it was their decision to take them. They are good and I have no doubt that they can move the extras.

That’s all I had for now. This post was really just an exercise in blogging from my new iPad! Talk to you later and stay cool.

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