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Since the only reason you are reading this is for the new availability, here it is:  avail-4.16

Production for most greenhouses are based on sales history and bookings.  Sales have been good the last several years for us and we planned for a good year plus 16% (which is a great year).  But this year demand has left supply in the dust on a lot of items.

We have been hearing that a lot of growers are out of product.  I don’t believe it.  I think they are out of a few key items that the garden centers need like begonias or geranium baskets or tomatoes.  So even though they (and us too) are out of a few key items, we all have hundreds of other items ready that are beautiful.

A year like this one only comes along once every 5-7 years.  A high pressure stalled out right on top of us and the weather has bee perfect for the last two weeks for every area we ship to.  It’s been great, crazy, hectic and perfect.

Alas, the rain moves in today but with out any sever weather threat, and we have a small chance of rain every day for the next week which brings me back to supply and demand.  For some of our vegetables, demand has finally out run supply this week.  We are temporarily out of some key vegetables until the middle of next week.

Take a look at the availability, if you don’t see what you need, give us a call and we can let you know when to expect the next crop to be ready.

Begonias are another demand item that has left supply in the dust.  We have more coming and will do our best to get them ready as soon as we can while still maintaining our top quality.  Same goes for several of our baskets.  Our next and last crop of 1204 tomatoes will hopefully be ready as early as next Wednesday or as late as Friday.

alternanthera-yellow caladiums

confetti2 confetti4

deco-shade-combos gazanias

helenium-dakota-gold lantana

lobelia-periwingkle-blue nicotiana

petunias salvia

Here is an updated ready list – avail-4.12

We are still entering orders but I wanted to get this out to those of you who need it.

Cora Arpicot Vinca

Burpee is a name that gardeners have trusted since 1885.  Now for the first time, vegetable varieties that were only available as seeds are now available as healthy plants ready to be planted in your garden.

You can get a jump start on your vegetable harvest by planting plants instead of seeds and eliminate the uncertainty of seed germination.  Here are a few of the more popular varieties.

fourth-of-july-tomato The Fourth of July Tomato is the earliest tomato to get ready.  It ripens in 49 days and produces tomatoes all summer long.

sweet-burpless-cucumber The Sweet Burpless Hybrid Cucumber is sweet and mild tasting and is more disease-resistant than other cucumbers.

big-bertha-pepper Big Bertha Peppers are extremely sweet and excellent for stuffing or slicing.

This is our extensive list of exclusive Burpee Vegetables that we have available.  For more information on all of these varieties visit the Burpee Home Gardens website.


  • Bush Champion
  • Pickalot Hybrid
  • Sweet Burpless Hybrid


  • Burpee Hybrid
  • Purple Blaze


  • Twice As Nice
  • Sugar Baby


  • Cajun Delight

Hot Peppers

  • Hot Lemon
  • Jalapeno Gigante
  • Rista Cayenne Hybrid
  • Zavory

Sweet Peppers

  • Big Bertha
  • Big Daddy Hybrid
  • Costa Rican Sweet Hybrid
  • Flavorburst Hybrid
  • Great Stuff Hybrid
  • Pinot Noir
  • Red Delicious Hybrid


  • Burpee Golden Zucchini
  • Hybrid Zucchini


  • Big Mama Hybrid
  • Black Pearl Hybrid
  • Brandy Boy Hybrid
  • Bushsteak Hybrid
  • Fourth of July
  • Fresh Salsa Hybrid
  • Napa Grape Hybrid
  • Steak Sandwich Hybrid
  • SuperTasty Hybrid
  • Supersteak Hybrid
  • Sweet Seedless Hybrid

I was in what we call our loading house where we stage and ship everything.  Anyway, I was in the loading house where I ran into one of our customers who was there picking up her order.  We had a discussion about how the flowers we sell are basically luxury items that people don’t need, but want because they are bright and happy.  Therefore we christened the baskets she had picked out as “Happy Flowers.”

Here are her Happy Flower and our Happy Customer!  We love her.  She’s the best!

happy-flowers happy-customer

Our availability looks pretty good for next week – avail-4.09

We will be temporarily out of a few items for a week but we do have items available that were not available last week.

Now for more Happy Flowers:

combo-basket dahlia-dahlinova

fuchsia marigold-taishan

osteospermum salvia-burgundy

sun-coleus sweet-potato-vine

tropical-hibiscus wave-epetunias

veggies greenhouse

Howdy, everyone.  I hope you all are as busy as we are.  We have taken a HUGE number of orders and are working as hard as we can to get them out to you as fast as we can.  When we leave at night there is not an empty truck on the farm.  We are loading up and shipping them back out as fast as they come in.  It’s going to be a long week for us.

Availability was thin to none this week on quite a few popular items especially with some of the baskets.  You all have increased your orders twice as much as we had anticipated up to this point so we are running tight on some of the numbers.  Next week the availability is looking better on most of those items.  We will have a new ready list posted Friday afternoon here on the blog  if you want to get a jump on getting an order in to us.  Otherwise the list will be emailed and faxed out to you as usual.

I suggest getting your order in as early as you can.  However, delivery will depend on us being able to fill up a truck to your area and the availability of trucks to load.

Here are some more pictures for you too.

geraniums  fiber-optic-grass

12in-combo-bskt1  hardy-fern

portulaca-1204  next-crops

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