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The first planting of confetti garden baskets are looking good. We have 2 color petunia mixes, 3 color calibrachoa mixes and 3 color calibrachoa, petunia and verbena mixed. You can see all the colors by clicking on the Confetti link on the left.

Hey everyone. Jason here. I wanted to take a few minutes to explain why I have not been doing as many blog posts. The reason is that I broke my leg on March 3 while counting fern baskets.

Who knew inventory was so dangerous?

There are some pre-existing factors that contributed to the break. I had cancer when I was 17 and the radiation treatment cooked the muscle and bones in my hip and thigh. When I was counting the ferns I stepped wrong and turned my ankle which shifted all my weight to my bad (left) leg. The leg took the weight at a bad angle. Also I can’t bend my left hip or knee as some of you who have seen me walk know.

So my weight is on my leg at a bad angle and my femur ends up being the stress point and it breaks into 3 pieces. Not broke in 3 place but broken into 3 pieces. Then I fall down.

The docs put a rod in my calf and put me in traction for a day. The next day they do another surgery. During this one they core out my femur then hammer in a titanium rod through it from the top down. The bruising is quite impressive.

I got to come home from the hospital in the 11th. So far the incisions/staples hurt more than the broken leg and honestly the broken leg really doesn’t hurt at all. I feel like I could walk on it but they say not to put any weight on it for 4 weeks. The docs had me up and walking with a walker (which I’m still using) 3 days after the surgery so I am mobile. Riding in a car is quite uncomfortable though.

So the plan is for me to drive or hobble around the greenhouses, look at the plants and do some blog posts then go to work on Fridays to post the weekly inventory and pictures. Hopefully we will be abke to maintain the level of posting and communication with you that we have done in the past. Being able to do mobile posts will help a lot.

If there are any plants that you want to see be sure to ask your sales rep to get some picture for you and we will get them posted for you. You all take care and I will talk to you again soon.

Sales seem to be picking up – our sales room has lots of activity and ringing phones.

We expect to see a lot of vegetables to be ready next week.  Click to see our full vegetable list.

Click for our current availability.

Here is a sampling of some plants that you might enjoy.  Click any picture for a larger image.

This is the second (2nd) availability of 2010.  It is also the first guess post for Parks Wholesale Plants.  Jason is out for a few days with a broken leg, so you are stuck with the Parks internet marketing consultant for today.  Get well soon Jason – we need your writing skills!

Click March 5th availability to see the goodness that is available for you and your customers.

We are expecting high 60’s today with lots of sun and I am looking for an excuse to work outside.  We don’t have wireless and I don’t have a 100 ft network cable in my bag, so I’m probably stuck inside for most of the day.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Joe

image Let’s face it.  Succulents are just plain cool.  They look like alien flora from another galaxy.  They’ll grow just about anywhere (some even grow without soil), and since they can survive missing a few waterings even the most absent-minded gardener can grow succulents.

We trialed some succulents last year and loved them so we adding in a line of succulents to our production this spring.  Here is a list of what we are growing.

Also here are some links to some interesting ideas on how and where you can plant succulents in your garden.  Thanks to Bill ( for theses links.

Exciting and Unusual Container Plant Combinations

Thrift Store Succulent Storage

Here are a few more links for you:

The Succulent Plant Page

A Succulent Life

Sensational Succulents

Cactus Blog

I’m still not convinced that succulents are intelligent life from space sent to take over the earth.  They have a strong foothold in the greenhouses where we earthlings are duped into providing them the perfect environment with food and water for propagation. 

Maybe I’ve been watching too much V.

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March 2010