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We have some really nice perennials available this week. We’ve sold quite a few but should have more ready next week if we don’t have what you need this week.

It looks like the winter weather is going to rear its ugly head again this weekend.  Parts of Texas, most of OK and Kansas and parts of NW Arkansas and western Missouri are all under some type of Winter Weather Watch or Advisory.  The forecast has brought sales to a screeching halt for a lot of people.  Despite the weather we hope to have a good week next week, especially in the deep south and next week’s forecast looks decent after the snow moves on through except for a chance of more rain.

Here is the new availability – avail-3-19

12in-combo-basket We have some really nice combo baskets ready along with a lot of 1204 and #4 vegetables.  Our first crops of #4.5 Burpee vegetables are starting to get ready as well

charleys-veggies-health-kick-tomato charleys-veggies-rosa-bianca-eggplant

charleys-veggies-yellow-straight-neck-squash charleys-veggies-tomatoes

Our Dahlinova Dahlias have some nice color as do our fuchsia baskets.

dhalinoav-louisiana-purple-bicolor-dahlia fuchsia-basket

Impatien baskets with good color and Mona Lavender Plectranthus with color

impatien-baskets plectranthus-mona-lavender

And FINALLY some Stepables!

stepables1 stepables7

stepables6 stepables8

Here are some good recommendations for all of you facing the snow event in OK and TX from our friends at American Plant Products & Services.

Dave and Sergio’s

Emergency Greenhouse Snow Storm Warning!!

Looks like most of the TV station weathermen are now predicting a heavy (6-14”) wet snow this weekend over much of west Texas, Oklahoma and south Kansas. Many garden centers have already put up their flat roof shade houses or parking lot greenhouses. This sounds like it could be the conditions to cause serious structural damage on lightweight shade structures and lightweight greenhouse frames.

Please consider taking the following actions to prevent snow load damage:

Flat Shade Houses

Remove the shade fabric so snow falls directly to the ground and on to your crop. This much snow on flat shade can pull down the frame.

Single Quonset Greenhousessnow1

Take your shade cloth off the top of plastic film roof so snow falls directly on the plastic which is more slippery and will allow snow to slide off more easily. Most single Quonset “cave-ins” are when snow or ice catches on shade cloth, makes dams and builds up too much weight or uneven weight.  Watch too for snow drifting on one side of greenhouse and not on other side. Uneven ground drifts can cause arch bending and structure “cave-ins”. If snow starts building up on double layer poly roofs, turn off your inflation fan and turn up your heat to help encourage melting on top of the greenhouse roof. Consider short term wood or pipe “post bracing” to support center of arches or at arch/purlin connections to provide extra support for the greenhouse.

Gutter Connected Greenhouses

Again consider removing exterior shade cloths today before the storm’s arrival to allow more sliding of snow and ice and less “damming”. Turn off inflation fans and turn up heat when the snow begins to fall to allow quicker melting. Watch for uneven drifting on opposite sides of the greenhouse and if really bad be prepared to shovel some of snow from gutters to reduce load at gutters, particularly on lighter weight houses manufactured in the south at places like Arkansas, Texas or Louisiana that are not really designed for snow loads in our part of the country. Consider short term wood or pipe “post bracing” to support center of arches or at arch/purlin connections.

Dave and Sergio lead our greenhouse construction crews and they love building greenhouses and shadehouses and are very good at it but we prefer to build them when you want to expand, not because you have storm damage. Consider these ideas to protect your existing shadehouse and greenhouse frames from this early spring snow storm. snow2

Please call if we can answer more questions or when you are ready to buy or build more greenhouse or shadehouse structures. Please be alert during the weekend snow storms!

American Plant Products & Services

9200 N.W. 10th Street

Oklahoma City, OK  73127

405.787.4833 | 405.789.2352 (fax)

Hey everybody!  I’m working from the office today for a few hours and therefore I can actually blog with more than one picture per post.

The celosia is looking nice for those of you in the south who are not facing the freezing temps this weekend.

celosia1  celosia2

Impatiens with nice color as well.

impatiens1  impatiens2

Cosmos (i really like cosmos for some reason but I’m not sure why).  I also like the Summer Madness Petunias.

cosmos  petunia-summer-madness3

Marigolds – bright and colorful, but not my favorite.

marigolds  marigolds-disco-yellow


portulaca4  portulaca5

Still figuring out this mobile blogging from my blackberry. I tried to do a post with 9 pictures yesterday but that didn’t work. I know I can post with 1 pic so this morning I will try 2.

We have a good selection of Wave Petunias with lots of color including the new Easy Wave Violet and Easy Wave Plum Vein.

Update: I seem to be able to post only 1 pic at a time so I’ll post the wave pic later.

We also have our first Caliente Geranium baskets that are staring to show color. We switched from the old ivy type geraniums to the new Caliente geraniums which are a cross between ivy and zonal geraniums. The Caliente geraniums exhibit ivy geranium type blooms but with a more mounding habit that is semi-trailing and also has better disease resistance.

Peace Farm Organics
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