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We have a lot of plants that are sizing up and starting to bud but the cloudy weather has us running 1-2 weeks behind on a lot of things.  In addition to that we scheduled less to be ready in early March than previous years which seems to have been a good move at this point.

Here is our new availability: avail-2-26

Now for the pictures…

Ageratum just starting to bud out, but the alyssum needs another week.

ageratum-J6 alyssum-J6

The broccoli and other cole crops are looking good.  We are running low of a few varieties of our first crop but the next one should be ready by March 8.  The combo deco pots are coloring up.  A good day or two of sun and these babies will look awesome.

broccoli-1204 combo-deco-12in

The dianthus is coming on slow, but the lettuce is loving the weather.

dianthus-J6 lettuce-1204

Plum Vein Wave Petunias and Cherry Profusion Zinnias

wave-petunia-plum-vein-6in zinnia-profusion-cherry

Only the Profusion Cherry and Orange Zinnias are blooming, the rest are still just budded.  Weird, huh?

zinnia-profusion-orange zinnia-profusion


achillea-paprika alcea-queeny-purple

dianthus-double-dwarf-mix perennials7

Last up is a video of the perennials and me discussing some of what we have ready (when my brain is working that is).

Here is our second installment of some of the new items we have added this year. 

(If you look for Part I, you will find it’s not anywhere around.  As at least one of you noticed, we had some database issues last week and it went away with all my posts for December and January.  As soon as we find them, we’ll get them back in there!)

image Calliope Dark Red Geranium – we trialed this geranium last year and it is awesome!  The Calliope is an interspecific geranium which is a long word to say that they cross bred an ivy geranium with a zonal geranium.  In this case, they were able to come up with a geranium that exhibits all the best attributes of a zonal with the dark red bloom color usually found only in ivy geraniums.  The plant habit is mounding and very uniform.  We’ll get more pictures of this great geraniums soon.  (Picture:

image Caliente Geraniums – also an interspecific geranium, Caliente geraniums have the cascading plant habit of ivy geraniums along with the full foliage characteristics of zonal geraniums.  Calientes do not trail like regular ivy geraniums but have a more sprawling habit.  (Picture:

Calliope and Caliente Geraniums will be available in #10 Hanging Baskets and also were both Greenhouse Grower Medal of Excellence Winners!

image In addition to the geraniums we have added a couple of colors to our line of tropical hibiscus – Tye-Dye Wind and Mandarin Wind.

Look for more of what’s new coming soon.

Have you ever had one of those day where you thought, “Hey, I don’t have much to do so today will be a breeze!” Only to have the whole day explode?

Welcome to my Friday which feels a lot like a Monday.

Here is our first posted availability – avail-2-19

We added in impatiens, tomatoes, perennials, asparagus ferns and a few other items for next week.  The tomatoes are about tag high.  I will get some pictures of them posted next week.

UPDATE: here is a link to how tall the tomatoes are.

Strawberries in #4 and J6 (606s).


Cole crops – broccoli and cabbage

broccoli cabbage

1204 Dusty Miller and J6 Impatiens

dusty-miller impatiens

J6 Burgundy Salvia with a few buds and J6 Snapdragons with color.

salvia-burgundy snapdragons

J6 Verbena

verbena1 verbena2

J6-pansy3Over the last several years we have seen a steady decline in spring pansy sales.  As our fall pansy sales have increased, the spring numbers have declined.  Fortunately, the increase in the fall has been more than the decrease in the spring.

Last spring, I grew 2000 flats of J6 pansies which was down from 9000 flats 5 years ago.

I sold 400 flats of the 2000.

Pansies are not a spring crop in the south anymore.  Most of the pansies being planted  south of Zone 6b are being planted in the fall.  If you are a garden center in Zone 6b or south and you are counting on early pansy sales to help your cash flow, you better rethink that strategy.

Now that I have said that, spring 2010 will be an exception to the new paradigm.  With all the freezing weather we have had in the south this winter.  I predict that there will be a slight increase in demand for pansies this spring.  I say slight because for most people disposable income is still tight.  A few die hard gardeners will want to replace their pansies early as well as some landscapers with contracts, but most people will just wait until they normally do to buy their spring plants.

Better options for early spring sales are alyssum, calibrachoas, dianthus, petunias, lobelia, and snapdragons.

alyssum-clear-crystals lobelia-periwinkle-blue

petunias Dianthus-J6

It’s getting close to time to plant cole crops and strawberries.  Several local garden shops have already picked up a few flats to have on hand for those early bird gardeners.

bunching-onions2 We also have some onions ready in 1204 and #4.

The color on the annuals are coming on slowly which is a good thing.  We have some color showing in snapdragons and verbena, but not in anything else.  I don’t expect to be shipping any thing for another couple of weeks.

I took a few pictures yesterday while I was out walking around.  Here are some young begonia and fuchsia baskets.

begonias fuchsia6

Dragonwing begonia plugs and freshly planted Kong coleus.

dragowing-begonia-plugs kong-coleus

Young mandevilla and Stepables in production.

mandevilla stepables6

If you are interested in marketing to Gen Y, you might want to take a few minutes and read this article.  I’m a member of Gen X, and I found it to be very informative – How To Market To Generation Y

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