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  • It's quiet today . . . too quiet. I am about ready to start crank calling the sales staff to see if they are really here today. 07:43:42

fall-colorIt got cold! I came to work in a jacket this morning then went out about 9:30 to take the pictures for this post and nearly froze to death. It’s about 45F but there is a good breeze blowing so it feels a lot colder. @KFSMWX says that is has rained every Thursday since Aug. 20 in Fayetteville, AR which is 45 miles north of us.

Despite all the rain that we have had, things are going well. The landscapers are coming in steadily. Pansy sales on the garden center side of things still seem to be really slow, but again that can be blamed on the weather. Our retail sales for September were flat compared to last year.

Our poinsettias are looking good and are coloring up nicely. I think we will see a little delay in the coloring due to all the cloudy weather, but I don’t think it will affect us much since the majority of our orders don’t ship until after Thanksgiving. Starting next week, I will begin posting poinsettia pictures.

I am still up to my clavicle with spring production planning, but the end is in site. I should be able to wrap most of it up by the end of next week. The only things left hanging will be the pre-booked and custom orders that we have not received yet. You know who you are and you better get those orders in! 🙂

Availability for week of Oct. 26, 2010: avail10.23

By the way, we have found a program that will let you (our customers) generate up-to-the-minute availability at any time. If this is something that you think you would like to use, let me know (leave a comment or give us a call) and we’ll get started on that.

pansy-matrix-clear-mix This is the new Matrix Clear Mix Pansy. We really like the Matrix series of pansies and were thrilled when they announced that they would be offering a clear mix this year. Clear Mix has been especially popular with landscapers for the last 2-3 years. The PanAm folks finally came out with a Matrix Light Blue that allowed them to put together a good mixture. Now if only they can come out with a dark blue.

panolas1 panola-blotch-yellow Personally, I really like the Panolas. They seem to have more flower power than plain pansies and violas by combining the best of both with a bloom size larger than violas and more blooms per plant than pansies. When ever I walk into the greenhouse, the brightest patch of color is usually the Panolas.

pansy-fama-lilac-shades1 pansy-fama-lilac-shades2 This is Fama Lilac Shades. We planted this in the flower bed in front of our office a few years ago. If I remember correctly the weather was more chaotic than usual with the temps swinging from the highs in the 70’s one week to week long, cold snaps in the high 20’s. The other pansies we planted struggled but Lilac Shades thrived. It didn’t bloom in the coldest parts but when the sun came out it was in full color in a few days.

pansy-midnight-glow Midnight Glow Pansy. The cool thing about Midnight Glow is that the purples keep getting darker as the temperatures get cooler. I saw some of these in Dallas last November and the purples were very dark and contrasted well with the yellow centers.

panolas2 pansies

pansy-matrix-red-yellow For a fall pansy color, Matrix Red and Yellow is hard to beat.

viola-penny-all-season-mix viola-penny-harverst-mix Penny Violas – I like the purple and orange mixes for fall, too.

mum-yellow The last of the 2010 mums – 12in yellow. We have about 300 left in good color.

dianthus-bouquet Bouquet Dianthus – it’s on sale now as are the decos pictured below (except for the combo deco).

argyranthemum1 These are some fall decos we tried to offer customers an alternative to mums. Personally, I don’t like mums and thought that other items might sell better. Apparently I was wrong – who would have thought.

argyranthemum2 gerbera-daisy

plectranthus deco-fall-combo

Last up are some pictures of the retail displays that the girls in our retail area put together. They made the scarecrows themselves and named them after some of their co-workers. I’ve been looking but I haven’t seen one with my name on it. That doesn’t surprise me. Mine was probably the best looking one and sold first.

retail-display1 retail-display3


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