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pansy91 The weather has not been our friend.  We didn’t sell as much this week as I would have liked.  Fortunately for us, the temperatures have been cool, making it easy to hold the pansies and other product for another week and keep them looking good.

Availability for next week (9.28.09) – avail09.25

Here are some of the things we have been working on this week:

  • Finalizing the Spring 2010 Herb list.  We are adding 23 more herbs.
  • Finalizing the Spring 2010 Vegetable list.  We added a few items to both our 1204 and #4 Charley’s Veggies lines, and we are also growing 34 of the new Burpee Vegetables (
  • We are currently talking with Miss Hopkins to possibly grow the Stepables Groundcovers ( for next spring.
  • I finished scheduling our 1204 and 1801 annual production.

Now I have lots of pictures for you:

4in-petunias #4 Petunias are a little light on color now, but should have lots more by next week with the sunny weekend.  J6 Petunias and Dianthus have more color.  We are temporarily out of the violet Dianthus.  Snapdragons all have good color in the J6 but only light color for the 1801s.

6n-kale5 6n-kale6

#6 Kale (above)

8n-kale2 8n-kale3

8n-kale4 #8 Red Bor Kale (above left), #8 Peacock Kale (above right) and #8 Cabbage

12in-mums5 12in-mums6

12in-mums8 We have #12 mums that have color and more coming on that are cracking color and buds.

We have a ton of color on our pansies.  Take a look if you don’t believe me.

pansy1 pansy66

pansy67 pansy68

pansy69 pansy70

pansy77 pansy78

pansy89 pansy87

swiss-chard1 #6 Swiss Chard Bright Lights Mix

pulling-mums Stocking #8 mums in our loading area.

Well, it has rained just about every week for the last 4 weeks.  Reports from the garden centers is that sales are down which we already knew because our sales are down too.  The cool weather has been great but no one can plant anything until the ground dries out.  One customer said he was having spring flashbacks.  Most say that sales were on track until about two weeks ago.  Garden centers who geared up then have been sitting on product for two weeks.  Down south sales are better but it hasn’t cooler off any.  Hopefully for them, the next cold front will make it all the way down to the coast. 

Poinsettias are coming along nicely.  We still have several houses to space which I think we will have done by the end of the week.  Even with all the cloudy weather we haven’t had any stretch on us except for one house but we’ll be able to take steps to rectify that. 

Mum sales are flat compared to last year which is good considering, but we still have a lot of mums especially #8 mums.  I took some pictures to show you how nice they look.  We are pretty much sold out of #6.5s which is were we need to be at the end of September.  Unfortunately, production issues again affected the availability.  We have good availability on most of the colors of #12 as well especially yellow and purple.  There are some more of the other colors coming on and as soon as they start cracking I will get them on the ready list.

Now for those #8 pics:

mum-8in-bronze  mum-8in-purple1

mum-8in-purple3  mum-8in-purple4

mum-8in-yellow1  mum-8in-yellow2

mum-8in-yellow  mums-8in

mums-8in-bronze2  mums-8in-white1

  • RT @sidraisch: All you believe about making money in the garden center business may be ALL WRONG ^SR #

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  • RT @sidraisch: All you believe about making money in the garden center business may be ALL WRONG ^SR #

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  • Tried to work on next springs production schedule today with out too much luck. sales are slower today than I expected. not sure why yet. #

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