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New availability: avail0529

1G-daylilies 1G-penta-pink

1G-tiger-eye-rudbeckia 1G-vitoria-blue-salvia

4.5in-batface-cuphea 4.5in-coreopsis

4.5in-double-impatiens 4.5in-henna-and-midnight-train-coleus

4.5in-mexican-heather 4.5in-sweet-potato-vine

4in-asparagus-fern-and-alternanthera-party-time 4in-begonias

4in-bronze-red-begonia 4in-bronze-white-begonia

4in-cooler-mix-vinca 4in-green-mix-begonia

4in-profusion-zinnias 4in-yellow-josephs-coat

6in-dragonwing-red 8in-dragonwing-begonias

10in-compacta-ferns 12in-angelonia-and-dragonwing-deco-pots

12in-combo-deco-pots 12in-scaevola-basket

1204-bronze-red-begonia 1204-impatiens


A lot of nice hanging baskets in the greenhouses along with J6 Impatiens and primo caladiums.

We did some trials of some new and experimental Pan Am seed petunias.

debonair-dusty-rose1 Debonair Dusty Rose

debonair-lime-green3 Debonair Lime Green – this one actually looks better than this picture shows.

easy-mystic-pink2 Easy Wave Mystic Pink

easy-pink-dawn2 Easy Wave Pink Dawn

easy-plum-pudding-mix2 Easy Wave Plum Pudding Mix – I don’t really care for this as a mix except in a basket, but individually the Easy Wave Violet and Easy Wave Plum Vein look like they both will be outstanding varieties. 

easy-purple2 easy-purple4 Experimental Easy Wave Purple – this one shows a lot of promise; it’s timing matches the other Easy Waves, but the plant habit seems to be more like the old Wave Purple.  We planted some in our flower bed here at the office to see how it does.

easy-red7 Experimental Easy Red – holds the true red color longer but still fades some.

shockwave-coconut3 Shockwave Coconut

sophistica-antique-shades4 Sophistica Antique Shades – I don’t know why but I really like this color.


I also added 110 flats of 1801 Yellow Alternanthera (Joseph’s Coat).  It’s not on this availability because it’s 4:30 and I really don’t want to run another availability, but trust me, they’re there.

Updated Gernanium numbers and added in the last planting of pentas. Also getting ready for fall garden mum cuttings coming in next week.

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