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hanging out in the hotel room in arlington, tx. wondering if the ice is going to hit hard here.

Well, things have not really gone as planned this week.  I planned on doing a post on Monday with more new items and an update of what’s been happening on the farm . . . BUT the weather changed all my plans.  We had to be in Arlington on Wednesday so with the ice storm moving in we decided to leave early so in the span of an hour we decided to go, packed up and was on the road.  Which meant no blog post on Monday.  The roads were clear but ice formed on the car and wipers until we got south of Macalister, OK.

Plan B was to blog on Tuesday, but the Sheraton charges $13 A DAY!  Ridiculous.  So you get a post today instead.

The ice storm pretty much has everything back home shut down.  There are some people with out power like my parents.  The power was off at the greenhouses for a hour or so this morning.  We have a backup generator that will power the farm in case that does happen.  Only a few people made it in to work which was OK since the plugs have been taking a few extra days to root out completely.  So until the plugs get ready to transplant we don’t have that much to do.

We do have some cuttings coming in this week.  With the ice storm and cold temperatures there is always the possibility of the cuttings getting frozen in transit.   We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

I’ll get back to regular posting agian on Friday.

Continuing on with our list of new items:

Alternanthera Royal Tapestry – #4 Dlx
Rudbeckia Tiger Eye – #4.5 Hot Shot
tigereye – pdf flyer for tiger eye
tiger eye
Zahara Mix, Scarlet and Yellow Zinnia – #4.5 Hot Shot
Coleus Electric Lime – #4.5 Prem
electric lime
Coleus Henna – #4.5 Prem
Coleus Indian Summer – #4.5 Prem
indian summer
Coleus Mint Mocha – #4.5 Prem
mint mocha

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Here is a quick list of our new items and some pictures.  Some of the items we are calling new are not “new” in that this is their first year available, but new in that it is our first time to offer them or we have added them back into our line up.  This is not all of the new items.  I will be posting them in a series so watch for more.

Clear Crystal series Alyssum – J6
Super Parfait Dianthus – #4
Purple Gomphrena – J6
Dazzler Merlot Mix Impatiens – J6 & #4
Taboo Mix Impatiens – J6 & #4
Tempo Cherry Butterfly Impatiens – J6 & #4
Showstar Melampodium – J6
Hummingbird II Red and Mix Nicotiana – #4
Dreams Waterfall Mix Petunias – J6
Madness Merlot Mix Petunias – J6

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As soon as I posted yesterday’s blog post, our clematis plants showed up.  We started yesterday and finished planting them this afternoon.  It was 20 degrees F last night.  I stayed up to midnight then came over to the farm and checked all the heaters.  Thankfully, there were no problems.  It is still cold today.  The crew went home after they finished planting the clematis.  I guess they were cold or something.  We have some begonia plugs that will be ready to plant first thing Monday morning. 

Here are some pictures that I took while checking on things today.

4in-pansy First planting of #4 pansies

4in-petunias First planting of #4 petunias; the brown pots are #8 planters with a combination of 1 orange osteospermum and 2 blue petunias; and the pink pots are #8 tidal wave petunias

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