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We will not be publishing an availability anymore this season.  We still have product available, but we have stopped watering all but 2 greenhouses.  Most of what we sell from here on out will be to our customers who come out and pickup their orders.  On the delivery side, we took 6 orders this week and shipped in 4 different directions.  Due to the fuel prices that is not very economical.  If you do need some product, we have pretty much what we had last week just less of it so give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

Here are some pictures of the girls pinching the mums. We try to leave 6 breaks (leaves) on every plant.



I’ve been posting moderately serious stuff for several months now. It’s time for some fun.

Here is a post from the Business Pundit blog on whether or not growing your own vegetables can save you any money.

I’ve seen reports on this that go both ways.  It’s seems reasonable that anyone with a garden and time to work it correctly can save some money.  I would think that to be especially true if you are feeding a family of four or more.

What I find most interesting about this article is that things have reached the point where people who would normally never plant a garden are planting one or at least considering planting one.  This is a HUGE opportunity for garden centers or any one who sells plants.  If we as an industry can work with the new gardeners and help them succeed, we just might be able to convert a whole new segment of consumers into plant people – one tomato at a time.

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