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They availability of several items and categories has changed quite a bit so here is an updated list.

Here is next weeks ready list and some pictures.


#8 Pacifica Burgundy Halo Vinca – these didn’t get ready in time to meet a ship date so we have some available.  This is a great color and the #8 size pot makes for instant landscapes.

#8 Tidal Wave Petunias – these were also late getting ready and we have a bunch of them that look great!

#6 Wave Petunias – they are small but most have color.  Demand is high for these and a lot of people are taking them small.  We have two more plantings that are coming on.

#6 Kong Coleus – this is the last planting of this popular coleus.

#6 Cora Vinca – we have a few flats of these left.  The Cora flowers are a little larger than the Cooler and Pacificas and it is supposed to have better disease resistance.  Here is a link to more information about Cora Vinca from Mississippi State University.

#6 Red Bronze Begonias – looking good for landscaping!

#4 Swizzle Zinnias – showing good color.  We have 2 more crops of zinnias after this one.

#4 Petunias – last planting.


OK, the file says May 12 but it really is for tomorrow (Tuesday).

There have been a lot of questions about upcoming availability so here is a quick summary on the top items.  Our last planting of all the J6 are in the availability except for 2 more plantings of impatiens and 1 more planting of begonias.  We also have 2 more plantings of #4 begonias.  We have 3 more plantings of #6 waves and 1 more planting of wave and double wave baskets along with another planting of #12 Trailing Petunia Combo baskets.  In addition to that we have more zinnias coming on as well as other odds and ends.

A lot of people are worried that we will run out of some things and we will run out of some items this week or next, but we will have quite a bit of availability coming on.


I have updated the numbers for 1204 and #4 Begonias and J6 Red Bronze Begonias. I also added in some water lily numbers.


Here are some pictures as well.

#4 Impatiens and Vinca

#4.5 Angelonia, Lantana, Scaevola and Strobilanthes

Black-eyed Susan Baskets

Lantana Basket

Purslane Baskets (we have more colors than just yellow)

Streptocarpella and Torenia Baskets

Wave Petunia Baskets – all are about this size except for rosey dawn which is a bit smaller and shockwave pink and purple which are bigger

We still have lots of fern baskets available.

#4 21st Century Phlox Patriot Mix

Here is the new list.  We have a new planting of wave petunia baskets that are finally ready.  We also added lantana baskets that were late getting ready.  We have two more plantings of J6 impatiens coming on but other than that all of our J6 inventory is in the system.  The same is true for the 1204’s.  There are three plantings of #6 waves that are not ready yet.  The first of the three should be ready in about 7-10 days.  We also have more #4 and #4.5 plantings coming on as well as a few more plantings of various baskets.  There are also 400+ Black Eyed Susan baskets that I missed getting on this list that are also available.

As usual, I will be double checking number and doing some physical inventories of several items tomorrow and be posting an updated list Saturday with some pictures.

Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day.


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May 2008